Feb 22nd, 2016


The good news is that anyone can do this and anyone can do it now. It’s really more about putting it on your radar and making it happen vs having any specific strong skill. Although you can definitely develop a skill in this area. It can be a somewhat invisible skill if someone didn’t call your attention to it. It’s teachable and easily measurable. It is at the very top of my list in terms of business building activities. This is the #1 thing I do to grow my business. And you can describe it in 3 simple words. GET PEOPLE TOGETHER.

The better you become at getting people together the stronger your business will be. This way more about getting people together than it is about sales. If you think about it,
your network marketing business is a business of getting people together. We are all connected by relationships and a computer tracking system and it’s all a result of getting people together. We can hope, wish and pray that the right people will come together to create the business of our dreams, or we can orchestrate it. I see myself as a catalyst for bringing the right people together. Sometimes we have a business agenda and other times it’s just social. But even in social settings, it often results in some exciting business getting done.

Sr Manager, Annie Trajlinek was having trouble getting motivated to build her business. Executive and Distributor of the Year, Casey Eberhart suggested that Annie take 60 people to coffee with no business agenda. She did just that and guess what happened? Before she even got through 30, she had personally sponsored 3 distributors! That’s just how it works when people get together.

Take a look at your calendar. Is it filled with events where you are getting people together? If not, this is a key accelerator to your growth. In fact, it is the #1 skill that will result in the growth of your group. Your group will grow to the extent that you bring people together and the members of your team do the same. Take a look at what Melissa Barlock does well. What is Callie Fields doing every day? The growth that you see on Gary Allen’s and Bryan Perez’s team comes from getting people together. It’s all a result of getting good at getting people together! Our company exists today because of individuals in the business that are bringing people together . . . two people at a time to hundreds or even thousands at a time. Get good at this and you have it pegged. A business builder that is good at signing people up will not be nearly as successful as someone who is good at getting people together. If there is a one thing, this is it. If you are looking for the key differentiator . . . the thing that will make the biggest difference in terms of business growth you now know.

Getting people together allows you to maximize the synergy within the members of your community. Getting people together fosters the collective creativity of many individuals working together. It’s the difference between one lit match and a burning woodpile. The burning woodpile will create much more heat. Your goal is to create “heat” in your team. Getting people together will create energy and growth. The more people the better. And the better you get at it, the better you will do!

Here are a few ideas that can help to accelerate the growth of your business:

1. At least once a month, host a casual lunch for the members of your team and their friends. You don’t need to make it about business. Trust me, the conversation of the business will come up. But let everyone know it is just social.

2. At least once a month, host a Friday Night training at your home with Veggies or Pizza (more people want to come if there is pizza unless you are Darla DiGrande!) You can always do veggies and pizza! Thoroughly train everyone on the entire system and how to build the business. Guests are welcome! Customers can learn the in’s and out’s of the system.

3. Charter a van or bus to larger events within a 5 hour drive of your city. Make a fun day/night of it. Split the costs (make sure a pre-sell tickets so you don’t get caught holding the bag!)

4. Have a generic conference call and invite a guest speaker to talk on an interesting business topic. Make SendOutCards the sponsor of the talk. Give a 3 minute commercial but keep it focused on the business topic at hand. Make it related to appreciation or creating a residual income business, but keep it generic enough that others would want to listen in.

5. Have a card sending party. Invite guests to bring their laptops, smartphones and tablets. Make it hands on!

6. Do the conference call after the conference call. I love this one. Darla DiGrande gave me this idea and I think it’s brilliant on so many levels. Use and conference your team into the Monday Training Call each week. Then afterwards, disconnect and have a second call (15-20 min) with just your team. Talk about what was covered on the call with your team. Discuss how you plan to implement what was talked about.

7. Host weekly meetings in your area. This can be a tricky one as some of you have found out. A weekly meeting works well when you have at least 10-20 people that are in your area that are committed to building a strong business. Each person must be committed to working on having guests at the meeting each week. This only happens if there are LOTS of one on ones and two on ones going on every day. If you find yourself with the same 3 people showing up week after week with no guests, then it’s time to regroup. This servers no purpose. I like to see a team of 100-200 people in an area before starting a regular weekly meeting. Otherwise you seem to come up short each week. Instead, focus on doing 5-10 one on ones and two on ones per week and 1-2 monthly trainings for the entire team and new customers/guests until the team is strong enough to support a weekly meeting. But the idea of getting people together still holds true.

Be creative! YOU create reasons to get people together both inside and outside of your team! I like to think about it as new buds on the tree. A new bud is someone that hasn’t seen SendOutCards before. I need to get them around SendOutCards distributors that are already excited about the business. It’s all about “Who’s next?” Who is the next person today that you can invite? My objective is two-fold 1). Show them SendOutCards 2). Introduce them to other excited members of the team.

Here is a list of possible get-togethers:
1. Lunches
2. Coffees
3. Regional Events
4. National and International Events
5. Conference Calls
6. Three way calls
7. Introductions
8. Parties
9. Barbecues

I would like to give you a proposed game-plan for making “Getting People Together” a key part of your business building. If I were to recommend a plan to you here is what it would be:

1. Host at least 1 team SOCIAL get together per month for your team and friends. Schedule a Mexican lunch or a Pizza Party.

2. Host at least 1 team training per month for your team, their customers and guests.

3. Make sure your calendar is FULL with appointments (3-10 per week) to show the business for you and for the members of your team. If it’s empty right now, start where you are. AND look for opportunities to get your team together with the newer members of the team regularly. Invite them to the cafe to meet your prospects and or new distributors and customers.

4. Plan to be at at least one Promptings Academy and one Boot Camp per year AND The International Convention. Work it into your business plan AND as part of your plan to “Get people together” make sure you go on a rampage to have members of your team there. Work your networks. Become a “Getting People Together” Machine.

This is what it will take to build a vibrant business. Our business is a business of getting people together. The glue that holds the business together is the relationships, and that will not happen unless we all meet each other. That means our distributors, customers and the guests.
CREATE REASONS TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. It’s the #1 skill for growing the business.


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