April 18th, 2016


At lunch not that long ago, my friend Travis told me that he had shown the business to
88 people in the past 8 months and signed up 8 people. We talked about this.
Of the 88 people he had shown the business to, 86 of them were really positive about
it but only 8 signed up. That meant that 78 people were positive about the
business but have not signed up. I asked Travis to consider that
the 80 people that have not yet signed up are part of his ‘community’
of people that share a common interest. SOC is simply a mechanism
for Acting on Promptings and creating an extra income. By staying in communication
with the 78 that were positive but had not yet signed up and continuing to look for ways to
contribute to those individuals in a positive way, they will eventually see
that SOC is simply a way to do what it is they are out to do in the world.
His job is to continue to ‘grow’ that community of people and continue to
look for ways to provide information and resources that will add value to
each of their lives.

Here’s an example . . . who buys interior design magazines? People who
like interior design. Someone who builds a ‘community’ of people who love
interior design can then bring interior design resources to those people.
If I have a community of 10,000 people who are interior design fanatics
and a new book comes out by the #1 interior designer in North America,
I can sell 500 or more copies to that group in an hour or so. But I need to have the list
of people that are interested in Interior design to make that happen.

This idea is worth a fortune.

You must have 2 things for this idea to work in your favor:

1. You must be aware of it

2. You must have a mechanism to create and foster the list of relationships.

SendOutCards makes the second one possible for you.

We are not selling a card system or a financial opportunity to people! As we grow
our contact managers, we are building a community of people that are all
interconnected by a common interest. Anyone who responds positively
has given us permission to ‘stay in touch’ and provide information that
can be helpful and meaningfull in their lives. If someone tells me that they believe
in ‘The law of attraction’ or ‘sending out to give’, I can then include them
in my ongoing communication. I am building a community of people that
are all interested in acting on promptings AND a financial opportunity.
Some of these individuals have already signed up and some have not.

Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t contact me to tell me that they
are “Ready to go”. I don’t know a networker or business person on the planet that wouldn’t
want that. Who wouldn’t want people call them week after week, month after month and year
after year to say they are ready to do business with them?

It requires almost no work at all because they are READY TO SIGN UP AND GO TO WORK!
No selling. No convincing. No overcoming obstacles. Why? Because they already told me they were
interested and I put them in my list of people to stay in touch with. And then at some point,
they said to themselves . . . “now the time is right!’ And THEY contacted me!

The key to putting this into action is to have an intentional plan for continuing to add people
to your contact manager every day and show them the business. Keep doing this and then just stay in touch
with cards, good news and invitations. I’ll give you a few ideas for this in a moment.

But before I do, I want to talk to you about the difference between wanting a big business and deserving one.
Most people want to have the lifestyle of their dreams. They want to drive a nicer car, live in a nicer home, travel more often and to
more exotic places. Most people want to send their kids to nicer schools and have more free time to do with what they want.
But, wanting and deserving are two different things. Wanting doesn’t make a difference. I wanted to fly helicopters, but wanting doesn’t matter
if I am not prepared and I haven’t paid the price. So I had to invest in myself and put in many many hours of training and practice before I deserved to
be able to live the dream of flying a helicopter on my own.

You must pay the price in training, learning, doing and creating prior to deserving what you want.
So by adding people to your list and then staying in touch with cards, good news and invitations, you
are paying the price necessary to prepare you for deserving.

You’ll hear about some people that seem to sign others up in the business effortlessly. And you wonder how they can do this.
It almost seems like they are some sort of magician!

These are the people that have tapped into a hidden secret (well it is not so secret). The secret is, they reap before they sow.
They don’t look back. They just keep sowing and sowing and sowing. The crop comes later.

This takes us back to the topic of your list. Your list is not a strategy. It’s not a technique. Your list is THE STRATEGY.
Each day that you add someone to your list (and your contact manager) you are sowing. Each time you send them a card,
you are sowing. Each time you show someone the business you are sowing. Each time you follow up with an invitation to an event or conference
call you are sowing. And the sower never looks back. They just keep sowing!

As your list grows bigger so does your opportunity. But if you are the one that jumps from company to company or if you are the one that contacts someone one
time and then vaporizes never to be seen again, then you you will keep on wanting and your time for reaping will never come.

I promised a few ideas for adding people to your list because your list is everything. Your list is not something you will try if you want success. Your list isn’t something that you do once in awhile. Your list is the lifeblood of your business. Again, your list is EVERYTHING. New people are the fuel that fires your engine!

Remember, if you are building any enterprise, you must find those people that are interested in what you are doing and then keep in communication with them in a meaningful way (SendOutCards) until they are ready.

