Mar 16th, 2015


These 2 strategies are not theory. I have used these over and over again over the years to turn
cold market into warm. I meet people that I don’t know (cold) and then do one simple thing and they instantly
become warm . . . almost like a friend. I also know many many others that do the same. SendOutCards is almost like
a secret weapon. It does in a moment what personal development and sales gurus have trouble doing successfully
in a weekend course. Put 500 people in a traditional sales course to learn how to turn a prospect from cold to warm and on a good weekend,
maybe 20 of them will go on to do it successfully. Our system is nearly 100% in a moment. One click. Call it the law of reciprocity
or give and you shall receive.

The top two challenges network marketers experience is where to find people and what to say to them to get them to talk to them about their business. This answers both questions. You can have an unlimited # of people to talk to about the business using these strategies and it will be infinitely easier to talk to them after you use the strategies.

All of this being said, it’s still work. Sometimes it’s hard work. I saw someone on FB recently belittling our profession, saying “Yes, but it’s hard work! Well, you know what? I haven’t seen anything worthwhile that isn’t hard work. But most people work hard at things that pay them once for working once. If you are going to work hard, why not work hard at something that will pay you many years into the future . . . even after you stop working! Kody pays out millions of dollars each month to people that haven’t worked one hour in the business for many years. In case you think you misunderstood what I said, I’ll say it again . . . Kody pays out millions of dollars each month to people that haven’t worked one hour in the business in many years. So yes, sometimes you will work hard and these two strategies are probably the easiest steps from point A to point B.

And are you ready for this? You probably already know them. But can you tell me what they are? If not, they will be pretty hard for you to teach your team. If I can give them both a name and explain simply how to do them then you will be able to easily teach them to others. At the very we’ll have a conference call teaching them how to do it.

Where else in the marketplace can you turn someone you just met or hardly even know from cold to warm in an instant? Does it work 100% of the time. No . . . nothing does. Does it work most of the time?? Yes!! You don’t need it to work 100% of the time. You just need it to work more often than not.

It’s almost like cheating! Okay here we go!

Crystal Fuente Example: There is a young couple in our building that I see from time to time.
She is a woman’s coach and he is a professional poker player. They travel a lot and have a lot going on!
I connected with Crystal on Facebook (following her) and I simply copied 3 pictures from her wall onto my desktop.
Apparently they met Tony Robbins and went on a big trip with him (group photo of them and a group on her wall). So I simply put a picture of Tony, Crystal and Andrew on the front of the card and then “spanned” a copy of Tony and the entire group across the inside panel of the card. No words . . . just pictures. And I sent that! I did put my name and phone # in the card. I promise you, I will get a call from them! It’s a slam dunk!! Where else can you do this? Instant warm market! From cold to warm with one click. Professional Sales Guru’s will train people in a meeting room for 3 full days trying to teach salespeople how to create a similar result using tactics and communications techniques. And most won’t be too successful at it. Anyone can do what I’m teaching here.

1. Go to someone’s FB Wall
2. Find pictures that would be meaningful to them (a new baby, a family event, a party with friends,
pets, weddings, etc)
3. Send them a private message and tell them you want to mail them something
(it helps if you have some connection to them like you’ve met them once or you know someone that
they know).
4. Make a picture card of events that are meaningful to them
5. Mail them the card. Make sure your name and phone # are on the card.

I have a friend that works with Colonial Life as an independent insurance agent. She does cold calling to businesses and simply walks in and says hello. She tells them that she is just getting acquainted with the local businesses and wants to come in to say hello. She asks for their card (which they gladly give her) and she walks out. Her visit lasts no more than 3 minutes. On her cold call days she’ll do 20-30 in a day. She then sends a “Nice to meet you” card with a little gift (usually brownies). She gets calls back every day from people she popped in on. That doesn’t happen with any other “system”. Cold calls turn warm. So the strategy is very simple.

1). Pop in on people that have business cards.
2). Keep your visit short
3). Introduce yourself and ask for a business card
4). Turn around and send them a card with a small box of brownies

( I recommend taking a picture of their storefront but at the very least put a PROFESSIONAL picture of yourself in or on the card for facial recognition. Introduce yourself again in the card and make sure and say “nice to meet you”. )

Some will call you to thank you and anyone that you call will normally be very open meet.
No one does this and it causes you to go from a stranger to a friend in a moment. You have taken someone from cold to warm in an instant.

At any point in the future you can use the texting strategy (if you have a mobile #) to set up a time to meet with them.

I got a brief introduction to a woman last week at a networking event. I got her business card. She is a very successful Realtor with multiple offices. I immediately put her in my contact manager and sent her a “Nice to meet you” card with a professional picture of myself on the front. I included a two pack of brownies. I texted her today and here’s how it went:

Me: Hi Catherine, this is Jordan Adler.
I sat next to you at the networking meeting
last Wednesday night and asked you for your business
card. I would love to sit down with your for 30 minutes
to show you our technology and how it may benefit you. Are you
open to this?


Me: Thanks! Can I catch your for 30 minutes uninterrupted in front
of your computer at your office at 330p this Thursday?

Her: Yes.


1. Keep it simple
2. Pay a sincere compliment
3. Say “Nice to meet you” in your way

Hi Catherine,
I enjoyed meeting you last week in your office.
You have a beautiful set up! I hope we have a chance
to sit down and visit sometime in the near future.
Have a great week!

You may be looking for something sophisticated but it’s not . . . it’s simple!
The title of this call is “Two simple strategies”. Do this a few times a week
and you can begin to fill your calendar with appointments to show the service and
the business!

These strategies are just ways to grow your list . . . you’re adding new people to your network of people.
Remember “If you want to predict the future of someone’s income, look at the size of their rolodex!”
Harvey MacKay.

We are focused on “GIVING” and reaching out to connect in a meaningful way.
Each time we connect we increase our possibilities for showing the business to new people.
People will save the cards you send them for years because they had meaningful images
on them. Each time they look at the card they are reminded of you in a positive way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a manipulation. It’s simply a way to meet more people and connect in a positive
way that is meaningful and memorable. Some people will not respond at all. Some people will become your friends.
Some will become your customers and a few will become distributors. Be patient with people. Do all of this in the spirit of giving. If you don’t hear from them, don’t take it personally. We never know what is going on in someone’s life. They may be going through a tough time or leaving on a vacation. Have fun with this . . . as Kody says, celebrate life . . . get in the flow of it.

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