Sept 12th, 2016



This is going to be a very simple message with powerful implications. Don’t expect training on the technology of social media. Because in real life, that is not where the opportunity lies. You must know what works and what doesn’t. We all have limited time and limited money and how this all turns out will be based on how we use our time and how we use our money. We get bombarded daily by messages, videos, pinned posts, pay-per click ads, etc. And then we see some that have 40,000 or 250,000 views or more and it’s easy to get sucked into the allure of using social media to build our businesses. The ultimate test for me is to see who is succeeding in the business and what they are doing to build it. And I am by no means
an expert on social media! But I do have a sense of what works and what doesn’t! Here are a few things to know before marketing on Social Media. I do know that the allure of social media can be quite deceptive. There are many gurus out there selling programs to teach people to market on social media and the only people making money are the ones selling the programs. You need to know some basic truths before continuing.

1. Relationship is still king (this will never change!) – People want to do business with and will listen to the people they feel most connected to. And the reason people stay is because they continue to feel connected to the group.
2. The # of Followers someone has is a reflection of how interested others are in what they have to say
3. There is no “automatic” way of sponsoring. Anything that happens automatically or without human contact is short-lived in this profession.
4. Long term businesses are not built through mass recruiting. Solid growth is a result of each person have a handful or rock solid relationships.
5. Social media has the power to create relationships and destroy relationships. People will stop following you if they are not interested in what you have
to say or if you consistently offend them by your posts, conversations or shares. At the very least, they would never ever do business with you.

So let’s talk about three things never to do on social media and five things you can do to grow your business on social media.


1. Don’t promote your business on social media – Here’s the litmus test. If you are getting 1 or 2 likes on your posts, it means that overall, people
are not liking your posts. When I “promote” something, I get 1 or 2 likes. That tells me that people are uninterested. If you do it all the time, they will get annoyed and completely go away this eliminating your chances of doing business with them FOREVER. I see this all the time and I can even tell you the names of some of the people that do it. It makes me cringe every time. Most people are completely turned off. Don’t do it. There is a difference between “selling” your product, service or opportunity on social media and telling stories that add value that may include your product as part of the story. Lessons and stories are good. Selling stuff on your wall is generally bad. If you must do it, make sure that only about 1 in 20 posts are sales pitches.
I’ve copied and pasted this from one of my friends walls. I’ve removed her name. Don’t do this. It will cause your friends to disappear and you will never have the opportunity to present to them ever again. And many won’t be your friend ever again!

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PUKE!!! Don’t do this with your business. You are selling day in and day out to the same group of people. No one will want to be your friend and your existing friends will want to leave. This is not how you create a following or build a business.

2. Don’t argue on social media – There are certain people who’s names pop up in every argument or controversy. And they are like pit-bulls. They never let up. This is a great way to just get everyone all riled up and it serves no good in advancing your business endeavors other than to make people look at you like you are a jerk. Refrain. Close your computer if you are tempted. Just stay out of it. There are 20 people that won’t comment that will look at you as a jerk just for participating in this kind of banter. Social media is about making friends and not enemies. This kind of negative banter only creates enemies.

3. Don’t post or share posts about divisive topics like religion or politics – You may have a strong opinion and even feel like you have a right to share it! You do have the right. But also understand that by doing so you are cutting your potential market in half. Be like Switzerland. Be neutral. Take a look at the top leaders in network marketing. They don’t take a stand publicly on social media. When they do they take the risk of destroying a part of their business. You can do it, but just know that you are going to be stirring up controversy and controversy does not play well when it comes to building a successful business. Discuss it around the dinner table if you must, but keep it off your wall if you want to grow a big business.


1. GET TO KNOW PEOPLE: Just like in real life (by the way it is real life!) the #1 thing you can do is to get to know others through their posts and then engage in dialog with them along the way. You become part of their lives and let them become part of yours. Remember #1. Relationship is still king! So have conversations and make comments about other peoples posts. Pay compliments. Acknowledge accomplishments. Start conversations. Share valuable information.

2. JOIN GROUPS: Find groups of people that you have something in common with or something you are interested in. Join those groups and get involved. You can meet many many new people from home online by becoming active in groups. As you continue to post and engage, others will begin to recognize you and you will begin to develop some new online friendships. Pick 3 groups that you like and spend some time there.

3. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK OFFLINE: As you connect with new friends that you think you would like to get to know better or that you feel could benefit from a product or service it’s okay to ask in a private message. But keep in mind, if you do it too soon (before there is a relationship between the two of you), it won’t land well at all. Make sure that you have a connection and based on your interaction that there is a possible fit. DO NOT DO THIS PUBLICLY . . . take it offline.

Post things daily that others will be interested in and possibly want to follow. I have a crazy life and I like to
put it out there. People share things that are fun and interesting which gives you more exposure. If you see something that you find interesting that is not controversial or divisive, share it on your wall. Take photos and videos when you are doing fun things and share them. If you experience something kind of crazy, put it on Facebook or Snapchat. The more fun, interesting, instructive, valuable or creative something is, the more likely there will be engagement and it could even get shared with others. It’s okay to post things about your business that fall into these categories. Just don’t push or sell your business or product to others on your wall. I’ll give you some examples of what is good to post and what is not so good.

1. The kids playing and laughing hysterically at a picnic
2. A card sending party.
3. Wild animals walking through your backyard
4. A crazy lightening storm
5. How you narrowly escaped rolling your car
6. You cutting up fresh fruits and vegetables for your kids.
7. A meme of an inspiring quote you just heard.
8. You getting an award on stage.
9. The company party.
10. Bloopers of you trying to make a video
11. Sharing a new app that you love and why.
12. Promoting a product that you don’t make any money on.
13. Giving accolades to a friend of yours that just published a new book.

In other words . . . post, share and celebrate life. Bring the interesting and fun
things in your life to your wall. Do this daily! People will begin to follow you
and remember that “The # of Followers someone has is a reflection of how interested others are in what they have to say”


1. I’m having a sale today on my product!
2. I’m looking for 5 motivated people . . .!
3. Who wants to try my product for a month!
4. If you sign up with me today I’ll throw in . . .!
5. Our company is giving away a month of free product if you sign up
on an autoship this weekend!

BORING!! You will lose friends. People will go away. You will not get new followers or friends.

5. Grab photos from the walls of your friends celebrating their lives. Babies, puppies, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, showers, etc . . . put the photo on a card and send it to them with some kind words. If you don’t have an address, send a private message and ask for it. Tell them you want to mail them something . . . this is one of the most powerful actions you can take.

Social media can get you to people you could not otherwise reach. You have an opportunity to connect with amazing people all over the world. There are no limits to the opportunity you have as you connect with new friends and engage in new relationships. Take your time with people. Build some trust by being generous with your words and contributions. You’ll find people will flock to you and not run to you.

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