June 25, 2007


I was climbing Squaw Peak tonight and just thinking about what is actually happening when things are really working in my business. I broke it down like this:

1. INSIGHT NUMBER 1- Technology does not build your business . . . Your business is built by people! When you make a connection with another human being in person, in a card or by phone and then you show them a simple way to make their relationships better, they will pay $400 to be able to do that.
Become a meeter of people, a collector of business cards and a sender of greeting cards. Become a ‘Connector’. Bring people together that can benefit from each other.
You can become the ‘Go-To’ person when someone needs a connection with someone else that can help them. Be the greatest example of how to use SendOutCards to build a business!

I had a conversation with someone today that has recently broken some records with his new company. He has been showcased as an up and coming superstar. He attributes it almost 100% to his relationships and connections created through sending cards . . . The people in his network are solid. They trust him. He appreciates them and they know it. They listen to him when he calls. SendOutCards is the best Sales Training Program and Tool you can be part of.

2. INSIGHT NUMBER 2 – LET GO, GO, GROW and LET GO – Release all the chatter that is holding you back. Let go of your fears, doubts and apprehensions about what you are capable of. Simply let it go right now. Keep letting it go when you feel it come back. Trying is holding on. Stress is holding on. Fear is holding on. Doubt is holding on. Let it all go today. And keep releasing it as much as you need to! All the conversations that you have with yourself about what you need to do is just holding on tight. Letting go is not something you do. Holding on tight is something you do. Releasing is the opposite.

‘I AM NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS’ – BS let it go!

What is something that is holding you back? Write it down. Now let go of it!

GO – Take action NOW. What can you do right now that would immediately transform your business? Write it down and do it! Don’t let your brain get in the way of doing it. If it does . . . LET GO!

GROW – Allow your business and spirit to expand into the space you have created for it. Growing will happen if you LET GO AND GO. You will grow. Your relationships will grow. Your business will grow. By taking these three steps, you are being the cause in the growth of your business. REPEAT THIS EVERY DAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN . . . IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO. This is not something you do one time. Its a process that can occur many times in one day!


Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsy – from CT
These guys are Networkers. It doesn’t matter what they get involved in, because they have a network that they have cultivated over the years, they do well. I want to tell you about Tommy. I began sending him cards about 2 1/2 years ago. Tommy called me and wanted to sign up to use SendOutCards . . . That’s it. He signed up just to use it and made it very clear that he wouldn’t be building the business.
I”ll let him tell you the rest of the story, but before I share these numbers with you, I want you to know a few things.
1. These guys work very hard.
2. There are two of them.
3. They came in to SendOutCards with a Network (A network is a group of people that know them, like them and trust them!)
They began working the business on April 15th.
They have over 100 people on their team.
They made $7000 on their 2nd month in the business
This month they are on track to make $10,000
They are #5 on the point earners list!

1. Anything you would like to add to my introduction?
2. If someone doesn’t have a Network, where should they start?
3. What are some of your keys to growing your business?
4. When I talk to you guys each week, you seem really excited . . . Why?
5. How would you coach someone that has been in the business for a few months and really wants to get this going?
6. Do you feel its getting saturated?

Hey Jordan,

I did a fun little thing at BNI this week. In this week’s Life & Style magazine, on the last page, they listed some bit of triva. One of the trivia bits said, Forget mass emailing, people send an average of 55 greeting cards a year. So for BNI, I took that number and calculated what it would cost to buy those cards at an average of $2.50 plus tax, the gas to run to the store and post office (I said both were in a 3 mile radius) and the time it took to go to the store and write up the card. In my calculation I generalized and said it took about 30 minutes of someone’s time and that each time they purchased 2 cards. I also said I based it on a person’s time being worth about $15.00 /hour so $7.50 each trip. I hope that make sense but look at these numbers (postage is not included in any of this)

55 cards @ 2.50 = $137.50 plsu tax .08% = $148.50 Gas @ $3.00/gal (avg 20 miles a gal) for 27 trips (2 cards each trip) with a 6 mile round trip = $24.30) 30 minutes each trip (27) to get card and prepare card at $7.50 (based on someone’s time being worth $15.00/hr) = $202.50 Total = $375.30

Using SOC
55 cards @ .98 = $53.90
Avg of 1 minute to send a card based on someone’s time being worth $15.00/hr = $13.75 Total = $67.65


Have a great weekend

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