April 24, 2012


Why would someone become a distributor with SendOutCards vs all the other companies out there?

I want you to know that when signing up with SOC 7 years ago, the first thing that went through my mind is that EVERYONE needs SendOutCards. If you are a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a salesperson, a 9-to-5er, someone who owns a company or a network marketer, you need to reach out in kindness to others. It will make your life work better if you remember people’s birthdays, if you send thank you cards, if you express gratitude. Everyone needs encouragement. The law of attraction suggests, “you get back what you send out” and “you’ll get more of what you focus on”. However if you focus 100% on the opportunity of SendOutCards and forget about our true mission as a company, then you cut out much of the success available to you. Again, EVERYONE should and can use us. But as soon as you make our business only about the money, then someone is faced with a choice. “Do I do SOC or do I do xyz company?”. Someone shouldn’t have to choose. I can sign up to get my vitamins or leg
al service from a network marketing company without having to choose one over the other.

I have found that many of my best distributors came from people that initially signed up, just to use our service. I don’t look at this as someone having to choose. I show them how being part of our company will benefit them. How will this make them a better human being? By the way, I have also found that when I train my CUSTOMERS on how to use SOC (really train them), many become distributors over time. I teach them how to use the system. I also give them ideas for using SOC and of course I let them know that they can refer others if they choose to.

All of this being said, I believe that we have the strongest compensation plan in the profession. We don’t talk about incomes because this is one of the top 3 reasons why MLM companies get in trouble with the regulators. We can show people the money by having them watch our opportunity presentation (which has been approved by the attorneys). When someone asks me why they should choose SOC over another company they are looking at, I’ll tell them exactly this: I say “don’t choose. You need SOC regardless of what you do”! I also tell them why I think we have the best opportunity in the profession. Millions of people that haven’t heard of us, need us. Our customer retention is the highest in our profession. That tells me that we have a rock solid opportunity. I’m not talking about “flash money”. I am not talking about hype or a quick buck. I’m referring to consistent growth which represents a long term residual income.

Why did Jordan Adler, Jimmy Dick, Jackie Ulmer, Eric Worre and Todd Falcone (all multimillion dollar producers in the profession of network marketing), choose SOC over the other options out there
despite being offered lucrative incentives to join other companies?

First of all, these individuals can’t be bought. I personally couldn’t justify going to work with a company that I wasn’t interested in because they offered me a guaranteed income, a signing bonus or an immediate downline. Once you have built a big downline, everyone wants you on their team. Company owners will offer to fly you and and many will offer you deals to come over and bring your people. A major company offered me $1 million to join them when Excel went away and I said no, because I wasn’t interested in building that company! It says a lot about your leaders that they chose SOC without taking a deal.

Here are some specific reasons why these individuals (including me) chose SOC over the hundreds of other options available to them:

  1. Our retention is the highest in the industry – With a $10 or $31 a month subscription, it’s less likely someone will cancel their subscription (autoship). Most people that are spending $100-$350 a month, cancel their autoships in 105 days, on average. That’s an erosion of residuals. Those people need to be replaced or your income plummets.
  2. We have a truly unlimited depth residual plan. That means your residuals grow over time. In many companies the bulk of your income comes from bonuses. If recruiting slows (which it always does – there are cycles of growth), then the majority of your income goes away. We are insulated from that.
  3. Most companies struggle for YEARS attempting to find a culture and a mission. SendOutCards is rich in culture. Kody Bateman founded us for a reason and it far transcends making money. In fact, one of the litmus tests to determine the long term viability of a company, is whether someone will stay around whether they are making money or not. A company with a strong mission and a significant culture will foster retention. Amway has hundreds of thousands of distributors paying $150-$250/mo that have been with them for 20-30 years without making any money. That’s why they are an $12 billion company. Mary Kay is the same way. When it becomes ALL about the money, as soon as a better opportunity comes along, your reps are gone. We are rich in culture.
  4. An untapped market of MILLIONS of people. The potential market is not limited by cost and our product has broad appeal. There is a huge upside.

What determines the long term viability of a company and the sustainability of an on-going RESIDUAL income?

I’ve already mentioned a few things about this, however the long term sustainability has to do with:

  1. A solid culture and mission.
  2. A product that’s got broad appeal.
  3. A strict adherence to the guidelines and policies set forth by the regulators.
  4. A lower monthly commitment (especially in this economy).
  5. Visionary leadership.
  6. A track record of constant improvement and navigating the seas of change and challenge.

What is the real difference between an illegal pyramid and a legitimate network marketing operation?
How do you know if your opportunity is sustainable or a bottle rocket?

  1. PRODUCT OR SERVICE THAT’S IN DEMAND – If someone wouldn’t use your service with an opportunity or if a product is put in place just to disguise a money game, it’s illegal.
  2. MAKE MORE THAN YOUR UPLINE – To be a legal Network Marketing Co, the design of the compensation plan must offer the opportunity for you to pass your sponsor or upline in rank and/or income. If it’s not possible, then it’s illegal.
  3. RECRUITING IS NOT A COMMISSIONABLE EVENT – It’s illegal to get paid for the sole act of recruiting.
  4. FRONT END LOADING – It’s illegal to encourage distributors to purchase a package of product (more than they will use themselves) for the purpose of making more money or getting a promotion. (For example: “I suggest you buy $2000 worth of product and I teach you to do the same thing, because you’ll make more money – yet, all of us have thousands of dollars worth of product that is not being
    sold or used and we all get huge checks.”)


Using checks to Recruit
Deception – Knowingly presenting to someone something that it’s not to achieve a certain result. If someone were to know the truth they wouldn’t make the same decision. To mislead by a false appearance or statement.

Encouraging large product purchases for the purpose of getting a promotion or making more money.
Many companies are no longer around because of FTC intervention resulting in an investigation or a “cease and desist”. Most of the written policies are against flashing checks, deception and lifestyle claims. Most companies have strict policies against these things for a reason.

Can someone really make money in SendOutCards given all of the “competition out there?

The competition has nothing to do with whether someone can make money or not. The team you build
has everything to do with your income. In fact, keep in mind that there are 600 network marketing companies and about 60 million people doing network marketing in the US alone. At any given time, at least 30 million of them are not happy with their companies. AND there are at least 100 million people that have never done network marketing in the US alone. Australian and Canadian numbers are similar. Keep in mind, as your business grows, it will cross-pollenate from country to country so all the stats apply to you whether you are in the country or not. Do you see why the competition has nothing to do with anything, as long as you keep building. Our opportunity far transcends the competition.

How does someone get to the money in SendOutCards?

  1. Compulsory requirement: get your “Q”.
  2. Give to give DAILY! Be grateful and send out the gratefulness with your cards and gifts. Celebrate life!
  3. Have fun and show others how you are funding your fun.
  4. Get promoted. Be an example worth duplicating.
  5. Set a goal to personally sponsor 1-4 new distributors per month for two to 4 years. Track your progress. This happens as a result of gift accounts.
  6. Meet new people and add them to your contact manager daily.
  7. Plug in to the training and events that SOC offers – you’ll get what you need.


  1. List
  2. Share
  3. Sponsor

I’m very clear that my business is not for everyone . . . But as I travel around and meet the thousands of new people that are joining us each week I’m more excited about our future than when I got signed up 7 years ago. It keeps getting better. In the 80s, 90% were skeptical. Today 90% are interested. Not everyone will do it but I’m convinced that between 100 and 200 million ppl in North America that have never considered Network Marketing are on the verge. Their options are limited. We provide ‘lifestyle’ choices that traditional business doesn’t at any price. The future has never been brighter. This is not hype. It’s fact.

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