August 17th, 2015


What do Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds, the airline industry and computer technology all have in common?
ANSWER: They all are very large AND they all operate on “systems”.

I held many jobs over the years while working at a major airline in the 80’s.
As you know, I also recently learned to fly helicopters. Everything is run on “systems” and
this is one of the only reasons they were able to get very very large! In airline reservations,
EVERYONE answers the phone exactly the same with EXACTLY the same words. Everyone
asks the same questions in the same order. The training programs reservationists go through to prepare them for their jobs
involve teaching everyone the exact way, step-by-step to do their job. And then it’s drilled over and over again until it’s second nature. Everyone that buys a book on Amazon, follows the exact same steps. Everything from,
ordering, fulfillment, follow up and marketing is done with a system consistent throughout their entire company.

What would happen if every McDonald’s Franchise owner was allowed to do everything pretty much their own way?
So if I owned a McDonalds, I could do curly fries if I wanted to. Or add mint chip and banana shakes to the menu.
I could do veggie mcnuggets and offer mcpumpkinpie. Now imagine if all McDonald’s owners could do the same?
What if I could price the food however I wanted to. I’m really not sure what the outcome would be, but the system certainly
would break down! Because the consistency would not be there, it would be very difficult to duplicate AND would cause a ton of
confusion amongst the employees and customers.

Think about the impact on safety if an airline or helicopter pilot and the towers and ground operations didn’t have checklists
and systems to follow. It would be chaos not to mention many people would die! Airlines, Airports and Airspace all run on systems! In fact when people die, many times it’s because someone deviated from the system! The reason they have system is because it gives them the ability to expand safely, consistently and quickly if necessary.

Without plugging into “The System” a perfectly good lamp is no good!

So you see how having a system can help our business become more stable and grow more quickly? Every time you change something about the way the business is built you create confusion for your new distributors and others. It’s really very simple. Let say you want to call a leader in your area and you ask me for the phone #. Well I’m kind of lazy that day you ask me so I only give you 8 of the 10 #’s required to dial the #. All of the numbers I gave you are correct and in the right order. What will happen? You probably won’t reach this leader that you are trying to call because I left some #’s out! Now let’s say we are having a
conference call and I ask 100 people to call in. And let’s say I do the same thing . . . all 100 people only get some of the #’s required to dial in. What happens?? No one will be on the call. You get the picture.

So how does this directly relate to what we we do?

There is a system for building and growing your business that is very very simple. When you consistently follow
the system, in the right order, your business has a chance to replicate and grow. If you don’t follow the system, you are
hoping that luck will grow your business.

The components of our BUSINESS BUILDING SYSTEM:

1. Dream
2. List
3. Set the Appointment
4. Present
5. Followup
6. Sign-Up
7. Train
8. Repeat

1. One-on-Ones
2. Two-on-Ones
3. Small Group Meetings (cafes and offices)
4. Large Group Meetings (Hotels and Conference Centers)

Leave one out and the system breaks down! We train on each aspect of this system.
Master each component and you are off to the races! There are specific systematic
guidelines for each of the components as well.

EXAMPLE: System for Presenting

1. Tell how and why you got involved
2. Show the product
3. Show the opportunity
4. Ask the question


1. Resource Center
2. Social Media Resources (Gone Mobile, Official SOC Facebook Group)
3. Weekly leadership and training calls
4. Road Tours/TreatEmRight Seminars/Boot Camps/MRM’s
5. Annual Convention


1. Use the product every day
2. Show the product every day
3. Show the opportunity every day

1. Sign up a few customers
2. Show others how they can make money doing the same thing.

This represents ALL of the components of our system. They are all there.
Learn the system and you’ll have mastered the business. Don’t leave anything to chance.
Don’t leave anything out. Participate in all of it. You may have heard me say,
you don’t have the luxury to negotiate with the components of the system. Anything you leave
out changes the dynamics of the system!

When I go to Facebook, I see all kinds of questions that represent deviations from the system.
Most of them are distractions that will keep you from following the system.
For example: “I’m thinking about ways that I can create a website that will show the business
for me . . . “ OR “Does anyone have a way to integrate SendOutCards with another contact management
software . . .” OR “How can I buy leads that will give me a continuous flow of prospects to show this to?”
These things are interesting but they are not part of our system. So although there may be
25 other ways that McDonalds could distribute it’s food these things are not part of their system. So by introducing
these things, the system breaks down! Unless the entire organization embraces it, it is destructive to the whole!

“Yeah, but Jordan . . . I don’t like all the rah rah that goes on at network marketing events!”
I hear ya! I don’t like all the rah rah either! And, I know that the glue that holds
a business together are the relationships created through live get togethers and events. This is part of the system
so I promote it like crazy! Some people need the motivation and others don’t. You see, it does not matter whether you
need it or like it. The system breaks down when it’s not included . . . and your business suffers if you don’t promote
it to your team. Many people need it and so I promote it!

So as I put this call together and organize my thoughts on an airplane flying to Chicago, I repeatedly get an innocent
interruption in the form of a comment or question from the passenger sitting next to me. Each time, I am yanked
from my project and then need to pull my thoughts together to continue. It really seems like no big deal. But each time
it takes a few seconds to regroup and get my thoughts together. But because I’m in network marketing, I multiply everything times 1000. So I imagine 1000 people reading a post on Facebook and getting distracted even for only a few moments with a question about a deviation from the system that keep things moving smoothly, briskly AND in the right direction! Sticking with the system is critical!

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