Way to go!

July 16, 2007

Way to go!

Some people are great at Recruiting, Growing their bank accounts, Selling or asking others to get started. Others seem to just struggle with it. What’s the difference?

We are going to tackle this question.

There is a condition in nature called a ‘Thermal’. A thermal is a hot bubble of air that rises from the ground. The sun heats the ground and when it becomes so warm a ‘bubble’ of hot air breaks away from the ground and rises (the same principle that causes a hot air balloon to rise when the air inside it is heated)

In the sport of Hang-Gliding, non motorized crafts seek out ‘Thermals’ for ‘lift’. Once a pilot finds this lift, they bank their glider into the center of it and can fly up to 10,000 or more feet and fly for hours!

A big Cumulus Cloud appears to be flat on the bottom. Actually its not. It is simply a column of hot air that is rising up and at a certain altitude it condenses and appears ‘flat’ on the bottom. As the air continues to rise, the cloud gets more saturated and eventually has to release all of that moisture. The cloud then unloads all the water and you have a rainstorm.
Many times Hang-Glider Pilots will fly directly underneath Cumulus clouds, because they are a direct source of rising air!

Have you ever looked into a glass of soda water and noticed the little bubbles forming at the bottom of the glass, breaking off and rising to the top? This is exactly what happens with thermals. They form on the ground, fill with warm air, break off and rise up.

Now, think about each bubble of air being a card sent or a Gift Account Walk-Through. Each time you do one of these things, a new bubble of air breaks free from the ground. The clouds build up and when they get saturated, it pours down rain. The rain is money pouring into your bank account. Each bubble is a card or a Gift Account. Your job is to create lots of HEAT and many bubbles of hot rising air by sending cards and setting up gift accounts. This will create the saturation necessary for your business to produce a consistent flow on income into your bank account.


What would happen if you offered Sheryl Crow a chance to earn $40,000 per month? She would laugh at you! Why? Because $40,000 per month would not even pay for her Mortgage Payment!

In fact, if you offered the same deal to Tiger Woods, Bill Gates or Tom Cruise, they would have no interest at all! But if you went to the Manager at the local grocery store, they would laugh and say . . . “It sounds too good to be true!”

You see, its all perspective. One group would have no interest, because they already make much more and the other group would be skeptical because they don’t think its possible to make that much money!

So what’s the truth?

Would it be possible to go from Phoenix to NY on a Moped in the winter? It would be very uncomfortable, but it could be done. It would not be much fun! But you could jump into the back of a high performance gulf-stream jet and get there in a few short hours. The person choosing the ‘vehicle’ is no smarter . . . its just that they chose a better vehicle!

In the business of Entertainment and Pro Sports, the top people make millions AND in the business of Network Marketing the top people make MILLIONS. That is a fact. Our business throws off a substantial passive residual income when you are successful.

Some vehicles are poor vehicles for producing financial freedom. A job is one of those poor vehicles. A job produces a ‘linear’ income meaning that you must continue to go to work if you want to continue to get paid. Choose a vehicle that gives you the ability to ‘leverage’ your time through the work of others.


I am going to give you a summary of the auction we had tonight and what it means.

I called someone and said . . . “What if I ‘auction off’ a $100 bill on our conference call tonight?”

She replied, “Why would someone want to pay more than $100 for a $100 bill?”

Good question? What is the value of a $100 bill?
Is it $100? What does $100 mean? Is it possible to get others to pay more that $100 for a $100 bill?

I believed that I could get $1000 for the $100 bill in 15 minutes.

I started the auction at 7:15pm. The auction would be over at 7:30pm.

Megan my assistant had her cell phone and internet ready. I started by telling everyone that they could text or email Megan with their bid and their name and we would call off the bids as they came in.

There was a bid for $105 right away.

I would now begin to teach the following concepts and how you can increase what someone is willing to pay for a service or product.


