I was sitting at Leone’s Cafe in Summerlin this morning working on my call, sending birthday cards and following up on text and private messages.
3 of the employees that are always here were standing together by the counter smiling with their Leone’s shirts on. They are always so great and the service is amazing. I was so engaged in my work and I went back on forth in my head as to whether I should get up to take a photo of them to send to the owner of the cafe and tell him how great they are. The problem is, I get these opportunities about every 5 minutes! The opportunities are endless and quite frankly I can’t keep up. What a great problem to have. And I hear from so many that they are not sure who to send cards to and what to say. Just look around. Be aware. One of the keys to being successful in business is to open your eyes to the endless opportunities to celebrate the lives of others each moment of each day. And it doesn’t matter what type of business one is involved in. The easiest and quickest way to grow any business is to send out positive energy each day. What a gift to be able to change someone’s world with the click of a button.

JUST GOING TO GET IT OFF MY CHEST – Just like you, I get annoyed every day. Mostly I love everyone and appreciate everyone but in the heat of a busy day, when something is off I get knocked off balance a bit. Sometimes I have to catch myself and reframe a situation or get back into a state of appreciation. But for now, I may go off on a little rant. This is probably my need to try and control a situation that I will never be able to control. People are people! But I just need to get it off my chest! So here we go!

JOIN 3 COMPANIES AND THEN TRY AND RECRUIT ME – I recently received a message from someone that left SendOutCards 4 years ago. He is in his 4th company since leaving (which comes out to about 1 new company per year). He messaged me to try and recruit me. If he had been on even a couple of our calls, he would know that 1). I am un-recruitable 2). I would never ever ever ever go with someone that has left their company 3 times in the past 3 years no matter how good the company is. I recently posted a question on my FB wall . . . how do you earn someone’s trust? The answers were interesting! Almost everyone said something along the lines of “Do what you say you are going to do” or “Have integrity by following through on your commitments.” Yet, most people continue to struggle because they can’t even keep a promise to themselves, much less other people. I did this for 10 years . . . 11 companies in 10 years (but I never had the guts to call my upline in my last company and try and recruit them!)Trust is earned and trying to recruit someone without your word in tact or any kind of relationship is somewhat tacky. I was that guy!

And one more thing . . . when you have a team (even one person) and you leave, you have broken a promise and damage is done. I’m trying not to judge here but at the same time, I feel the impact of those that leave every day. I was on the phone today with an amazing woman who has been on a tough journey. She wants this to work for her and has paid a price to continue to be here. And here upline quit. That’s not the end of the world but I do want everyone to know that when you have people that you have recruited into a program and then you leave, you have broken your promise to them and that does not come without a price. In fact, it is THE MOST EXPENSIVE PRICE you can pay and in some cases that damage can never be repaired. Your relationships are your most valuable asset and when someone continues to break their promises to people over and over again it will wear on their relationships over time. I learned this the hard way and thank God I figured it out! If you must leave, trying to recruit me is a bad idea.

So my best advice to you if you want to make this business work, is to be on these calls each and every Monday night. And it’s not a big commitment to ask you to listen for an hour a week (I told you I was going to rant!!) I know I’m speaking to the wrong group here! You are on the call! But when I hear complaints from people who are completely unplugged it drives me CRAZY!! It’s a simple formula that anyone can follow. Imagine a lamp on a table that is producing no light. What two things would you check if you want light? 1). Make sure it is turned on 2). Make sure it is plugged in! If it is not plugged in, it will produce no light no matter how good of a lamp it is!! if you call me or message me to let me know that things aren’t working for you, you can expect me to ask you a simple question . . . are you plugged in? Are you on the calls each week or at the very least listening to the recordings? Are you in the SendOutCards FB groups? if not, then that is a big part of your problem!

Just yesterday I texted a newer distributor that I hadn’t heard from in a few months to see how he was doing. He told me he lost his motivation. I sent him the link to a replay of a call I did a few months ago (10 ways to motivate yourself). He listened and immediately messaged me back . . . “Thank you, that is exactly what I needed!” Staying plugged in is a key component to keeping your head and heart in the game.

I contemplate life while doing yoga a couple of day s a week. It’s extremely hot. It’s so hot that while I am doing it, it’s a challenge not to question my commitment. I have to force myself to stay in the room and to let go of the conversation . . . to clear my mind in light of the discomfort. The benefit of working through it is so incredible. First of all I feel GREAT for 3 days after doing a session. My body is in a state of euphoria. My joints feel healthier. I got to overcome a big challenge which is enlightening at many levels. Yesterday during my 5:30am 90 minute hot yoga session, my instructor, Kevin Pond said this after a student left the room in the middle of class:
He said, “In 25 years, I have never left the room during a session. And I have wanted to. I won’t even entertain it because if I do it once, then I have given in to the possibility of doing it again. And then leaving could become a habit. Leaving means I have broken my commitment to myself and to the others in class.” So powerful.

