July 14, 2014


Why is it that some distributors can’t seem to get customers because EVERYONE wants to be a distributor? And why is it that some distributors can’t get distributors because NO ONE will pay $400 for a business? How come some people can’t even give SPs away for free? Everyone is pretty much playing in the same sandbox but we all have unique experience based on how WE perceive the business. If we think the business is expensive then it’s tough to get distributors. if we believe the cost of the business is a joke (we think it should cost $10,000 to be a distributor) then it’s easy to sign up distributors. Neither is right or wrong. It’s just how we each uniquely view it.

In 2008, I auctioned off a $100 bill on this Monday call. Megan said that’s a dumb idea. She said, “Who would ever pay more than $100 for a $100 bill?” I told her I would auction it off for $1000 within 10 minutes. She sat by her phone and took bids by text and then announced them on the call as they came in. I started by offering the $100 bill for $50. A few bids came in . . . but not everyone. Why do you think some didn’t bid on the $100 bill for $50? Well maybe some of them thought there was a trick or the $100 bill was not real. Some possibly didn’t have $50. Well the bids rolled up to $70 then $80 and a couple even bid $100 for the $100 bill! I asked myself “What value could I add to the $100 bill that would make it worth more than $100?” And then I said,

“I will sign the $100 bill”

And the bidding went to $120, then $140 and then $150!

I added, “The bill will also be signed by Kody Bateman!”

And the bidding went to $200, then $250 and eventually $350!

Again, I asked myself, “What value could I add to the $100 bill that would make it worth more?”

I then said . . . “The bill will be signed by myself, Kody AND all the Eagles!” Someone then bid $500.

I added . . . “The bill will be framed in a beautiful frame that you can proudly display on your desk or on your wall.

Someone then bid $600. Then $650 and $750!

And then I said . . . “This is a LUCKY $100 Bill! No promises, but maybe it will help you get your big promotion and your income might grow!”

Eventually the bidding went to $850 and then LINDA THOMAS who was a new Senior Manager at the time bid $1000 for the lucky, framed $100 bill!

What’s the point of all of this? Well in 10 minutes, I took a $100 bill and auctioned it off for $1000 by simply ADDING VALUE to it through the words I use.

So here’s my question to you . . .

“What VALUE can you add to your SendOutCards business that COSTS $395 to make it worth more than $395?” The value is not $395. That’s the cost. The value is what you and others perceive it to be. If I had paid $300,000 for my business, that would have been a good deal!

So I’m going to ask you to take out a notepad and begin to write down some things that you could add to your dialog with someone that can help them to see the value of what they are buying when they start a SendOutCards business.

Let’s break each thing down and consider the PREMIUM that someone might be willing to pay for each benefit that the business offer.

PREMIUM DEFINITION: “The sum above the normal par value of a thing”

So let’s break it all down and see if we can determine what exactly a SendOutCards business is worth?

Ten $31 customer accounts (100pts each) $310
Two Self replicating websites (no monthly fee) – Most companies charge $15-$24 per month $250
All your accounting is done for you $240
All money is collected for you $100
Contact Manager and ability to SEND from it. $1200
100 points $31
Get trained by people that have already made millions in the business including Kody Bateman the founder ?? $1200
HAN BRANDT – Worked the business for a few months and for the past 9 years has been receiving a check for about $900 a month. He has been paid $150,000 for the work in did 10 years ago. What’s that worth? $1000? $2000? $5000?
The ability to work the business from ANYWHERE there is an internet connection. You are not tied down. What’s that worth? $300
Residual income . . . stop working and you still get checks. What would one be willing to pay as a premium for this? $500 Let’s look at it in a different light. Let’s say you simply got paid for your work. No residuals. How much would you be willing to pay to add a residual component to your income? What if it cost $500 to have a lifetime of residuals? Would you pay it? If not, would you pay $100 or $300?
Wake up and work on the couch in your undies?? $100
Over time, have the time freedom to travel the world and experience life at a level that no one in a job can ever imagine? $500
Unlimited potential . . . there is NO CAP on your income! Build it as big as you want to! $500 Let’s put it another way. Let’s say there was a cap of $50,000 on your income. What would you pay to remove the cap? How much money out of your pocket would you be willing to part with to not have a ceiling on your income?

Conservatively, the business is worth $10,000 when this is all added up and you choose to look at it in this way.

$395 is a ridiculous amount to ask to start a business of this magnitude.

So what is the business really worth? Do you see why some people can’t get anyone to sign up and others can’t even sign up a customer because EVERYONE wants to be a distributor?

Your business is PRICELESS. $395 is the cost of a traffic ticket and gives you an opportunity to completely transform your life! Be sure and explain it to others in a way that they GET IT!

I even recommend putting this down in writing so you can read it off or show it to others as you are going over the value of the business.

See you on the Beach!

“I could NOT have done this without SendOutCards… No One (who wasn’t already in the Luxury Market) in Cincinnati has ever listed 11 Million dollar homes in less than a year. Without question soc has rocked my Real Estate career more than any other thing, person or company has in 21 years of selling Real Estate. I’m working my way to a place I’ve never been before in my career because of soc while realizing my future is also changing my and thousands of others worlds in soc . .. Cannot thank you enough for your inspiration and support”

Jim McCord

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