what it really takes to make $100,000 a month

May 28, 2012

Tonight I want to talk about what it really takes to make $100,000 a month, or more, in Network Marketing. Hundreds of people do it, but very few compared to the number of people that sign up. It is not a lottery. There is an element of luck, which I will talk about, but luck wouldn’t explain why some do it more than once. I’m going to be real tonight. NO SUGAR COATING, if that’s okay with you.

Making six-figures per month is the “big leagues” in our business. There is a price to pay. Everyone who has ever done it says, “If they only knew how good it is, they would all pay the price!” To reach the top levels you will most likely have to give something up. I gave up 30 hours of television per week. You may have to give up some sleep.

Six-figure monthly earners don’t come up with reasons why it won’t work for them. They use the excuses why most would say it won’t work as their reasons for doing it (and doing it BIG).

To become a six-figure monthly earner, you will need to become a teacher and a trainer. The fastest way to learn to do something, is to teach others.

The six-figure monthly earners realize that the big money, is in the small money. All meetings count. It doesn’t matter if you are meeting with 1 person or 1,000 people. We know that one can turn into thousands. More meetings mean more money.

When some of you saw the title of this webcast, you thought to yourself, “Yeah, right”. Others said, “Well I know it’s possible, but I know that I could never do it”. A few of you said to yourselves, “Tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it!”

I never said these things. I always believed that it was possible for me, even when my job was paying me $14,000 a year AND I had never made any money in network marketing over a 10 year time frame. I still knew it was possible.

Here are some observations I have made about the people that have created six-figure monthly incomes:

***First of all we are going to be talking about those that created it from scratch. I’m not referring to those few that were given a downline or a top position with their company (master distributor).***

  1. We don’t need to be told what to do. We don’t have all the answers, but we are willing to go into massive action and trust the process. If you find yourself using the excuse that you don’t have an active upline in your area or that you don’t know what to do, you are crippled and you will never make money.
  2. Most of us failed for many years before we found the zone that took us to the top.
  3. ALL of us did not question whether it was possible to make a lot of money in Network Marketing.It didn’t just happen. We continued to believe it was possible and we went into massive action.
  4. We fill our calendars daily with productive activity.Our calendar consists of:Appointments to show our product
    Appointments to show our business
    Appointments to follow up
    Networking meetings
    Fun activities with our teams
    Coffees, lunches and dinners
    Home meetings
    Office meetingsUntil your team is growing without you, it’s up to you to be the catalyst for growth. You must conduct the orchestra of growth and lead your team.
  5. We attend all major events and we promote all major events.

Here’s the formula we all use:

  1. Discover your dream.
  2. Choose your mechanism for fulfilling your dream.
  3. Take massive action and schedule your time on a calendar!
  4. Trust the process.

If you have never made money in Network Marketing or if your checks have been small, start with $500 a month. Then up it to $5,000 a month. Remember that every single six-figure monthly earner passed through $500 a month and $5,000 per month. Once you hit $10,000 it will be easier for you to believe you can achieve $100,000 a month. It’s simply numbers and commas. There are millions of people per year turning 19 years old, it’s an untapped market.

Here are some other observations about six-figure monthly earners:

  1. FB does not determine whether we are going to build or not that day or that week. We LEAD! If someone is sucking our energy, we distance ourselves from that individual. Our FB friends represent a fraction, of a fraction, of the people in the world.We learn to manage our emotions – It’s by far the greatest skill you will adopt in building a six-figure monthly income. If you are not effectively managing your emotions, you will never have a big income.The bigger your team becomes, the more necessary it becomes to keep a check on your emotional state. People do not follow others that are in a state of doubt and fear.
  2. We hang around with other successful people. This anchors and feeds our personal belief and it expands our vision. In the beginning, we may not know any other successful people. We must look for ways to meet them and get to know them. You might start off setting appointments to just get a simple introduction and then grow your relationships from there. In my 20’s I always looked for opportunities to meet and get to know these people. Introductions are always the best. Look for people that you know that know other people that you may want to meet.
  3. We focus(ed) on building our networks and making connections. This is one of the top three things you must do. Make new friends, add people to your contact manager and manage your relationships by making sure that the people you know are well cared for by you. They need to know that you are 100% on their side for life. Every single six-figure monthly earner has a LARGE network of friends and business associates. It’s what we do. There is no way around this. Some of the greatest rewards you will receive will come from the friendships you build in your business on your journey. Think “LARGE NETWORK-QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS”. People are your social capital.
  4. We have a FULL calendar (personal and business).
  5. We spend almost no time in front of the TV. We read constantly.
  6. We have a vision much larger than what we see in reality. Reality is what’s happening now. We CREATE our own reality. Many companies have become what they are today because the leaders went out and BUILT it! If Jim Packard, Diane Walker, Todd Falcone, Bob and Betty Ann Golden, Demarr, etc didn’t build their businesses, there would be no SendOutCards!
  7. We don’t whine or complain.
  8. We are extremely focused, determined and hungry. We realize that these qualities are not inherited, they are generated and practiced.
  9. We work harder when things get tough and we don’t talk about our problems with our downline or cross line. Problems only go up.
  10. We understand that business is cyclical (it always has been and it always will be). We also see ourselves as the catalyst for the next big cycle of growth.
  11. 1We place little attention on whether we get recognized or not. We are more concerned with whether the members of our team are getting recognized.
  12. 1We attend events and promote events.
  13. 1We don’t judge what’s possible based on the past. We write our own future. The past does not equal the future.

