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New first class letter rate 42cents for one oz second oz is holding steady at 17cents.
New first class postcard rate: 27 cents
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1. Affirmations and Action

Affirmations keep you mentally aligned with what you want and who you are.

Action keeps you learning and growing on your journey.

SendOutCards gives you the best of both worlds. You get to pronounce your affirmations to yourself and others in cards and you get to take action towards your dreams on a daily basis.

When there is affirmation (I am’s) with no action, you have delusion and when you have action with no affirmation you have frustration.

I had a meeting with a multi-millionaire author this week that says she sees new business owners trying to go from step 1 to step 4 and expecting to get great results. What she meant is that many people try and take action (step 1) and expect a successful business (step 4) without having the purpose, beliefs, conviction, values, etc (steps 2 and 3).

If you aren’t aligned with your purpose as you take action towards your dreams, you will typically get stuck right where you are. If you are a great steward of money and you believe you deserve it as a mechanism for doing good in the world, you are much more likely to attract it and keep it for good.

Last night I went to see the 80’s Band ‘Styx’ with Bob and Betty Ann Golden in Vegas (remember I am turning 50!). One of the original band members, Tommy Shaw got up and said ‘The next song is a song that I wrote before I met this band. I was playing the song that I wrote one afternoon and as I was playing it I was thinking about being in a band and becoming famous. My phone rang and it was James Young and Styx was born.” He then got choked up and said, “You need to dream. And if you are going to dream you might as well dream big!”

Tommy was taking action AND in his own way, he was practicing his affirmations. “I am a member of a famous rock band” He then attracted the ‘Luck’ necessary for all his dreams to come true.

Luck is simply being in action AND mentally being aligned with the right energy. Your ‘I am’ statements position you to attract all of the resources necessary to make your dreams come true.


1. Take action every day (the daily 8) Get 8 points per day.

2. Write out your ‘I am’ statements in the present tense:

Here are some of mine:

a. ‘I am lucky’
b. ‘I attract all the resources I need to serve others’
c. ‘I am a famous author’
d. ‘My monthly checks exceed $250,000 per month
e. ‘I have new people breaking $10,000 per month each month
f. ‘I am intelligent, creative and intuitive’
g. ‘I am attracting ALL of the right people’
h. ‘I am in top physical shape and inspire others to take care of themselves.

3. Expect and allow success to flow to you easily and without effort.

Building from a ‘place’ of desperation is nearly impossible. You must shift your state of being from desperation to peace and from need to opportunity. Building your business in a place of fear will only serve to drive away all of the success you seek.

I am receiving 5 e-mails per week from people saying . . . “I need to make money now. I’m desperate. What should I say to people to get them to sign up!!!?”

I really don’t know how to answer this question. Again, this is like going from step 1 to step 4 without doing steps 2 and 3. Even if I could tell this person EXACTLY what to say to get someone in, most likely, it wouldn’t work for them. But for purposes of example, let’s say it did work for them . . . if they were able to figure out exactly what to say to get people in, most likely their success would be short lived. Why?? Because they are coming from a place of desperation and fear. This state of being will drive people away from you. You are not an attractor when you are desperate!

Think about it . . . what happens if you go to a bank to borrow money when you need it most?? They will tell you ‘NO!’ Remember, the people that usually get the money are the people that don’t need it! Money will flow towards opportunity, not need.

This applies to all areas of life. The people that need the money can’t get it because the energy they are sending out is fear based (desperation) Money runs from desperation and is attracted to value creation.

We always get what we focus on! When we focus on the abundance in our lives in all areas, we tend to attract more abundance! When we focus on what we don’t have (our lack of abundance) we tend to get more of that. This is why a journal that affirms (affirmations) our alignment with who we are as a creation is so important. It gets us to focus our attention to everything we love and appreciate in our lives and everything we love and appreciate that is on its way.



Actually that’s the problem! When you are mentally aligned with your purpose, you don’t need to know what to say . . . you’ll know what to say! It will no longer be a question for you. Answering the question, “What do I do and what do I say?” is actually the source of the problem. Actually the person that asks this question, really needs to know the answer to the question, “What’s my purpose and who am I?” Did you notice that the answer to the first question is externally focused. The answer to the second question is internally focused.

Success is created by a feeling that comes from knowing who you are and what you are doing here.


I can hear some of you saying, “My purpose is not to be a greeting card salesperson!”

You know what??? If that were my purpose, I wouldn’t be here. I am doing this call from Bob and Betty Ann Golden’s beautiful home in Las Vegas. As look around, the house is filled with AMAZING colorful photos of people from all over North America. The countertop is lined with images of their friends and family celebrating life. New Babies, Speedboats, Vacations, Holiday Parties, Convention Promotions, Family Gatherings, Talking Dogs, Creative Expressions. SendOutCards gives people a chance to really celebrate life and send it out to those they care about most. It’s not about cards any more than it’s about paper and ink. SendOutCards is an expression of life in a way that magnifies it by allowing us to share it with others.

Those people that use sendoutcards to creatively express themselves in a powerful heartfelt way on a daily basis seem to attract others that want to join their teams? I would guess that Bob and Betty Ann could invite 100 people with no knowledge of SendOutCards to their home and simply socialize with them. My guess is that 25 of those people would want to sign up by the end of the night. Why? Because they would see an expression of life like none they have seen before. The wall is covered with 200 cards of friends celebrating each other. They have a tree of cards on a table that is bursting with color and life much like a vibrant, radiant fireworks display.

When you get around Bob and Betty Ann, you immediately know that they are excited about the richness that SendOutCards offers to those that use it as a celebration of life.

Contrast this with those people that are focused on making a quick buck by getting people in! Those that are asking . . . “What do I say to convince them to buy the package so I can get my $120 because I need it!”

Do you see the difference in purpose, belief and values?

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