What would Jim and Jordan do?

December 17, 2012

What would Jim and Jordan do?
“Jordan Adler and Jim Packard get dropped off in a city where they know no one. They are asked by Kody, “Get the city going”. They are going to train you on this call what they would do to create a SendOutCards MOVEMENT in their “new town.” Who would they talk to? What would they say? How would they get people started? Let’s get into their heads tonight and talk about building a team in a place where you know no one.


Start pulling out business cards, calling people I know and asking, “Who do you know in _________?” Then tell them why you are asking.

  1. GOAL: QUICKLY build relationships with some of the most well connected people in the city – Who do I need to meet?
    Networking Groups?
    Business Journal – List of Networking Opportunities in the back of the Journal. Find at local bookstore or online. LOOK FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE THAT WOULD DO BUSINESS WITH US.
    The quickest way to a large network is to get INTRODUCTIONS to the right people. I need to go places where I can get those introductions. Also, I need to go places where there are people that want to meet me right away and that will willingly give me their contact info. Mostly you’ll find these people at business networking functions. They ALL have business cards and they can’t wait to give them to me!
  2. 2-4 Trade Shows per month as an attendee. Look at local Chamber, Civic Center or online. Why? It’s a great place to meet people.
  3. Ask my existing network for business referrals in the city. Ask for 3-way call introductions. I’m not looking for business, as much as I am looking for connections to local groups and meetings.
  4. Goal is to meet 30-50 new people per week. (Add to Contact Manager and send a card WITH MY PICTURE. – “Nice to meet you!”).
  5. Set appointments: “We’re bringing a new service to town and were asking for people to “test drive” it and give us feedback”. Do three appointments per day.
  6. Dial at least ONE PERSON PER DAY into the NEW LIVE DAILY CALL!

How to show someone:

  1. Have them send a card to SOMEONE THEY CARE ABOUT. (I usually have them watch the 3 minute video first at www.sendoutcards.com/YOURID#).
  2. Have them watch the 4 videos on the www.sendoutcards.biz/YOURID# website (in person is best if possible).
  3. Sign them up or follow up with 2 cards (An SOC promotion card AND a “THANKS FOR TAKING A LOOK AND OFFERING YOUR FEEDBACK” card). In the “SOC promotion card”, I talk about our service and what it will do for them. I also include some photo images of the site or a list of features. You can find some of these cards under MY CARDS/SendOutCards in the CARD CATALOG.

“Dear __________,
I enjoyed talking with you and showing you the SendOutCards system. I have a feeling you’ll love the system once you start using it. Either way, I would love to stay in touch. (Add something personal like a photo, a quote or an invitation to a future event or conference call).



-Mindset-must have the correct attitude.
-Not looking for 300 people, just 3.
-You attract people like yourself, “like attract like”.
-Take an inventory of yourself, (ie., businessman, salesperson, personal growth junkie, U Maine graduate, Dale Carnegie).
-Seek out where the above hang out, go after your target market.
-Go to seminars, fundraisers, service clubs, networking events, chamber functions.
-Develop the skill of asking and giving referrals.

Keep in mind; people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
Ask open ended questions.
“How’s the economy affecting you?”
“What’s the biggest challenge that you’re facing?”
“How would I know if I’m talking to someone who is a good referral for you?”
“How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?”
At some point, they will ask you what you do?

WELL, WHAT I DO IS HELP YOU KEEP THEM”. (Sorry about the caps).
They tell me what they do, “I sell Real Estate.” Then I say, “Really? We should talk some time.”
Getting people started- I pretend that they are my best friend. This approach takes on a whole new demeanor.

Need to develop BELIEF.

In product: Send 10 cards in 48 hours (make me the 10th).
In company: Get on the new opportunity calls and attend any event.
In industry: Start reading a book(MLM or business), if only a page a day.
In your sponsor/leadership: Make a commitment to connect every day.
In yourself: Find a book (personal development), read a page a day.

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