May 2nd, 2016


About 25 years ago before I had ever received a check in Network Marketing, I had an idea that sounded like a good one once I started making some money. I wanted to start buying Beach Homes in all parts of the world and put them under management as vacation rentals. Then, when I wanted to use one I would just
book it and stay whenever I wanted to. For years, I really couldn’t do much with this idea other than dream a lot. I would look at Real Estate magazines and payed especially close attention to the beach properties. Once I started making a little money I started looking at properties and each time I found one that was interesting, I would
learn that the down payment was in the range of $600,000 to $1 million and getting a loan was beyond my reach. After 10 years, I was getting frustrated and had made no headway at all. I was in San Diego and had just left from looking at a handful of multi-million dollar beach homes. In a moment of let-down, I purchased a magazine called
“The Robb Report” which features high end Real Estates, Automobiles and Watches. I was sitting on the plane flying back to Phoenix from San Diego and I opened up the magazine. At the top of one of the pages was a heading entitled, “Equity Estates”. And right below the title were photos of 30 multi-million dollar homes lined up side by
side an 800# and a website. I checked out the website and the next day made a phone call. These guys had done EXACTLY what I had been dreaming about for years and for the price of a down payment on ONE home, I could own a piece of all of these homes all over the world. It was an equity investment and not a time share.
I met up with their team in Cancun Mexico and about a week later purchased into the fund. It’s a 100% tax write-off because I use it primarily for business. This weekend I am on the Beach at one of the properties with my extended family and friends to witness my cousins wedding in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The home is a 7000 SF Glass home with
infinity pools. It’s 1/2 mile down the beach from the little beach town of Tamarindo. My cousin had no idea I had this home here and when I found out this was the exact town he and Keeley were planning to tie the knot, I offered the home for the wedding party and reception so here we are.

Tonights all is all about “Wave One Success Stories”.

SendOutCards was invented during the time of dial-up internet and flip phones. Many of our “early adopters’ built large networks of customers and then kind of faded into the sunset. My friend Jana Rengifo has been receiving a significant 4 figure residual check for over 8 years and haven’t sponsored a distributor in 7 years. She has earned in excess of a half a million $$ and she started when she was 20 years old. David Frey worked the business for a few short years and hasn’t signed up a distributor in about 5 years. He has made a few million dollars and continues to receive a six figure annual income from his efforts years ago. While Jimmy Dick was in the hospital with life threatening heart complications he didn’t work his business for 4 years and continued to receive a 5 figure monthly residual check that took care of his family while he was recovering. This was because he got some things started in his first 2 years of working the business. Many of us are in his organization. Kathy Paauw took many months off on a sabbatical to travel with her husband Doug and even today, she collects a high four figure monthly residual check for work she did many years ago. Dawn MacDonald was a school teacher and has been collecting a four figure residual check that supplements her retirement from work she did in 2005-2008. The Packard Boys have done almost nothing in their businesses for 3 years yet continue to receive a significant monthly income for the business they started in the early days of SendOutCards. These stories are there reason people get involved in network marketing. We don’t get paid for what we do, we get paid for what we START. All of the business success stories that I mentioned were built during “Wave One”. Wave one was represented by clunky and wobbly technology, a rapidly evolving infrastructure platform and a comp plan that was trying to find itself. Since then Kody has spent millions of dollars upgrading our technology platform and refining our compensation structure and product offering. The best is yet to come.

I want to talk about why I believe we are getting ready to experience the greatest growth spurt in our history. Also, I believe we may be writing one of the greatest success stories in Network Marketing history. What I’m going to talk to you about is MY OPINION and does not come from the company. I am making some predictions based on some of my observations around what is going on in the marketplace and with technology. Let’s discuss three disruptive trends that will shape our future and then what you can do to prepare yourself to capitalize on all of them.


1. DISRUPTOR #1 – RELATIONSHIP MARKETING Traditional marketing is becoming less effective – Kody’s Relationship Marketing model represents a shift in the way business must be done if a company wants to continue to thrive. The internet has turned most products into a commodity. Competition is fierce and it’s becoming tougher and tougher for companies to differentiate themselves. Cost of production has been driven down to a fraction of what it used to be and accessibility of information at our fingertips rendered paid advertising including print media, TV, Radio, Billboards, etc almost worthless. The volume of marketing messages all around us is brain numbing.
Those companies that embrace relationship marketing have a major advantage over their competition. We own the secret weapon that has the power to transform the way companies do business.

