August 24th, 2015


Once you have the card editor open, you can drag any picture over to the centerline of the card. Then hit the “span” button and as long as the resolution is high enough, it will span across both panels of the card. Powerful technique with lots of impact! Pictures pulled in from websites are sometimes very low resolution and won’t “span”.

2. HOW TO LOAD MORE THAN ONE PICTURE QUICKLY – I love this technique for taking a bunch of photos and quickly getting them into your SendOutCards library. Instead of loading them from the card editor, go to your PHOTO MANAGER (You’ll see it when you put your arrow on MAIN MENU on your toolbar at the top. Click the UPLOAD button on the upper right. You’ll be blown away as to how fast the pictures load. You can do the same thing on your iPhone, Samsung or Android from the website (not the App). Make sure you are LOGGED IN! Click the 3 little dots on the bottom right that say “More”.
Then click on MAIN MENU, then MY ACCOUNT and then, PHOTO MANAGER. You’ll see the little UPLOAD button which is a cloud with a little arrow in it. You can upload multiple pictures quickly from the button.

3. HOW TO SEND A CAMPAIGN AND THEN CHANGE OR ADD A GIFT IN ONE OR TWO CARDS: Let’s say you’ve created a campaign card and you’ve already sent it to 50 people. The card is “in que” to go out. It will be printed at midnight Mountain Time. Prior to it being printed you can go in and modify, revise or add a gift to any of the single card. Go to CARD HISTORY (put your arrow on MAIN MENU and you’ll see it on the left). Click on any card you want to modify or add a gift to.You can also access it by pulling up any contact in your contact manager (Click the VIEW button) then scroll down about 3/4 of the way down. You’ll see an ACTION LOG. You can click on it and see all the cards you have ever sent to this person. Any card still in que that has not been printed can then be modified or you can add or remove a gift.

4. WHAT TO SAY IN A CARD: Don’t make this one more difficult than it is. You don’t need to write out a novel. Sometimes a quick simple message is all you need. For example, Joe Gerard (Greatest Salesman in the World – “How to Sell Anything to Anyone” – Guinness Book of World Records) used to write in the cards he “I like you.” Then he would sign it “Joe”. That was it! Say what’s on your mind. If you appreciate them or you want to thank them, then say that! You can go to to steal some quotes if you need to. I like to use for ideas. If you are trying to figure out what to say in a Thank You card go there and search for Thank You Cards. Then look on the inside of some of them and you’ll see some great examples. is a great resource for quick ideas. If you are looking for “Follow-Up” ideas then search those in SendCere. If you click on the card and then click on INSIDE you can view (and use) many examples! Many times my messages are short and to the point. Here are some examples:

“I appreciate you!”
“I miss you!”
“I’ve been thinking about you!”
“I think we would work well together!”
“Don’t forget about me!”
“Where did you go?”
“Call me when you get this!”

I’ll then center the message over a picture and sign my name. Sometimes that is all I will put. Short and to the point!

5. A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS: Sometimes you can have a great impact by just putting pictures on cards.
I had a party at my place on Mt Charleston and then just created a photo collage BIG card with pictures on the front and the inside.
I added no text or words. I sent it a year ago and people are still talking about it! Everyone kept the card. It’s a great way of capturing
a moment of celebration. A couple of good friends of mine just took their anniversary in Miami. They are both acrobats. They put some amazing
pictures on Facebook. I grabbed 2 pictures off Facebook . . . one was their two mimosas sitting on a table with the ocean in the background and the other
was a picture of them doing handstands at the pool with the beach in the background. Very dramatic.

6. HOW TO INSURE THAT YOUR CARD GETS SAVED BY THE RECIPIENT! Almas and Katia obviously loved the pictures because they posted them on Facebook for the world to see. So I put the mimosas on the front and I spanned the picture of them doing handstands across two panels.
They called me immediately after receiving it! No words. Just pictures. Find pictures of things people are proud of or that they love on FB and put them in cards (new babies, birthday celebrations, milestones, pets, graduations, new cards, homes, etc). They will save these cards forever!

7. HOW TO BUILD LOYALTY – The daily card habit. I want to encourage you to create a new habit. This is a habit that will take your business to new heights regardless of the business you are in. Create a habit of thinking about someone every day that would benefit from a card from you. A co-worker, boss, business partner, friend, family member. Look for reasons to thank someone or celebrate his/her life. Send at least one card a day. Get into the send-a-card-a-day habit. Even if you are rushed and have little time, pick a card, type a quick personal message and hit “Send”. Your life will be better and so will theirs. The greatest way you can build loyalty in your network is 1). Make sure the people in your network hear from you at least 2-3 times per year. 2). Make sure they feel appreciated by you. 3). Keep it personal (in other words, not a campaign card)

8. HOW TO GET SOMEONE’S ADDRESS AND BIRTHDAY: When I meet someone for the first time I don’t typically say, “Can I get your address?” But I will say “How can I reach you?” They will almost always give me at least an email address or we will connect on FB. Then I can message them and say, “I’m updating my contact manager and would love to get the following info from you . . . Address, phone # and birthday (month and year). Almost 100% of the people will send it to me. Then I send them a “Nice to Meet you” card! If they are a business owner, I ask them for a business card and then I immediate check the card for a current address. I ask them to write it if it doesn’t have a mailing address and if it does, I confirm that it’s a good one.

9. GETTING YOUR HANDWRITING INTO A CARD: 3 steps 1). Buy it from the back office under PURCHASE PRODUCTS (or it’s free for another week if you purchase a CUSTOM BRANDING MANAGER for $149 (I’ll talk about this in a second). 2). Print the HANDWRITING FONT FORM from your DOWNLOADS section of your website. You’ll find downloads by hovering your arrow over COMPANY on your MAIN MENU. 3). Complete the form using a black ball point pen. Don’t fold it and mail it to the address on the form. It will show up in your font drop down menu in 7-10 days. You’ll have the flexibility to change the size, color and position of your handwriting and signatures once it’s in the system.

10. BRANDING YOURSELF AS A CUSTOMER: For many many months, businesses have been asking for the ability to remove the SendOutCards logo from the back of the card and include their own brand. Now, every single card that goes out can have the brand of the customer on the back. Anything can be put on the back and there are a number of templates to choose from. For $149 one time (doesn’t change the price of the cards) the customer can put their own logo or anything else on the back. They can create up to 10 brands that they have full flexibility to modify at any time.

11. HOW TO BECOME A 1/10TH OF 1%ER: We live in a competitive world and because of technology, products and services are becoming more and more of a commodity. Anyone with a computer and a phone can start a business today. The biggest question that business owners have is, “How can I differentiate myself?” You have at your fingertips the most powerful system in the world for doing that. If you will commit to sending a PERSONAL “Nice to meet you” card to everyone you meet, you will instantly put yourself in the top 1% of all salespeople/business owners. If you will send a gift to everyone you meet, you will put yourself in the top 1/10th of 1% of all salespeople/business owners. It doesn’t get any easier. Just by doing this, you will conservatively increase the percentage of new people doing business with you by 10%. So if you were to send a card and a gift to 100 people, you’ll add 10 new customers. Multiply this by the lifetime value of a customer and that’s what taking this action was worth (assuming you do a good job of keeping them a customer!) So if your lifetime value of a customer is $5000, then you have increased your revenues by $50,000. If the lifetime value of your customer is $100,000 (like in the case of a Realtor) then you have just increased your revenues by $1,000,000.

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