September 9, 2013


You may have heard me say in the past that “The long way is the short way”. Sometimes on the surface, what would appear to be a shortcut is actually the long hard road and in most cases it leads to ultimate failure. On the other hand, what appears to take a long time, can actually create explosive growth.

Dr. Ivan Misner (the founder of BNI) trademarked a formula for massive success in networking. It’s called the VCP Formula.

V stands for VISIBILITY (people need to know who you are).

C stands for CREDIBILITY (people need to trust and respect you and your business enough to want to do business with you).

P stands for PROFITABILITY V+C = Profitability.

If you find that most people know who you are and what you do but few people get involved with you, you may have a credibility issue. Or it may be possible that most of the people in your contact manager don’t have a clue what you do. You may have a VISIBILITY issue.

We create visibility by sending cards and introducing people to our program. Let’s talk about how we can improve our credibility with people so that over time they are more likely to work with us.

A table with 3 legs won’t stand. You must have all 4 legs. So here is the “L.E.G.S. System”.

How to QUICKLY build an organization:






Here are some things that can help you accelerate the growth of your team.

a.Three way calls.

b.conference calling.


e.conference calls. postcards.

I was told in the mid-90s that if I would master 3-way calling, I would increase my annual pay by $80,000 a year. At the time I was making $14,000 a year at my job, so this was significant. I can remember my first 3- way call. It was with my rep Lisa Kneller and we did a 3-way call with a woman named Annette Dizino. I remember exactly where I was sitting at my home in the mountains. I was nervous and I had written out some notes on a little index card. I got through it and have since done HUNDREDS of them. Your new rep has the trust and you bring the credibility. I ask each person I do a three-way call with to have already sent a card on the system and watched the BRICK AND MORTAR DVD. After that, I can then simply answer questions and expand their vision. Two people are better than one person. 3-way calling and conference calling are simply a way to bring more and more people together. Four people are better than two people. Ten people are better than four people. Synergy and growth are typically a result of more and more people coming together and sharing a common vision. This can be done in person or over the phone. You can become the catalyst for bringing people together. More meetings mean more money. Technology is simply another way to bring more people together. The business is built around live, personal conversations and stories. So allow more and more people to experience the story using technology. The conference call is just an example of this (keep in mind you must have something to say). Campaigns are another way to reach people quickly and powerfully. Send at least 2 or 3 campaigns per year. Campaigns are less personal but they do allow you to connect with more people in less time. Do your best to make your campaigns meaningful and fun.

2. EDUCATE – I have a friend who is a Culligan water man. He set me up with water. I’ve noticed that he “SELLS” water. It dawned on me that

I have an idea that may help him exponentially grow his water business. Water is probably the #1 preventer of disease. There is so much written on this subject. He could sell 10 x as much water if he focused on the diseases that occur when someone is dehydrated because they don’t drink enough water each day. Then he could show people studies that prove that water will prevent those diseases. Why don’t people drink enough clean and fresh water? Because it’s not readily available to them. He needs to become an expert on how water can help someone’s health and what happens when you don’t drink enough water. Now this isn’t directly related to my SendOutCards business, but it builds CREDIBILITY with him and he is 100X more likely to want to hear what I have if I have made a sincere effort to contribute value. Teach and educate people vs. trying to “sell” them. We must do the same thing. You’ll accelerate your growth curve if you educate people vs. sell them. Offer them information that will be valuable to them in their lives.

3. GENEROSITY – Be generous with your time, words and money – Give gifts without expecting anything in return (small gifts are fine – it’s the thought that counts). Pay sincere compliments to people. Over-tip. When you find a book that you love, order 2 copies and give one away. When someone is in need, make a donation. It doesn’t have to be big, just do what you can. Become a generous person. Look for ways to escalate your generosity to a new level all the time. Become the most generous person you know. How can you rally others to do the same. Be the catalyst for the expansion of generosity and kindness.

