Nov 17th, 2014


Why are the Holidays the best time to build the business?

1. The Holidays are a time of giving – People look for REASONS to be generous. And we
are the Kindness Company!!

2. People are BUSY!! Some people see this as a liability and it’s actually a HUGE benefit. When
people are busy they see the real need for taking back control of there time! I’ll talk about this
more later!

3. People are stressed for lack of time! The more stressed someone is . . . the more motivated they are to take action to solve their problems! People are exhausted during the holidays and that’s a HUGE issue . . . people are craving relief from a crazy schedule!!

4. People are stressed for lack of $$! Once again . . . the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity! People are MORE LIKELY to come up with the money to get started when money is tight IF they see a solution to their problem of lack of money.

5. SendOutCards makes it easy! We can solve the big problem of getting out a lot of cards and gifts, quickly, easily and inexpensively. How many people do you think have the intention of sending out their Holiday cards but don’t do it because they are just too busy. That’s STRESSFUL!! We have a chance to make their lives so much easier during the hustle and bustle of the season!

6. SendOutCards solves a few BIG problems! What are the BIG PROBLEMS . . . lack of time, lack of $$, too busy to send cards, stress, anxiousness, overwhelmed. Our service and our opportunity solves most of these problems. Let’s help people take the cumbersome process of sending out their cards into a painless and efficient process that takes minutes vs hours. Let’s show people how they can solve some $$ problems by having their Christmas paid for before the end of the year by introducing a few other people!! Network Marketing done well, FREE’S UP TIME!! So we have a vehicle that can make the Holidays MUCH easier for most people!

7. People have 100 times more reason to use the product during this time of year . . . so they get off to a fast start! Which also creates many many more exposures for building the business!! As people send out their holiday cards (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) they will be creating exposures for the business along the way!

8. Laurie Delk: People are looking for New Years resolutions that can help them to make a significant change in their lives . . . more open to opportunity! What more can I say. It’s sometimes a little more difficult to get someone’s attention this time a year, but when you do, more commonly than not, they see a way to hit the ground running in the new year! We can become part of their new years resolutions!

9. Valerie Bouvier: People that are holed up inside for the winter due to weather can sit by the computer and still make a significant difference in other people’s lives by sending cards and gifts!

10. Norbeth Shortt DeJesus: Someone can take an end of year TAX DEDUCTION!! Check with your accountant but there are deductions even for sending out holiday cards and gifts when someone is part of our business! And the $395 if deductible as well!

How to build over the Holidays

1. Let people know you know they are busy and let them know you are busy too . . .
that’s why you want to talk to them

2. Let people know that you know they may be stressed out . . . and that’s why you want to talk to them.


4. Start EARLY! The earlier you start, the more opportunities you will have to show it to people. If you send out an early holiday card campaign you’ll have more chances to talk about the program in time for others to send out their cards!

5. Hold Campaign Card Sending Workshops . . . allow guests to attend! You’ll sign up distributors each time you do it!!


1. Most people say to themselves . . . “People are so busy, I don’t want to bother them!”

2. Some people say to themselves . . . “I’m too busy to build the business!!”

REMEMBER I SIGNED UP ON DEC 27TH 2004 . . . right after Christmas! If Demarr had said . . . Jordan is probably too busy, I don’t think I’ll talk to him – He would have passed up a chance to have 150,000 distributors in his business. And I plan on having 2 million or more . . . so it’s even worse than that!!

What if Demarr was “too busy” during the Holidays to approach me? Where would he be today?

THE HOLIDAYS ARE THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER BY STARTING SOMETHING REALLY BIG! I don’t have the actual statistics but I suspect that in our business, the biggest growth has come from activity generated over the holidays!

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