June 18, 2007

Here’s my response to a distributor requesting training on the comp plan.

“Question for you this girl and I have an appt at 9am in the morning to go over the comp plan. She really wants to understand it well, so she can make a good decision about starting the business. I am going to go over the Eagles Flight Pattern workbook with her that she got in her kit, the page in there about building teams, and how much you get paid. My question for you is I noticed the numbers for the coaching bonuses don’t reflect the $120, $170, etc. Are these numbers in here accurate, or are they just not including the picture plus bonus?”

Hey _________!
When you get a second, log in to your account and click on CUSTOMER SERVICE on the top (it’s a smaller link)
then click on COMPENSATION PLAN on the left side bar.
You’ll see a chart there that you can print.
When someone asks me about compensation, I simply have them watch the movie. In 2 ½ years I have never gone over comp plan with a new person. It messes people up. They will typically become paralyzed until the understand it which is months if ever. It’s confusing even for the experienced distributors.
You are better off just pointing her in the right direction rather than trying to explain it. When people think that they need to explain it and they figure out they cant, they get stuck (does that make sense?) I have sponsored 106 people and built a team of over 13,000 without ever explaining the comp plan. One reason it has gone fast, is because I don’t get in to it.
Good luck!


DO: Put Pictures in most all of your cards. People have a hard time throwing cards with pictures away. They will remember you when you put a picture of yourself in a card.

DON’T: Use pictures with a Resolution less than 250 dpi. It makes the cards look cheap when the resolution is bad. Use a digital camera with at least 2.0 mega pixels. They have come down in price to about $100

DO: Look for opportunities to thank someone every day in a card. This will go a long way in growing your network

DON’T: Put anything in your thank you cards about the business or service, unless you are thanking them for taking the time to do a walk through

DO: Look for opportunities to meet new people each week. Usually when I see things slowing down for me personally, it’s because I have removed myself from a constant flow of new people to meet. Where do you find people? Here are some ideas:

a. www.meetup.com – create your own meeting or
special interest group or join one in your area that
is already on the calendar

b. Ask the people that you know to each introduce you to one
person that they know that is self employed.

c. Look in the Local Business Paper (in Phoenix
it’s the ‘business journal’ for upcoming events and
networking opportunities)

d. Attend Tradeshows in your area and meet the
Exhibitors. They all have businesses that are looking to

e. Join a Real Estate or Investment club. These
people will all want to know what you do and you can
also learn how to invest all the money you are going
to make!

f. Take Entrepreneur and Sales Classes at the Community
college – you’ll hone your skills AND meet people that are
perfect for us!

There are many other ideas for meeting people . . . These are just a few! Remember, you can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed. One good contact can turn to thousands of new SendOutCards users. Demarr sent me a few cards and I happen to watch the 2nd DVD he sent me. As a result of me getting started, SendOutCards has 13,800 new distributors and even thousands more customers! Just ONE person can change your life forever!

DON’T: Wait for your team to go to work. If you wait, you are being a poor example of leadership. People will do what you do . . . Not what you say you are going to do! Always keep growing. When you are green you grow and when you are ripe you rot. Keep moving if you want a big expanding team.

DO: Make Relationships and Networking your primary business. It will serve you in anything that you do. Spend 95% of your time on your relationships and 5% of your time on your business. People typically want to sign up with people they LIKE and people they TRUST. My relationships go with me throughout my whole life. Build Momentum in your Network, and you’ll find momentum in your business (any business)

DON’T: Go in for the Kill . . . Not unless you are trying to scare people away. Your job is to show them the system. Let them feel what if feels like to send a card and then make sure they know how to access it until they are ready to sign up! Give them points and postage.

DO: Pick one of your groups each week to send an unexpected card to. Surprise them with something that will make them smile or feel good. These people will remember you positively forever if you do this once awhile!

DO NOT: Leave points sitting in your account to gather dust. They don’t do much good in there. Get them out where they can go to work for you!

DO: Pull up your Inactive Gift Account group once in awhile and send out a ‘thinking of you’ card or a Card with a DVD once every 4-6 months. I have found that if you stay in touch with these people over time, they will eventually call and want to get signed up.