4. SIMPLICITY – Here is the simplicity of what we do. You get A FEW loyal customers. (In your lifetime you really only need 2 customer points although, I recommend getting about 10). Then, we show others how to do the same. We teach people to get in the habit of reaching out in kindness at least once a day by sending cards and gifts. That’s pretty much it. It’s a pretty simple formula. We tend to overcomplicate it. We can then show people what is possible by just duplicating this same thing over and over again. The numbers get pretty crazy. Even when we scale them back they can be quite significant. If you’ll keep it this simple and strive to EDUCATE vs. SELL, the rest will fall into place. The BRICK AND MORTAR TO CLICK AND ORDER REVOLUTION is a pretty simple concept. We are taking an OFFLINE PRODUCT and bringing it ONLINE to make it accessible to everyone (and less expensive) thus EXPANDING the market!

2 questions: “Can you find a few people to try and use SendOutCards? Can you find a few others that want to make some extra money doing the same thing?” If the answers to these two questions is YES, then we want to welcome you to the SendOutCards team!







a. Give away free accounts and show people how to use them.

“I want to give you a free account and show you how to use it”.

(You can set it up by 1). Pulling up contact 2). Clicking on VIEW CONTACT 3). Clicking on ENABLE GIFT ACCOUNT

You’ll be able to assign, points, expense, a user name and password that will allow someone to log in and try it out.

b. Make your cards cool. Drag a picture into the center of the card (right between the fold) and click the SPAN button on the editor. Your picture will span both panels. Consider adding ELEMENTS. For example, you can drag a piece of notebook paper and pen from the DESK section of the ELEMENTS and then place your message on the paper in your handwriting font. Be creative and have fun!!

c. If you have never made a campaign, watch the 3-minute campaign tutorial and just do it. Make one. I have over 200 campaigns now after doing this for 8 years. This represents massive leverage.

d. Did you know you can send a campaign card to a bunch of people all at the same time and then go back and modify individual cards before they have been printed? The cards get printed at midnight Mountain Time. Up until that time, you can click on card history, pull up all the cards that you sent that day in the campaign and then go in a edit/modify the cards and gifts in each campaign. For example let’s say you sent a campaign to 25 people and you wanted 3 of them to receive gifts. Send the campaign, pull up the cards that are in queue to go out (under card history) and then EDIT the cards you want to add gifts to.

e. Almost 100% of those that attend a Treat ‘Em Right Seminar sign up as distributors. Start small if you need to. Take a look at the seminars coming up and then send a card to those that are in the surrounding area that are in your contact manager. For example, Hartford is coming up. Today I created an invitation card and sent it to everyone in ME, NY, CT, MA, NH, RI. I simply put the state code into the STATE box and hit FIND CONTACT.

All the contacts from that State come up in my Contact Manager and then I sent them my HARTFORD TER 2013 card (that I just created). – Australians, you can apply the same principle to any event you have coming up in any city.

f. TIP FROM DEMARR: 1). Put a blank white CD label over the BRICK AND MORTAR DVD and write on it in a black magic marker $100,000. 2). Then when you give it to someone say “This DVD could be worth $100,000 to you”.

g. ANOTHER TIP FROM DEMARR: Say “My company will pay me $100,000 if I can get 1000 people to watch this DVD. Would you please watch it for me?” You could also say, “If after you watch it, you want to do the same thing I am doing, let me know!”

h. Compress Time frames – If you would normally do it in a month, do it in a week. If you would normally do it in a week, do it in a day. If you would normally do it in a day, do it in an hour. I did this when I came in from my last company and started doing in a day what I would normally do in a week and my business EXPLODED in my 5th month instead of taking 3 – 4 years.

i. When you become frustrated or discouraged, send a card of encouragement to someone else.

j. Multipliers: Read a personal development book per month x10. Show the business every day regardless of how you are feeling X10. Be involved in an industry revolutionizing trend x10. Attend and promote at least 4 major events a year X10.

How many distributors do you have?? Apply the formula.

Think about the story of the fly. One direction leads to death and the other to freedom. Success is effortless when you focus on the right thing. If you are struggling you are most likely focusing on something that is leading you towards your ultimate death. It’s time to SHIFT your focus. Come up with a better mental strategy that will give you power vs. take it away.

The most valuable skill of the entrepreneur is the skill to TRANSFORM your perspective to be able to find power vs. weakness in times of challenge.

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