What’s the cost of playing small?

December 9, 2013-What’s the cost of playing small?

The Business Simple!

Just do these three things every day!

(I go over these 3 things with every new prospective distributor before they sign up. Their response is always . . . “I can do that!!”)

1. Send out at least 1 personal card a day.

2. Send out at least 1 DVD each day (365 a year).

3. Show the business once a day! (Show video and have them send a card WITH YOU PRESENT!

Lead with Product or Lead with the Opportunity??

Jeff Roberti has made $80 million in his network marketing company over the past 25 years. Kody met him on Thursday night in Las Vegas. He has 1 million people on autoship paying $40 a month! He leads with the product! However, he also said that he has people in his downline that lead with the opportunity! There are many people that lead with the opportunity that have significant incomes in network marketing as well. Whatever you do, show the opportunity DVD to each person that takes a look. DETACH YOURSELF FROM THE OUTCOME AND JUST SHOW IT! Let the system do the work. Look at it like “adult show and tell.” Have them send a card and watch the video OR have them watch the video and send a card.

Everyone you meet has a rolodex (or contact manager) that consists of a minimum of 250 names and numbers. If they have a cell phone or FB account, you can be assured that they know a bunch of people. It doesn’t matter whether THEY are a good prospect for the business. Become friends and they will introduce you to the people they know. I recently went to the office of a dentist that I know. He had an open house and his office was filled with patients and friends. I got a personal introduction from him. If you know 10 people that own businesses, you are once removed from a group of 10,000 people (1000 each). Simply get to know them and let them introduce you to the people they know.

In its simplest form –

I share something I love with people and I find others that would want to do the same thing. That’s it.

I am personally challenging myself to ask 2 people a day if they  keep their options open. “Do you keep your options open to look at opportunities that come along? Are you opposed to getting paid for being nice to people?”  2 per day is 700 a year. A minimum of 350 people will say yes and an average of 2 a month will sign up. This will set you on a pace to become financially free in 2 years. Do it. Just do it (I didn’t make this up).

Simon Sinek – “Start with Why” (Check out his TED talk on YouTube).

People who drive Harley’s would NEVER drive Hondas.

People who use a Mac would NEVER use a PC!!

People who snowboard would NEVER ski!

People who buy Mercedez would NEVER drive a BMW!

WHY? Because they are attracted to a culture and that culture is in perfect alignment with who they are!

We represent a culture of giving and kindness in SendOutCards. Do you see that Harley and Apple have NO COMPETITION?? We have no competition when we seek to find people that are perfectly aligned with our culture. There is a fortune to be made by simple finding those that resonate with who we are. You only have competition if you are not in complete alignment with our mission.

Have you considered what will happen if you didn’t build SendOutCards? What will it cost you? What’s the impact of not sending cards of appreciation and gratitude? What will your life be like if SendOutCards doesn’t work for you?

There are 36 inches on a yardstick, let’s assume each inch represents 2 years of your life. That means a yardstick is a typical life of 72 years. How old are you now? Where would you be on the yardstick? If you are 40 years old, you have already hit the 20 inch mark on the yardstick. If you are 50 you are at 25 inches. How much more of your life do you have to live? What if we could show you how to invest the next 2 inches (4 years) on the yardstick being nice to people so that you can live the rest of your life on YOUR TERMS? How has what you have been doing worked for the first 20-30 inches of the yardstick? Maybe it’s time to engage and plug in and really go to work? Are your fears keeping you from having the life of your dreams? Let’s talk about what will happen if you don’t engage now verses what your life could look like if you really get busy for the next 2 inches of your life. It’s YOUR LIFE. What do you want to do with it that is really meaningful to you?

Tonight I wore a shirt that was a little snug around the middle. I complained about the shirt as I was eating at a buffet in Vegas with some friends tonight. It occurred to me that it might not be the shirt that is the problem! Yet when I sat down I was blaming my shirt for the uncomfortable feeling around my middle section! Actually the problem is not even the extra few pounds. The problem is what I have been consuming over the past few weeks. If we are going to blame, let’s place the blame with the person that’s actually causing the problem. So, if you are not where you want to be after the time, energy and attention you have given to your business maybe it’s time to put the blame where it belongs. The formula is quite simple. What will it cost you to not do this business and what do you need to do NOW to significantly cause a breakthrough in your life?

