December 6, 201


I was reminded of many things as I experienced this training for the first time with ‘Fresh Eyes’.

1. Explain to a young person they have two options Plan A or Plan B . . . which do you choose?

Plan A:
Enroll in College
Pay up to $100,000
Take out loans that you
will be paying off for the next
10 to 20 years
Graduate in 4 years without
a job
2 weeks off a year for the rest of your life
Retire with a gold watch if you are one of the lucky ones

Plan B:
Enroll in our Personal Development Program
Pay under $1000 (textbooks
written by people that are millionaires)
Get coached and mentored by people with a dream
lifestyle that want to teach you to do the same
Retire in 3-5 years with a residual income
Travel the world and have lots of time with your family
and those important to you

2. The young Gen Y movement is the future of Network Marketing

They have proven they can organize a ‘movement’ as they did getting Obama elected (whether you liked him or not) using social media. They recreated a political structure. A young generation of peoplehave not banded together like this since the rally’s and protests ending the vietnam war in the 60’s. They are entrepreneurs and don’t want to be like their parents. They have seen the struggles of their parents working in a ‘broken’ system. They are the ‘we can do anything’ generation and they are plugged in with iphones, blackberries and computers. In fact the Gen Y’s are inventing and running the high tech world we live it (think facebook).

They are the basketball moving through the garden hose and we are seeing the young generation with no boundaries joining network marketing at breakneck speed. We will likely see another movement emerge (it really already is . . . validated by so many successful entrepreneurs – validating the young
people (vs invalidating them which has happened in past generations – think about it . . . most of the new technologies we are enjoying today are being run by the younger generation). Largest movement in MLM history. They truly bring nationalities together – worldwide expansion.

3. What to say when someone says . . . ‘How much money are you making?’
(before you are making it) In reality it’s not okay to tell people how much you are making even when you are making a lot so the question is relevant regardless of whether you are brand new or an experienced top earner.

Here are a couple of good answers:

A. I’m getting paid exactly what I should be making based on what I have done

B. I don’t know, I haven’t finished collecting it . . . I’m still getting paid on work I did last month and the month before that! (think about it . . . once you have a team started, your checks come in whether you work or not. Over time, you can collect thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars off work you started months or years prior) I have a few friends that collect 10’s of thousands of dollars a year and never work the business.

C. I’m still learning the system (Any professional must learn a system before having success – Doctors, Attorneys, Accountants, etc must all learn a system before they reap the rewards . . . we are no different)

4. Would I hire me?? Imagine if you were looking for someone to ‘run’ your business.
Would you hire you? If not consider re-inventing yourself and become the person you would hire
to do the job

5. “This may or may not be for you and the timing my not be right but I want to show
it to you and have you decide”

6. Step into the ‘Gap’. The ‘experts’ will always say . . . “it won’t work” This is where the greatest
opportunity lies. Be bold enough to step into that gap! Step into it with a level of energy and positivity
that attracts others. You be the leader that fills that gap! No one has ever done anything great
that wasn’t a dreamer. Become a dreamer and fill that gap.

7. A way to look at things:
I make $6 per minute . . . every minute of every day that I’m breathing. Whether I’m awake or
sleeping. I get paid for telling stories. In fact, I’m one of the highest paid story tellers in the world
for the reason that i just said . . . $6 per minute each and every moment of each and every day.
I may only tell 2 stories a day but I get paid a lot to tell them!

8. Yes and No are a Package Deal . . . most people go around trying to avoid ‘no’s so they
never talk to anyone. But we all want ‘yes’s’! No’s and yes’s come together like the front and the
back of your hand. You can’t have one without the other. (Read ‘Go for No’!) YES is the destination
and NO is the strategy. Go for no.

9. Juan Carlos from Mexico spoke no english 22 years old
22 years in the business. 10 years before his first $100,000 month. 7 years
with almost no income . . . just personal development. He’s a legend in MLM.
He didn’t quit.

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