2. DISTRUPTER #2 – NETWORK MARKETING The traditional job to retirement model is tired and becoming obsolete – Network Marketing is one of the few options accessible to the aging baby boomers and millennials. The reason so many millennials find a “Socialist’ interesting as a Presidential candidate is because many have just given up. So many millennials can’t find work and are in financial trouble
after getting college degrees. They have loans that can not be forgiven through bankruptcy and they have no way to pay the loans off. Many baby boomers are faced with a portfolio that won’t allow them to retire and the prospects for work are grim. I just read an article that said when social security was invented, it was never intended to fund retirement. It was intended to be an insurance policy if you happened to live past the age of 65. Back then, Social Security was only paying for 2 and 1/2 years on average after someone hit the age of 65. And the ratio of those contributing to those collecting was 42:1. Well today, the average age of death is late into the 70’s and the ratio of those contributing to those collecting is 3:1. Do you see the problem here. One third of our national debt is now caused by an upside down economy overburdened by significantly fewer and fewer contributors into the system. In fact by the time the Millennials begin to retire, the ratio will be 2:1 and the average retiree will will be living for close to 20 years past retirement age. Add to this that 40 years after it was predicted, technology is finally really starting to replace workers. We live in a whole new world. Have you noticed that kiosks are becoming more and more common at the grocery stores to check out, the airports to check in and even fast food restaurants to order your food. Network Marketing is one of the only options available in the marketplace today for someone looking for a real business that they can start on a shoestring and have real unlimited upside potential with little to no overhead. The reason network marketing is thriving is because of the high number of millennials and baby boomers that are simply out of options.


Technology integration through apps is rapidly changing the way companies innovate, adapt, evolve and grow. Apple became the powerhouse that it is today because of apps. Independent companies develop apps that work on our phones and give us many more valuable uses and functions. Apple didn’t pay for the development of these apps. Independent app designers create them on their dime and then they are delivered through a phone that we buy from Apple. And Apple splits the revenue with the app developer. The Google Play Store does the same for the Android Phones. I recently attended a 4 day conference for Infusionsoft in Arizona. Infusionsoft is one of the fastest growing campaign builders for business owners in the world. As you walked into the conference at the Phoenix Civic Plaza, you would have noticed about 80 exhibitors set up offering their “Plug-In’s” to attendees of the conference. These venders did not work for infusionsoft. They were independents that had spent their time and money developing applications that would allow their customer base to “plug-in” to Infustionsoft. I don’t fully understand how it works, but I do know that Infusionsoft has a very lean programming staff and the independent app developers create user friendly plug ins so their customer bases have an easier time using Infusionsoft. This is where it began to get interesting.

There was a company at the conference that had developed and “plug-in” for SendOutCards that would allow customers of Infusionsoft to build SendOutCards into their email campaigns. This represents a big development in our business. There are companies putting together “Plug-Ins” (just like Apps) that will make it easy for their customer bases to use SendOutCards. Just use your imagination. It allows us to innovate quickly without the upfront expense of programming and development. This is a huge marketplace disrupter and will open many doors for us. Don’t worry about it if you don’t understand it. You don’t need to.
I’ll explain why in a minute. And I’ll explain how you can capitalize on all of this. By the way, there are already at least 10 plug – in’s developed by independent companies that will make it easier and more appealing for customers that aren’t using SendOutCards to want to. Although I know this may be a little hard to grasp right now, just know that it will be big and that you will get to benefit.

All three of these disrupters, I believe will cause a wave of epic proportion over the next 36 months. Combined, their impact will be explosive and will be like nothing we have seen before. Again, there are some very smart developers out there that are developing new ways that SendOutCards can be used in the Marketplace.

Here is how you get to benefit from all of this. I’ll use an Australia as an example. I have about 5000 distributors in Australia.
How many people do you think I brought in in Australia? ZERO. I knew no one and signed up no one, but because I built a team in the US, some of them knew one or two in Australia and the teams have grown as a result. Today about 30-100 distributors per month sign up on my team in Australia and I have never brought in even one!

So how does this apply to the wave that’s coming and how you get to benefit? You don’t want to be caught with a team of one the day this wave hits. Each customer and distributor you bring on gives you leverage as those three disruptors really take hold. My personal strategy for riding this wave is to continue to set appointments, show the business, sign up new distributors and customers and teach it. There are people that will show up in your downline and customer base that use Infusionsoft, Salesforce.com, or any of the hundreds of other companies (just like there were people that showed up that knew people in Australia). These users will grab an app that will make it easy for them to use us daily through there existing customer bases.

I envision a day where our convention has exhibitors that are app developers that have developed plug ins that make SendOutCards better than it even is today. So when Kody goes to a snowmobile convention there are many exhibits set up offering extra technologies that make snowmobiling more fun. And he can buy anything he wants from gear, equipment, etc. Imagine that the same thing is happening for SendOutCards . . . technology developed by others that will make us better.

Build your business today using the simple plans we have put together so that you can benefit from “WAVE TWO”


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