What’s it costing you to play small –

Your health? Are you stressing about money every day? Are you stressing about not doing what you say you are going to do every day? Is it wearing away at your soul that you go day in and day out, week after week, month after month not getting the results that you want because you are not doing what you say you are going to do? This is a stressful way to live and one that will ultimately affect your health and your vitality.

How do your kids view you? I’m going to be fairly direct here? Just consider that your kids are watching you. When they ask for something and you have to say “no” because you don’t have the time or the money, what does that cost you? What if you were finally willing to pay the price and do the work so you and your family can have the life that you deserve? Or the promises you have made to your family that you haven’t fulfilled on, what impact does that have on the way they view you? Ouch.

Your life is NOW. You have an opportunity to pay a small price now so that you can live your dreams and not just think about them. The cost of not doing the business can be easily summed up in the reasons you signed up in the first place (for most of you!) Take a look at the yardstick. You will have NO REGRETS if you do it now but you may have many regrets if you don’t. Most people give up on their dreams and they spend their entire lives rationalizing that it was really not that important to them. They lie to themselves and to others. It’s time to tell the truth and then live into your greatness. The business is simple. You love it. You use it. You share it. You help find others that want to use it and share it. That’s it.

So what is it really costing you NOT to do this?

Your self-esteem?

Your pride?

Your health?

Your well-being?

How you are viewed by your family and friends?

Your dreams?

Your integrity? (you said you would do it and you are not doing it!)

Imagine the lifestyle you want. Exotic Travel? Walking the beaches of the world? Time with your family? Freedom from struggle? No more credit card bills? Friends all over the world? No more alarm clock! Raise your own kids!

Now imagine your life if you don’t get these things. Everything will be fine. It’s not the end of the world. But if you are telling the truth, things would be much better if you were living your dreams.

Isn’t it time to make your dreams come true? 2015 is coming whether you do this or not. 24 months from now your life could be completely transformed. It’s up to you.

Action neutralizes negative emotions. When you are in action, you will be making progress and those self-defeating thoughts will go away. Progress is the key to growth. Fill your calendar. Schedule your business. No more excuses. Run your day or your day runs you!

Here’s the deal. Two contacts a day, ask the question:

“Do you keep your options open to look at opportunities that come along? Are you opposed to getting paid for being nice to people?”

Keep track. Do this EVERY DAY. It takes seconds per day. Don’t filter. Be friendly. Be personable. Connect with people and DETACH YOURSELF from the outcome. Two years for financial freedom. You will get better and better as you go. Remember what Travis told me when he was teaching me to “hover” in the helicopter? “I can’t teach you how to do it, you just have to do it until you get it!” Richard Brooke says that all the training you get won’t mean a thing until you weigh it against the work you do out there in the world.  Do the work and the training will become invaluable.

I keep a supply of “The Four Year Career” by Richard Brooke on hand. You don’t need the book to do the business, but I like it as a prospecting tool. I have my label on them with my phone number and email address. If someone says “yes”, I give them that book and a DVD. I get their contact info (email and phone number at the very least). I do 2 per day and I ask for the book back after they are done. I get a commitment from them to read it and watch the DVD. It works! If your budget won’t allow you to give them anything, then just get their contact info and call them to invite them onto a call with you to view the video. Recognize that about 1/2 the people you contact won’t follow through at all. Again, detach yourself from the outcome. Stay grounded in your dream and the success of others that went before you. Really internalize the significant impact not doing this will have on your life. Think about all the people that will miss out because you didn’t do this. Think about all the fun and freedom that you’ll miss out on if you don’t follow through with this. Think about the acknowledgement and appreciation that goes out through a team of thousands. Do you realize that the energy of gratitude will not happen unless you build the business? You have a lot of power in what you have in your hands.

Why put yourself through all the stress and the pain of not making this happen now?Thinking about doing it is painful. Have you ever sat on a fence? It hurts until you get off the fence. If you are living in doubt, you are on the fence. If you are stressed out, you are on the fence. If you are talking about it and not doing it, you are on the fence. ACTION WILL TAKE YOU OUT OF DOUBT. Its time to make your dreams come true.

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