I walked out to my driveway on the mountain this afternoon with snow piled up
to 9 feet over my vehicle and head. I checked my emails and a ton of card flurry recommendations poured in today making me know something had hit the news. So I googled, Willie Young III (the little boy in Inglewood that got shot and paralyzed). I had tears flowing down my face as I watched him beaming opening up gifts and cards on the news at the rehabilitation center. The video will be posted under IN THE NEWS on www.cardflurry.com. I recommend watching both videos and reading the short article. The videos are 3 minutes and :45 seconds respectively. You are making a difference with your cards and gifts! This is the third time that the Card Flurry has hit the news. We want as many people to join this as possible. The more people that participate, the more good we can do. So please share from FB and show these videos at your meetings. People will join SendOutCards when they see these because they want to participate. You can even offer to give them a free account so they can send out a card to the next one. We will launch the next one in about 2 weeks. Thank you for being a Card Angel! Just look at Willie “Three”s face . . .

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