How do I make this kind of money in a small town?? Remember, it’s about what you start and not what you do. Your income will almost never come from where you live. It will grow to other places. You’ll be doing 3-way calls and conference calls with those that are looking at the business in other towns and cities. Most of you are in my organization, but don’t live where I live. You may need to travel, do 3-way calls, conference calls, small meetings, big meetings. Although, we had a guy in my last company making over $100,000 a month and he never spoke in front of groups. He had others on his team that liked to do that and he just put them in the front of the room.

Whatever excuse or reason you have that the business will not work for you, you must use that as a reason to do it big. There are many others just like you and they will relate to your situation.

$100,000 a month + is not for everyone. Not everyone will be willing to do what it takes to achieve this level of success. Here are the variables that go into success at a $100K/mo level:

  1. The right attitude (read personal development and get around others that have achieved the level of success you are looking for).
  2. A big and expanding vision (same as above).
  3. Taking 100% responsibility (no more blaming the company, your upline or your lack of (fill in the blank) for not succeeding.
  4. The power of a LARGE network (this is a big one).
  5. Attending and promoting events.
  6. Luck (yep, there is some luck involved).
  7. A calendar FULL calendar of productive activities.
  8. Time (many people quit right when they are on the verge of massive success).
  9. Consistent daily action (this doesn’t mean reading your FB once a day).
  10. 1Patience (learn to manage your emotions).
  11. 1Working the numbers (there is power in large numbers).
  12. Generate the emotions you desire (you are not a victim to how you are feeling – create the excitement, determination and courage necessary to win).

You’ll need to sponsor between 100 and 200 people and have an organization of 30,000-100,000 people. This is not hard, but it takes the things I talked about above.

If you will break it down and realize focusing on building for 2-5 years with a consistent plan of sponsoring 2-4 people per month, you’ll see that it’s achievable. A six-figure monthly earner does not get emotionally drained when someone signs up and doesn’t do anything. They know that this is just the nature of people. Most people quit everything they do. I’ve sponsored 237 people and 95% of my income comes from 8 legs. That means that 229 of the 237 became customers, did very little or quit. Only one out of 20-30 will do anything worth talking about.

Todd Falcone

Jim Packard (The Packard Boys)

Bob and Betty Ann Golden (Janalea Rengifo)

Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey,
Jerry Knight,
Judy O’Higgins,
Mark Herdering,
Eric Worre

You’ll do a lot of work up front for very little income to get paid a whole lot of money later for doing nothing at all. At $100,000+ per month, you can pretty much do anything you want financially. You’ll be able to stay in the nicest hotels. Vacation anywhere in the world. Drive 2 or three of your favorite cars. Give lots of money away to charities. Save money for retirement. Invest. Charter a jet or helicopter from time to time. Take your reps or your kids to Disneyland. Order off the menu without looking at the prices and eat wherever you want to, as much as you want to!
And to answer your question about whether I believe it’s possible for anyone else to do it:

There are 37 million people in California and we have 150,000 distributors IN THE WHOLE COMPANY!! Anyone who builds a team of 30,000-100,000 distributors will earn a six figure monthly income. There is opportunity for everyone that chooses to go get it. I plan on growing my income to $1 million per month with SOC and I will need to find at least 10 that are willing to do the work to get to $100,000/mo.

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