Oct 25th, 2016



Yesterday I was at Topsail Beach with my friends Russell and Ulli Johnson and their kids. Their son, Klaus is 5 years old and he had a nerf football that he LOVES as we were walking off the sand and onto a pier, the football slipped out of his hands and over a rail and into a thicket. There was no access to that part of the beach under the pier and to say we had a crisis was an understatement. This is where the WORKAROUND came in. Russ (his Dad) consoled his son and we started to brainstorm. First stop, the beach store. There were no nerf footballs there. Walmart . . . they were out of them. Dick’s Sporting Goods didn’t have the one they were looking for. So when we got home, Russ ordered the one they were looking for on Amazon Prime. Expects it to arrive on Tuesday. Problem solved.

As I was walking through the city of New York with my friend Jichelle the other night, we saw a homeless man with a sign that said, “Give me $1 and I will not vote for Donald Trump!” Well, this was a creative solution to a big problem for this guy. He needed money and he came up with the WORKAROUND.
He wasn’t getting enough of it so he figured out a workaround that might get him more money. As I watched this guy with his sign, it occurred to me that life is just one big ongoing workaround! If this same guy came to the end of the day and he was hungry with no money, he would figure out how to get food. Again, the workaround in action.

This morning Russell dropped me off at the Wilmington, NC airport and my flight was 30 minutes late. My connection was in another terminal and I only had 10 minutes to make my flight. Fortunately I made it but in knowing the situation I had myself up against, I was planning my workaround before we even landed. Do I get a substitute for this call if I’m in flight at the time of it on a later rescheduled flight? Do I plan to spend the night in Charlotte? Who do I know in Charlotte that I might be able to pop in on since I’m going to be there? What do I have tomorrow morning that i might need to reschedule if I miss my flight? So although it turned out that I didn’t need to deploy a workaround, I had started to think about it just in case!

The other night after dinner we walked out to my friends old Bronco and the starter wouldn’t shut off. So that car starter continued to “start” the car even though it had already started until the battery completely died. We were 12 miles from their home with no car to get us home to their baby sitter. This is where the workaround came in. We used the Uber App and ordered a car to pick us up. Then my friend needed to come up with a workaround to get his car to a shop and get it fixed! That wasn’t in the plan!

Your daughter is getting married and you order a beautiful cake that cost you hundreds of dollars. The cake is on the way to the wedding reception hall and the car that is transporting it swerves to avoid an accident and the cake tips over and is destroyed. After almost having a heart attack and then losing your temper, your brain kicks into to overdrive to come up with the workaround!

Your credit cards are maxed out. Your income is less than your current bills. You are in a two income family and one of you loses his job. This is not good. After stressing out, crying, punching a wall, wondering how you are going to survive this mess you are in, you start working on your workaround.

You finally pick up your first rental home. You are so excited because you know this is the first step to getting rich and it has a positive cash flow. You find a renter that will pay $1200 a month with a 2 year lease. Your mortgage payment and expenses are $900 a month so you have a $300 a month positive cash flow with is $3600 a year. On the second month, a strong storm blows over a tree that is on your property and it lands on the neighbors home. Your insurance doesn’t cover it and the bill is $8000 for the repairs. Ugh. Time to come up with a workaround.

You own a chiropractic office on the Gulf Coast and you just get word that a category 4 hurricane is on its way. The workaround starts now. Board up the windows at the office and the home. Stock up on food and water. Make sure the generator works. Make sure you have plenty of food. Take everything that weights less than 200 lbs inside so it doesn’t blow away. Figure out a plan to evacuate if necessary. Just lots and lots of workarounds. Oh . . . and you won’t have any income for the next 30-60 days so you want to make sure you have enough money to keep the bills paid. The rent and mortgage payments don’t stop even though you have to!

You have a job that requires lifting and driving some equipment around. One morning you wake up and your back goes out. You can’t move. After about 30 minutes of panic, you have to let your boss know. With much uncertainty not knowing how long you will be out of commission, you must come up with some workarounds to make sure you don’t lose your job, can pay the bills and get medical treatment.

It just seems to be one workaround after another. In fact, as human beings we have gotten pretty darn good at the workaround. We navigate through life going from one workaround to another. We seem to always figure things out. We are the most resourceful creature on the planet!

