April 9, 2007


Why do famous movie stars, musicians or pro athletes make a lot of money??
ANSWER: Because they sell tickets! The more tickets they can sell, the more money they are paid. You are no different. You will get paid based on the number of people on your team that get trained and are sending cards. The larger your team and the more cards they send, the bigger your paycheck.

The secret to success in our business is ‘Distribution: People that come from a Sales background typically are used to getting paid for their efforts so they will work very hard signing people up and they will make good money. But the big money is in having a team of hundreds or thousands of others that each do a little each and every month.
An example of this is McDonalds . . . Does McDonalds have the best Hamburger in the world? Many of you could probably make a better one. But who sells the most burgers in the world? You would never get rich on one McDonalds store, but if you owned a bunch and made just a few cents on each product sold, you could get rich. The name of the game is “Opening Outlets”. The more outlets you have the more you sell. Did you know that McDonald’s sells more processed fish than any other company in the world? It’s all about Distribution. More Outlets = More Sales.

I had been involved with 11 companies in 10 years and never signed up one person . . . Not one! I met a guy that told me that if I were to recruit 20-30 people, I would never have to work again! He also said that if I were to bring on 30 new people, 10 of them would do nothing, 10 of them would do a little, 9 of them would consistently build and ONE would be a BIG HITTER and bring THOUSANDS into my group. I didn’t know if this were true or not, but I believed him, so on my lunches, I proceeded to do 3 presentations per week, expecting to sign up one out of 12 (I was pretty bad). I fell short of my projections and after 24 months, I had sponsored 19 people. My 16th person sponsored a lady in New Mexico that brought in 15 people or so and from those 15 came over 12,000 distributors and 40,000 customers and made me my first million.

So finally I GOT IT! Now I went on to continuously bring on about 1 person per month (129 people in 144 months) for the next 13 years. I had 5 legs that totaled many thousands of people. And 124 lets that had less than 1000 combined.


Kody told me that the company was 2 years old, had 2000 distributors (I was #1988) and was doing $200,000 per month in revenue (2.4 million per year). I knew that Kody and Erik just started with a few and it “grew” to 2000 by word of mouth. The Sr Manager position paid 10% to unlimited levels. So I envisioned doing EXACTLY what Kody and Erik did and putting in just a few people . . .getting them started and having it ‘grow’ to 2000 doing $200,000 per month in 2 years. If I was at the 10% unlimited depth level, that would be $20,000 per month in income. I believed I could do that!

So I started showing this to people the way I was shown it. Demarr sent me some cards and a DVD. He then had me send a card to my mom. He then sent me a couple more cards. I signed up and started doing EXACTLY what he did. My results were that in 14 months I had over 2000 distributors and my income was over $25,000 per month. I just keep doing the same thing.

I have personally sponsored 108 people in 110 weeks. I have 10,900 distributors in my group and my income exceeds $65,000 per month. Your results may not be the same as mine. This information is NEVER to be used for recruiting purposes. It’s for training purposes only. In fact if you use it to recruit, you will turn people off and most will be skeptical and run from you. Most people never believe they will make this kind of money so it sounds like ‘hype’
How are these kinds of numbers possible?? This leads me to . . .


Let’s say you bring in 3 people and they each get three through 7 generations (that’s 3X3X3X3X3X3X3) If it worked out perfectly you would have 2187 distributors on the 7th generation.

But what if you just put in 1 more . . . So 4 people each get 4 for 7 generations (4X4X4X4X4X4X4) if it worked out perfectly, you would have over 16,000 distributors on the 7th generation. In the job world the difference between 3 and 4 is 1. But in our world . . . The world of geometric progression, the difference is over 15,000!
If everyone just got 1 more so each person got 5, on the 7th generation, you would have over 78,000 distributors! Do you see the power of leverage?

How is it that some people can work 4 hours per day and make $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 per month? Because they have harnessed the power of geometric progression!
Its not about how hard you work . . . It’s about what you get started! So let’s say that instead of bringing in just 5, you stacked the deck in your favor and signed up 2 per month for 3 years . . .that’s 72 people . . . Not 5. What kind of results might you get? It’s all about distribution! How do you get your 72 people?? How about doing 1 GAW per day 5 days per week? You’ll sign up 1 per week or 1 every 2 weeks if you are really bad. That means in 1-2 years you will have your 72 people.

For example, let’s say you have 10,000 people in your group (you should be able to see this with the above example). Let’s say they each have 2 customers (10,000 distributors + 20,000 customers = 30,000 users) Remember you get paid for selling tickets. Tickets are CARDS in our business. 30,000 users spending $30 per month is $900,000 per month. If you are just at the 5% level, your residual check will be $45,000 per month. Would the company really send you $45,000 per month? They will if you get that . . .


Your ID# is just a number in the company computer. The system doesn’t know your background. It doesn’t know your failures or successes. It doesn’t know who you know or who likes you or hates you. It doesn’t know how much money you have made it the past or what kind of family you grew up in. It doesn’t know what color you are or what language you speak. It just reads how many cards are being purchased by your team and their customers and it spits out a check. You get the check if your Name is attached to that ID number. Period. It’s the ultimate equalizer.

SENDOUTCARDS COMP PLAN (How to position yourself):

Here’s an explanation of the comp plan in a nutshell.
Basic Money Making Principles in Network Marketing:

1. The people who you think will, won’t and the people who you think won’t, will – Don’t strategize as to where to put people. It always backfires.
2. It doesn’t really matter who you know. You don’t know the people that will make you the most money . . . They will come in to your organization on your 3rd, 4th and 5th generation
3. The worst thing you can do with your time is to try and ‘help’ the people that need this but don’t want it.
4. Things that grow too fast die young – You want a healthy balance of width and depth. Width that is too fast dies young. Depth is finding the most excited newest people in your group and helping them get their first few people signed up. Fly populations grow really fast and die really fast. They might only live for a few days. In the animal kingdom animals that grow fast die young – i.e. a Great Dane. The Eucalyptus tree grows really fast, has a very shallow root system, is VERY brittle and dies young. An oak tree takes a long time to grow up. The root system is anchored hundreds of feet into the ground and they live forever. You must find a healthy balance of width and depth. We will talk about this more later.
5. TV will kill your growth.
6. Your team will do what you do, not what you say. We can have a 1 day training just on this. If you don’t want your team to do it, don’t do it.


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