DON’T: Put ‘sales’ messages into your unexpected cards. Keep unexpected cards and business sales/recruiting cards COMPLETELY separate. In other words, don’t say “Happy New Year! By the way, if you want to send a card like this one, go to www.sendoutcards.com . . . DON’T DO THIS!

DO: Relax and Allow
DON’T: Force and Stress Out

When you find yourself getting stressed out about SendOutCards because its not going fast enough or your last 5 gift account walkthroughs didn’t result in any new users, its time to ‘let go’ and allow the essence of sendoutcards to just do its work. Stressing out will BLOCK the process. Letting Go and Allowing is the most powerful thing you can do (actually it’s not a ‘do’) Allowing is not ‘doing’ anything. Allowing is a way of being. SendOutCards is about sending out positive feelings and giving other the chance to do the same. Forcing and Stressing Out is not a part of that equation.

It’s good to be in action and it’s good to be passionate. It’s good to work hard towards the accomplishment of a mission that you have created for yourself and your family. Your energy will get blocked if you find yourself going to that place of “It’s not going fast enough!” Where you are is where you are. We must all be in a constant state of ‘Creation’ to grow. Wherever you are is your starting point. Now begin to create your future and fulfill on what you have invented by Sending out POSITIVE energy that will ATTRACT what you want. Focus on Creation, not Competition.

CREATION: Having someone send a card to someone they care about
COMPETITION: Telling someone they have to come in under you because you talked to them first
CREATION: Forming a group of Entrepreneurs that can all benefit from each others services
COMPETITION: Getting nervous that if you don’t sign up people quickly you’ll miss the big wave because everyone else will get your people (Let go!)

QUICK STORY – When Excel went away, there were THOUSANDS of people looking for a home. At one point, Excel was the 2nd largest MLM in the US. All the top leaders were saying.”You have to sign up now! If you don’t, you’ll lose all of your people, because they will go to other groups! Hurry! Hurry! You don’t want to miss out! Get in on the ground floor or you will lose! I chose not to make my decisions based on fear of loss (competition). My team scattered in many different directions. Hundreds went to another telecom mlm. A bunch went to a health and wellness company. A couple of companies offered me big bonus packages to come over (one offered 1 million dollars) A bunch waited for me to make my move. Some quit all together. As a result, most of my entire team went to other companies or quit altogether. On the surface it appeared that I lost out! Most all the top earners made money in the transition but me. No one followed me, because I didn’t ‘make my move’!
Instead I chose to “Create” vs “Compete. I wrote out my success plan. I wrote out my criteria. I came from a place of abundance. I refused to act out of fear. My philosophy was always . . .” If the masses are going one way, go the other way”. “There are enough new people and opportunities being created for everyone to benefit” Instead, I went to a company that had virtually no one from my old company. Never make your choices from a place of fear. You always get more of what you focus on. If you are afraid of losing . . . You will lose. If you focus on creation, you will create.

CREATION: Finding people that have never done MLM in the past (the majority of the population)
COMPETITION: Trying to steal people away from other MLM’s (honor what others are doing already)
DO: Send Cards if you aren’t having a great day (it will ALWAYS make you feel better)
DON’T : Stop because things aren’t going that great.

One of the main things that separates a true Entrepreneur from an average struggling person is their ability to stay in action even when they don’t feel that great. It really has to do with their commitment to their mission. They are playing such a BIG game that nothing will take them off track. . . Even a bad day or a bad month.

DO: One nice thing for yourself each time you get a check ($20?, $50?, $100?, $1000?, $5000?) Health Club, Dinner, Outfit, Movie Tickets, Vacation, Car, Computer, I-Pod
DO: Give away some money each time you get a check (Over tip, Tithe, give to charity) This will feed your spirit.
DO: Invest in your business each time you get a check (Growth)
DO: Save some for investing each time you get a check (10% regardless of how much you make)
DO: Invest some in your Education (A CD set, A class, A book, TER, The Convention)

DON’T: Put it all in one place. Don’t save it all. Don’t spend it all on yourself. INSPIRE yourself with the money you make so you’ll attract more of it!

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