I recently heard a story about someone that works in the sewers in the city and saw a rat with one of those food tins. The rat was scooting the food tin along in front of him and collecting food in it as he went along. Even the rats come up with workarounds!


Flashing back to my walks through New York City and remembering all the thousands of businesses in every direction, it occurred to me that each one came with its own set of workarounds. Running out of money. Permits that were denied. Late deliveries of product. Employees that quit. Construction in front of the building limiting access. A lawsuit. Slow sales. Competition opens up across the street. Perishables. Smells coming from the sewers. A water leak . . . all requiring workarounds if they are to survive.

In fact it occurs to me like a big game. We create these things to entertain ourselves, make our lives easier and build some significance. There are rules and laws that need to be followed. There are guidelines and philosophies that can help to keep us on track. We need to be profitable to survive and grow.

And that brings me to the topic of you and your business . . .

You must get masterful at the workaround if you want to succeed in our business or any business. And it is no different than life. For some reason,
when someone signs up for a network marketing opportunity they think it will be smooth sailing and lots of times, in the first few weeks, when things don’t go perfectly rather than deploying a workaround like they would with any other part of their life, they quit. This strategy doesn’t work if you want to succeed.
You will have setbacks many times that will require the workaround. I have deployed literally THOUSANDS of workarounds since I have been with this company.

Your mindset is most important. You must know that workarounds are part of the game. You will need to intervene over and over again to make things work. Sometimes things go south and they don’t work. Stopping is not a workaround!

When someone has a heart attack due to a blockage in an artery, if it doesn’t kill them the surgeon performs a bypass. It’s a workaround that saves the patients life and in most cases extends that persons life for many more years.

There will be times that your technology will not work. There might be a national internet outage. Your network may be flakey. The phone that your potential customer or distributor is working on may be old and obsolete. The company may be installing an update. It just might be one of those days. But just like in life, deploy a workaround. Do the best you can. Figure it out. Sometimes you’ll need to change course and do things in a different order. Sometimes you’ll need to reschedule a meeting. Sometimes you’ll need to apologize for something that wasn’t your fault. Just like life . . . it’s part of the workaround.

Stay positive. Be resourceful. Take responsibility. Keep your sense of humor. It’s a game. Roll with it. There is no one in the world that can tell you what to do in every situation. And even if we could, you wouldn’t remember our answer when you needed it. This is something that you will access from the part of your brain that comes to your aid when you are broken down on the freeway. When I say “figure it out!” I’m not being mean or disrespectful. I’m telling you what you will need to do to be successful in your business. You will need to be able to figure it out. If I’m in trouble while flying the helicopter, my instructor won’t be there to help me. I’ll need to figure it out. You must do exactly the same with your business. Sometimes your answers won’t come easily. Sometimes you’ll need to stretch and grow. Sometimes you’ll have to make tough decisions.

There are people in our business (and you know their names) that have chosen to step into their greatness and take responsibility. They have the capability to ask for help when they need it however they also have decided that they have EVERYTHING they need right now to build the business. They don’t depend on others to solve their problems.
They know that they will be deploying LOTS of workarounds on their journey.

So although you might be looking for specific answers to specific questions that come up, most of the time, the things that make the biggest difference require a workaround that can’t be found in an answer. The answer can be found in the mindset of “I know that I have everything I need to navigate this challenge”. And then asking yourself the question, “What do I need to learn to make this work the way I want it to . . . where is the viable workaround that makes the most sense.“

When you are stuck think “WORKAROUND” and ask, “What is the workaround here?”

Keep in mind that even the company on a daily basis must come up with workarounds to keep things moving forward . . . we launch a product that doesn’t sell – time for a workaround! A new feature that we added has a glitch – need a workaround, etc.

AND . . . MOST IMPORTANTLY – Workarounds are part of the plan. Just like life. It’s not avoidable and when you come up against things that require a workaround, instead of thinking that something is wrong, just know that workarounds are the GPS of the business. You have probably heard that an airplane is off course of 98% of the time and the navigational system and the pilot are constantly correcting its course to keep it on track. This is what workarounds do for you. They keep you on track. Problems are built in . Adjustments must happen constantly. A workaround is the gift you are given as a problem solving and resourceful human being.

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