Jun 15, 2015


Many of you have seen the video that Kody Bateman (SendOutCards Founder) put out today. The timing couldn’t have been better. Kody talked about SendOutCards Two Fold Mission, the MRM’s, the TER’s and the future of each of these programs. Here’s my interpretation of Kody’s video:


A. THE SENDOUTCARDS CULTURE – TreatemRight Seminars instill our individual and company values and philosphies. Someone that has not internalized these things, will cut corners and miss huge opportunities to grow. Our culture attracts the right people (Start with Why – By Simon Sinek)
B. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING AND BRANDING – The MRM Program teaches the philosophy and strategy behind creating a powerful bridge between you and your customers. These personal and business connections are the glue that hold your business together.
C. SKILL DEVELOPMENT – The ROAD TOURS and EAGLE BOOT CAMPS teach basic network marketing skills including fostering inspiring dreams, list building, contacting and inviting, presenting, following up and training new MDs. You’ll also gain valuable lessons for building teams and securing your income.
D. THE ACTIVITY TOOLS – These are the tools necessary to grow a successful SendOutCards Business. They include your SendOutCards Website, your mobile apps and interface, SendCere, The Mobile Pocket Presentation for showing the money, and the videos.

We offer the best personal development programs in the entire profession.

I try run my business based on values and principles. I always weigh my decision to do something or not based on these simple principles.

Here are a few of them:

1. DOES IT PASS THE 8 YEAR OLD TEST? – Can an eight year old do it and teach it? If yes, then do it!

2. WIN-WIN-WIN Does everyone win in the process or is it self-serving (in other words do you win at the expense of others?)?
Must be good for the new distributor, the sponsoring distributor AND the company!

3. DOES IT HONOR THE COMPANY CULTURE? Does it honor the philosophies and values of the company and it’s leadership. If it discredits or dishonors, then it should not be done.

4. IS IT COMPLIANT? Would it withstand an audit by compliance or the regulators? Would you do it if Kody Bateman were sitting the back seat of your car watching you do it?

5. DOES IT FOSTER THE INTENDED ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS? Are people inclined to show the business on a daily basis, sign people up and teach them to do the same? Do MD’s get good results doing it?

The Mobile Pocket Presentation does all of these things. It’s brilliant. I love it. An MD doesn’t have to wait for a weekly meeting to do the business. They can do it now and they can do it every day. It doesn’t require any special skill. Anyone can do it. The person getting a presentation for the first time, says to themselves . . . “I can do that!” It passes the 8 Year Old Test.

I’m not sure who exactly came up with it (Whether it was Bart Miller or Demarr Zimmerman), but I applaud you! Demarr did a presentation at the Salisbury Connecticut Boot camp and focused on the simplicity of using the Mobile Pocket Presentation. Simply put, you 1). Tell how and why you got started with SendOutCards 2). You send a card using your mobile device (take a picture, put it on the front of the card and send it with a two pack of brownies while they watch 3). Show the money using the card deck (MPP) 4). Ask the 4 questions.

This is in perfect alignment with the process I’ve been teaching for 10 years. When I started, Demarr sent me a DVD (in fact he sent me 5 of the same DVD until I watched it!) that explained how the money worked. Well very few people watch DVD’s any more. In fact computers today are not even being sold with DVD drives. All the videos are online now! But I even like the MPP better for showing the money for the following reasons:

1. It’s fun
2. It involves each new distributor and forces them to learn the simplicity of the money (it’s more active than passive)
3. It get’s MD’s showing the money part of the business every day – The second part of the two fold mission

I’ve always said that the business needs to be shown every day in one on one’s and two on one’s. Big meetings are always a result of lots and lots of one on one’s and two on one’s.

So yes, I love the Mobile Pocket Presentation and I encourage everyone to have a few decks to use and to give to their new MD’s. Teach your new MD’s how to use them. You can train them in 5 minutes. I have 50 in the back of my car and I’ve given away and sold 25 of them.

Now let’s talk about the MRM (Mastering Relationship Marketing). The MRM is not a program to teach distributors how to show the money. The MRM is a philosophy and system for building relationships. It’s for business people that are interested in magnifying their influence with their customers and potential customers. These two things are no more in conflict than airplanes and homes. We fly from point a to point b in airplanes because we need to get somewhere and we live in our homes. They are not in conflict. The MRM doesn’t show the money to prospective MD’s. And showing the money using the Mobile Pocket Presentation doesn’t do anything to build relationships. The MRM is a brilliant program developed by our Founder and CEO Kody Bateman to help businesses do a better job at making their customers feel appreciated. It teaches how to create long lasting connections with our customers through a systematic communication strategy.

So there is no confusion. There is nothing in conflict. They are both valuable tools that are designed for different purposes.

A. The MPP is for showing the $$ and teaching new distributors how to show the business on a daily basis in a way that anyone can learn quickly and easily

B. The MRM is for teaching business owners how to manage the relationships with their customers and potential customers in order to maximize the opportunities for growth through repeat business and referrals.

One does not supersede the other and one is not more important than the other. Both are essential to the future of our company.

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