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I ASKED YOU FOR SUGGESTIONS HERE ON FB AND YOU TOLD ME THIS IS WHAT YOU WOULD LiKE TO TALK ABOUT! Thank you . . . so many great ideas and it was tough to choose! So I picked 3 topics and here they are!

1). “They loved my card . . . now what?”
2). How to show the business from afar?
3). How to train a new distributor from afar?


You send cards to reach out in kindness AND you schedule appointments to show the business. They are distinct and separate. Personally I don’t think it’s too productive to send cards to show the business. It comes off as disingenuous to send a card of appreciation to get them to look at the business. So as a general rule, I wouldn’t mix up the two. You are in the business of helping people set up businesses on the internet that will allow them to send cards and gifts and impact the world in a positive way. That IS the business that you are in. So as a network marketing professional, you’ll want to make time each week to set up appointments to meet with people. I’d like to help identify a few different REASONS for setting up appointments. AND you send cards out to touch others in a meaningful way. Sometimes you’ll be setting up a time to meet with someone to talk about the business and they have gotten a card from you.

SPECIAL NOTE: I regularly see posts of Facebook from frustrated distributors that have sent cards to people and have received no response. First of all, the intention of sending a card is not to get a response. You are not trying to get others to do anything. You are simply sending a card without expecting ANYTHING in return! Just because they didn’t call you or email you doesn’t mean your card wasn’t appreciated by them! I run into people a full year after sending them something and they will thank me out of the blue. Sending cards to get a response is much like posting an ad on your Facebook wall. You’ll get very few likes. I have found that when I posted the picture of the ceramic animals on my deck in the snow with little animal footprints all around I get 400 likes. When I post anything about my business, I get 3 likes. Keep your cards PERSONAL and people will “like” them more!

At the same time, we are in the business of network marketing and building a business. So showing the business is an essential part of what we do. This involves setting up times to meet with people. Just to reiterate, this is not related to sending your cards. It’s 100% about contacting someone to talk about how they can increase their income, have a business of their own, free up some time, etc.

Meeting with people is key. Here are a few REASONS to meet with people:

1). To show them a cool app that has some big potential
2). To have coffee and talk
3). To show them how to make money in the business
4). To find out what they are looking for and how we may be able to help them achieve their goals

So to answer the question . . . “They loved my card . . . now what?” They answer is . . . there is no “Now what?”!
The answer you should give them is “Thank you!” That’s it! Just thank you. If you try and get them to meet with you after they thank you for the card, then you will negate the positive impact of the card.

BUT (The big BUT) . . . if they are on your list and you want to show them the business, then send them a text using the
2 step texting strategy script. The REASON you are texting them is clear and well defined . . . TEXT #1 “I want to show them something really cool that has some big potential.” TEXT #2: “It’s a new technology that you need to show them on their phone . . . when can I catch you uninterrupted for 30 minutes to show you?”

So to summarize . . . we send cards without the expectation of getting anything in return AND we set up times to show the business to people. These are distinct and separate activities from each other. Typically keep your card sending activities personal. The personal cards are the ones that will have the biggest impact as long as they are not manipulative in any way.

SPECIAL NOTE: There are times that you will send cards for business purposes as well. Many times they will be a “Campaign Card”. But be aware of the purpose of these cards. It may be to advertise a new program or product. It may be to share a business perspective. About one out of 5 cards I send someone is designed for the purpose of educating or getting someone to think. I have some of my cards posted in my PERSONAL COLLECTION on Sendcere. Feel free to follow me. Here are a few examples:

1. NETWORK MARKETING CARD: I have a campaign card that I’ll send people that says, “Why would anyone do network marketing?” And then I go over the benefits of doing network marketing over other traditional types of business activities.

2. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS CARD: I have a campaign card that compares our business model to that of the video rental business and the book business. It shows a video rental store going out of business being replaced by Netflix and a book store going out of business being replaced by Amazon. Of course it also shows the greeting cards store going out of business being replaced by SendOutCards. I did searches and pulled the images off of Google Images.

3. LET’S DO THE IMPOSSIBLE TOGETHER CARD: I have a campaign card that shows a crowd of people and a “Let’s do the impossible together” imbedded in the image.

So there are personal related cards and business related cards. There are personal related meetings (like “let’s get together for coffee and just get caught up!”) and business related meetings. If you keep them all distinct and separate from each other, you’ll rarely have problems and you’ll always have people to meet with.