I sponsor about 1/2 of all the people I show the business to (over time) because I have mastered this simple idea. My list is not a strategy. My list is THE strategy!

I stay in touch with the people in my contact manager with cards, good news and invitations.

When someone tells me they are interested, but they don’t sign up, they have given me permission to stay in touch. So I continue to invite them to calls and events. I continue to send them 2-4 cards a year. AND I call them or text them whenever there is some good news on the horizon!

Pretty simple formula!

My job is to do 3 things:

1. Grow my community (My contact manager and relationships)
2. Provide ongoing information and resources that support
our two-fold mission
3. Show others how SOC can help to facilitate the overall two-fold mission
(Act on Promptings and Provide a Financial Vehicle)

As time goes on, my community grows (you are part of that community!)
I have an online and an offline community. My ‘online’ community is already
involved in SOC. They are sending cards and sharing the opportunity.
My ‘offline’ community are those that are not yet involved in our business.
Again, I feed my online and offline community with information that can
be helpful to them on an ongoing basis. I am a catalyst for personal growth.

What are some ways we can do this:

1. Send out personal development books like Promptings, Beach Money,
2. E-mail out helpful tips and articles to your community OR have a blog
3. MAIL OUT (in cards) useful ideas that can bring value to those in your
3. Set up ‘Free’ Gift Accounts and let people use them for awhile
4. Keep people in your community (your contact manager) in the loop on helpful conference calls
5. Invite people in your community to Promptings Academy’s in their area
6. Be creative and think of other ways you can assist and support your community

Usually products that are an ‘overnight success’ are just that because a community
exists of people that all share a common interest . . . let’s consider Apple computers.
It’s no secret that a community exists of people that are all fanatics about
having personal control over their lives. “I” this and “I” that!! Apple has built
a community of crazy, fanatical people that are all connected through this common
bond. In fact, when two strangers see each other that both have an iphone 6+,
they are instant friends. The same holds true for 2 people that both have
Harley . . . When I see someone on a plane that has a helicopter on his/her bag, we
are going to be talking the whole flight! If I see someone driving a Fisker Karma, we are buddies

So when Apple launches a product, (ie; the i-pad) it sells
millions in a few hours because their is a community of fanatics that are waiting
to give Apple their money! The same people that say they don’t have the money to
sign up for SOC are also the people that go to the Mac Store and buy an IPad for
$800! Why . . . because they are part of that community and they share a personal
interest in having 100% control over their personal and business life regardless of the

People that are part of this community don’t need to be ‘sold’. They are ready to buy.

You have an opportunity to build a community using the tools that have been offered
to you as part of our business. You can begin to create your community TODAY! Start with 5
people and go from there. There is no limit to the size of the community you can build. NO LIMIT!
I’ll say it again . . . you have an UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY. That means you can continue to “want”
OR you can go out today and start to build a monster list!

Become a resource for your community and have them look to you as someone who they
trust to give them information and resources that will make their lives better. Just like
Mac, they will be glad to give you their money for anything we come up with as long
as it’s consistent with who they see themselves to be within our community. SOC is a
mechanism for people to Act on Promptings and Create Financial Freedom (our two – fold
mission). There is nothing like it and people will freely and willingly sign up for it (without
being sold) as long as it’s consistent with who they are and what they are up to in life).
It’s our job to attract those people and build our ‘offline’ community that will grow into
our ‘online’ community.

So be someone that deserves the business of your dreams by investing in your business in dramatic
ways. If you want a dramatic, astounding, exploding business, you must make dramatic moves. That means
investing the time, money and energy to prepare yourself for the windfall coming your way. How? By
growing and cultivating your list. Your contact manager must be rich and vibrant. You must communicate with the
in your community. Add them on FB. Regularly send them cards. Invite them to the events. Make a dramatic, earth shifting move
with your most important asset. Most importantly, be sure they have seen your business. They must know what you do and how we get paid. Remember wanting something is not the same as deserving it. You will never have the life of your dreams by just wanting it. You must deserve it. And preparing for it is how you deserve it. Orville and Wilber WANTED to fly. They could have wanted it so badly that they went and ran off a mountain without first preparing. Whoops. Bad idea. They had to pay their dues before they deserved to fly. And preparing meant creating, learning, practicing by doing, failing. Then and only then did they deserve the gift of fight.

It’s a different way of thinking. It’s a small shift that can drastically transform your business.
A shift in thinking (just like the hummingbird can mean the difference between a violent death (on the window sill) or
a smooth flight to freedom (an open door). See you soon!

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