What if your reasons for stopping, leaving or quitting are the very reasons you shouldn’t stop leave or quit?

CALL ME A FRIEND AND THEN TRY AND RECRUIT THE PEOPLE IN MY ORGANIZATION: You are not a friend. That is not something that friends do. As a long term strategy . . . hurt your friends for your own personal gain do you really think this will work? That’s all I will say about that!!

OH AND ONE MORE THING! I’ll get messages weekly from people that are having a hard time with the business and this is what they say, “I have talked to 10 people and no one is interested.” Talking about the business doesn’t count! Not only does it not count, it doesn’t work! You have not heard us on one call talk about telling people about SendOutCards. But each week we talk about SHOWING people the business. There is a difference between showing and telling. Telling doesn’t work but showing does. Stop talking about it and start showing it! That means sharing the app and walking them through it. I had someone say hi to me at an event 3 weeks ago that has been in the business for 6 years and they were frustrated with the business. I asked “How many times have you shared the app with someone and walked them through it in the past 2 weeks?” And guess what the answer was? They don’t use the App!! And then I asked if the app was even on their phone. And he said no! If the App is not on your phone and if you are not sharing it, you are not in business! How can someone be on these calls each week and not sharing the App? I’m baffled here.

JOIN ANOTHER COMPANY AND THEN MESSAGE ME FOR ADVICE ON HOW YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK IN YOUR NEW COMPANY – I will always help you because that is just what I do, but this rubs me the wrong way. If it didn’t work here, it’s not going to work somewhere else. Learn your lessons where you are. Your company doesn’t make you successful. I told you I was going to rant!!

EXCUSES – SAY YOU WANT TO DO THIS AND THEN TEXT ME TO TELL ME WHY YOU CAN’T MAKE THE EVENT – This is a tough one . . . and it is hard for me to say this to someone face to face without sounding like a jerk. But here we go. In the 30 years I have been doing this business, I have missed 3 events that I said I would be at . . . that’s one every 10 years. Why? Because when I say I am going to be there, I am there. And THE REASON I am successful is because I attend the events and I help to create the events. The reasons I cancelled were because of a funeral of a close friend or one of my parents was dying. There are legitimate reasons for missing events.

I have a friend that signed up in the business about a year ago. He keeps telling me over and over again he wants to make this work. He was planning on being at the event we had in Vegas on Saturday. Saturday morning he texted me and told me at the last minute he had an appointment and couldn’t make it. There you go! There is zero leverage in what he is doing. Zero. He has a great business with lots of customers and he does a great job. BUT, he works his butt off, is stressed out and so busy that he is spinning out of control. Just like a fly buzzing against a window . . . spinning. And the cycle of breaking a commitment to himself (and to me) . . . saying “I will be there!” and then saying “I can’t make it”. I can handle it. But how long can he handle the grind? And what happens if he, for some reason can’t work for 6 months? There is a reason why things aren’t working for him in this business. He probably won’t hear this because he is not plugged in.

When we do an event and we have pre-printed name badges about 20% of the name badges never get picked up. Why? Because most people lack integrity in their commitments. They just keep lying over and over again. Another broken promise. And when someone does this to the people that they meet and the people that they know, they don’t deserve success. Your relationships are your most valuable asset. Just keep stomping on them and see what happens.

So there you have it! There is my rant. I’m sure I upset a few people. I wouldn’t probably talk about this stuff if I hadn’t been “That Guy” during a part of my life. We all have to learn our own lessons. I have been doing network marketing for a long time and these things still frustrate me. It’s a daily process of letting go and focusing on the ones that see it, want it, and are committed to what they say they want. It’s so easy to get fired up when people let you down. It may be the #1 thing that takes people out of the business. If you can overcome this obstacle by letting go you can build this business. Don’t make it mean more than it is. It’s not about you. People are people. Flakey people flake on everyone in their lives . . . not just on you. They flake on their spouse. They flake on their kids. They flake on their friend. And if you are flakey then you can change that! I was flakey on myself and others for so many years! I kept making commitments to myself and then breaking them over and over again. This doesn’t work if you want life to work. Think about it . . . the most successful people are the most solid people. They don’t change direction every few minutes. When they say “yes”, that means yes. They show up. They stick around and they don’t bounce around. And, if you decide to leave, which I hope you don’t, #1 Don’t try and recruit me and #2 Don’t try and recruit the people in my organization. It’s tacky and shows no integrity. Whoops . . . there I go on a rant again!!

Oh . . . and please don’t call in to the conference calls while the news is playing the background.
And you wonder why you are struggling! Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.


This is taken from: by Jordan Adler.  He is the top consultant for SendOutCards.  Go to to find out more.  You can get more information about Jordan on his website.

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