What if I added something to the $100 bill that cost me nothing but gave the person bidding something of value? What if I simply ‘reframed’ the meaning of the bill? What if I helped someone to ‘see’ the $100 bill diffently? What if someone could feel REALLY GOOD about getting it?

Is it possible to get $1000 for a $100 bill in 15 minutes?? Is it really possible?

We did this with NO SET UP. No one other than my assistant knew we were going to do this exercise!

I proceeded to add each of the following to the $100 bill offer over the next 10 minutes. Each time, more and more bids came in. We had over 60 bids!

1. I will add my signature to the bill –

A Big Mac and $10!

2. I will get Kody (Founder) and Erik (Co Founder) to sign the bill (ADDING VALUE)


3. I told everyone that this is a LUCKY $100 BILL and that I am the #1 money earner in the company. As the #1 Earner, I told them that I believed that they could carry this bill with them and look at it for 30 seconds per day and it might begin to increase their luck. They may become more successful and money might begin to flow into their account due to a higher money consciousness (REFRAMING)


4. I then told a story – Years ago it was suggested that I keep a $100 bill in my pocket at all times. I was also told to periodically give it to someone that I thought could use it more than I. So I did this and I would give it away and then replace it. Today I carry a pocketfull of Hundreds and give them away as tips and to those in need. Remember ‘You get back what you send out!’ (REFRAMING)

After telling this story, here are some of the next bids that came in to Megan:


5. I then said, “Based on my current income, my value is over $1000 per hour and going up each day. I don’t sell my coaching services, but I will offer the winner of the $100 bill, 1 hour of personal coaching by phone. We will come up with a plan that will grow your business and help you meet your goals. I did one of these earlier today with a gentleman in the business and in 15 minutes, we came up with a plan that will increase his income by $250,000 in the next 18 months if he puts it in to action”. How much was that 15 minutes worth? (ADDING VALUE)


The winner of the $100 bidding auction was Linda Thomas. Congratulations, Linda! You will find that this was one of the best $1000 dollar investments that you will ever make!

But here’s the question? How much is that $100 bill worth? How much is a $398 Entrepreneur Package worth?

What if someone spends $398, sends out 50 cards and gets a $33,000 project as a result of it? How much was the package worth?

How does Jim Packard get 70% of the people he talks to to sign up for the $398 package?? How is it that some people have a hard time getting people on the $99 Retail Package while EVERYONE that Jim signs up wants to go with the Entrep. Package for $398? What’s the value tha Jim conveys?

How does he ‘reframe’ his offer after having them send a card?

Listen to the conversations that you had with yourself about money as we went through this exercise. What were you saying to yourself?

“Why would anyone pay for a signature on a $100 Bill?”
“This is not fair . . . I don’t know how to send a text message and I’m not near my computer!”
“Its not fair that others have the money to bid and I don’t”
“Jordan doesn’t need any more money! He has all he needs!”
“Its not right that he’s taking $1000 of someone elses money for a bill!”

All of these conversations effect ones ability to receive money.

“I am a money magnet. Money is easily and readily available to me at all times. It flows freely into my bank account. With money I can do good in the world and help to enrich others lives. Money is fun! I am lucky and lucky people get lots of money. I get back what I send out. Money is good and when I send out money I am sending out goodness!”

What are you saying about money?

NOTE: As I was thinking up this exercise, I had a real fear. What if NO ONE bid on the $100 bill? The whole exercise would backfire in my face and I would look like a complete fool!
My exercise would be pointless.

I could have not done it in the face of this fear. I took a risk and did it anyway with confidence that $1000 was the VALUE OF THIS $100 BILL. I believed I could get $1000 and I did. I built in the value and offered more and more for the money being bid.

Do you think its possible to get $10,000 for a $100 bill? Of course it is!
Did you doubt that anyone would bid on the $100 when we started?
So when offering the packages, how can you:

1. Add Value
2. Reframe
3. Raise your money consiousness
4. Raise your self esteem

Best to you!


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