All 3 attended our BNI meeting as guest. Andrew and Geoff joined our chapter. Brent did not. I sent each a “Nice
to meet you card” with some pictures of our group. I also included a $5 Starbucks card. About a week later I texted all
3 of them (using the texting script) and set appointments to meet with all 3 individually. We met at the Starbucks on Eastern and the 215.
I did the 5 step APA with each one of them. Brent has been saying he wants to sign up for the past 2 months. Geoff signed up the day
after I showed him and Andrew signed up on the spot. All 3 of them have received multiple cards from me including some of the ones listed above. They
have all received my Holiday Card and the card with the selfie we did during the APA (which included 2 brownies).


Three things:

1). It’s always better to show it in person, but if they are in another state/country then you must show it using
2). It’s a little awkward . . . and that’s okay. The process is not perfect, but it works.
3). You can’t do it wrong.

Sign up for a screen sharing website like or Both work great and are free for the basic service. There are others that charge. or They are all VERY simple to use. You can also use google hangout, FaceTime or Skype for free.
So there are MANY free and paid options. Just pick one and try it. I prefer because I can show my screen or I can use the camera so they can see me and the MPP (the deck of cards) that I do on a flat surface.

I have done lots of these that have gone well and a bunch that have flopped. Usually the ones that flop are because of a poor internet connection on one end or the other. Assuming the internet is working well, I’ll just follow the 5 steps:

1). Tell them how and why you got involved in SendOutCards (2 minutes)
Don’t start selling it to them . . . just tell YOUR story.
2). Demo the App . . . if you are on video, you can just pretend they are sitting in front of you.
Turn your phone to the camera on your computer as you do each step so they can see what you are
doing. This works well.
3). Go over the options. Have them take out a notepad and have them WRITE out the options (they take notes)
as you tell them. .39 per point PC=1pt, GC-3pts, 3-panel=4pts, Gifts: 7pts-700pts. No contract. Points Rollover.
Standard 2 panel card with pictures, $1.17. Basic program 100pts/mo-$39/mo. OPTION: Silver Package
$345 Upgrade. Custom Branding, Handwriting Font and Signatures, 200 Bonus Points, MRM Training Portal,
20% discount (.31 per point)
4). Do the MPP – Find a clear flat surface and go through it as if they are sitting in front of you.
5). Ask the “NOW” Question . . . Are you are 1,2,3 or 4?

IT’S OKAY TO IMPROVISE!! If something goes wrong, then go for plan B! You can’t do it wrong. The right ones
will “see” it if it’s the right time. So I have had the internet go bad about 1/2 way through the presentation. If this happens
then say, “I will send you a video to watch”. Or “I will send you a link of a conference call to listen to”. Then I go into the videos section
of the sendoutcards site and send them the compensation plan opportunity video or I’ll go to and send them
a call that will expand their vision. There are so many good ones to choose from! We don’t give people enough credit. They will get what they
need as long as you feed them information. Only start sending them links as a LAST RESORT!

Step #1 and #3 require no technology, so always do those two live over the phone.


Kathy Paauw has built her business all over the world. She has put together a great PowerPoint
that you are free to use in your presentations. Thank you Kathy! You can find it here:

Bob Bunch pdf: Bob has put together a really great PDF that can be used on a screen sharing
website if you are really not comfortable doing the live demo. The slides are not as effective but
are a good alternative . . . If you go to the Gone Mobile FB group, and search for
pdf you’ll see a pdf from Bob Bunch. You can download it. This will pull up the card editor on your computer.
once it comes up, grab the bottom right corner of the website and drag it to the left (reshape the entire
website to be the shape of your phone (it will look exactly like the app). You can then demo the app using
your screen sharing without your actual smart phone. This is a GREAT option


I’m going to keep this brief and simple.

1). Text the following message to your new distributor
2). Have them listen and take notes on both conference calls in the text.
This will train them on the new programs and how to show the business.
It will also teach them the 2 step texting strategy
3). THEN have them text you back once they have listened to both recordings
4). Schedule a half hour with them to go over the what to do next.

20 texts in 20 minutes . . . then do the first 2-3 presentations together.


I’m really looking forward to working with you. When you get a chance, listen to these two 25 minute calls, and take notes if you can.


TEXT 1: I want to set up a time to show you something that’s really cool that I think has big potential.

TEXT 2: it’s a new technology I need to show you on your phone or on your computer. When can I catch you for 30 minutes uninterrupted?


HOW TO SHOW IT (25 min):


1. Order mobile pocket presentation under Gifts (Business Building Tools)

2. Listen to both conference calls and take notes

3. Practice sending cards with pictures from your iPhone

4. Start inviting people to take a look using that two-step texting script

Everyone has at least 300 FB Friends and an additional 300 contacts in their phone – They can set appts for a year with those- referrals will take them into their first 3 years

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