April 6th, 2015


These principles have the potential to earn you thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. I wish I was taught these in this way while I was in college. They are simple and they are applied by every single successful business owner I know.

They will allow you to:

1). Compress Time Frames – Leverage gives you access shortening the success curve

2). Have a breakthrough – Possibly see something you did see before giving you access to a whole new world of opportunity

3). Increase your value – As you become more valuable, your bank account will grow


1. Meet more people (Turn $100 a month into $1000 a month)
2. Connect Successful people together (Turn $1000 a month to $10,000 a month)
3. Appreciate more people (Turn $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month)

MEET MORE PEOPLE: The size of your rolodex will determine the size of your income – Harvey MakCay (Swim with the Sharks). Make meeting more people a TOP Priority! Top producers have an intentional plan for ADDING PEOPLE TO THEIR LIST AND CONTACT MANAGER! Whether you do it through the internet, Facebook, networking events, or just living life out loud, you must make space in your life to meet new people and add them to your contact base. This is one of the top 3 key traits of a successful entrepreneur. If you are not currently adding a minimum of one person per day to your contact manager (average), you’ll need to intentionally step up your game. I know you are saying, “yeah, yeah . . . I know I need to do this” but I need you to understand that this is LIFE OR DEATH IN YOUR BUSINESS. It means the difference between barely getting by and having an explosive opportunity to grow. It needs to be ON PURPOSE!

CONNECT PEOPLE: This one is easy to miss but it’s the greatest source of adding value and leverage to your business that’s available to you . . . and it’s free. This one will allow you to grow in your brand exponentially. You’ll become a magnet for successful people. Here’s the formula. When you put two successful people together and they create something even bigger TOGETHER, YOU become more valuable in the process. You don’t need to do much except introduce them to each other! Start where you are. Look for people that you know, that don’t know each other. Bring them together with a powerful introduction and let the magic begin. Start where you are . . . find two people that could benefit from knowing each other and introduce them . . . tell them “I have someone that you need to meet! It’s hard to see the benefit of this at first, but as you become a connector of people, you become the hero. Bob and Betty Ann Golden have created a HUGE following by introducing people to each other. Many big developments are happening in the entertainment community in Vegas because of small connections that have turned into huge connections. Because of this, Bob and Betty Ann can call almost anyone including the Mayor of Vegas to have a chat about anything. They are givers and contributors. I do this all the time. Here’s one of my most powerful connections that has lead to a huge opportunity that will change many lives . . . Bob introduces me to Seth Grabel the Magician. At that event I meet Loren Slocum After talking to Loren for almost an hour we figure out we know about 50 of the same people and she was reading my book at the time! Three years later I’m sitting with Eric and Marina Worre in their backyard in Vegas. Eric says, “Do you have any connections to Tony Robbins? I said . . . let me introduce you to Loren Slocum . . . she developed Tony’s “Life Mastery” program and knows Tony well. So I call Loren. Loren answers the phone and says, “Jordan, you’ll never guess what I’m doing right now!” I say “what?” She says, “I’m listening to Eric Worre’s Go Pro Audio Program and he just mentioned your name on the program!!” She had never met Eric personally. I said, “Well, let me put you on speakerphone . . . say hi to Eric Worre!” At that point I stepped back in the conversation. Eric, Marina and Loren became close friends. Loren introduced Eric to Sam Georges who is Tony’s legal council and CEO. They have golfed together and have had many dinners together. This new relationship led to Eric signing Tony (the number one personal growth strategist in the world) to speak at the GoPro Event this year in Las Vegas. One introduction led to this!!

Start where you are! This is a big and dramatic one . . . most of them are small hits and a few home runs. But make it part of your strategy! Even if you introduce two moderately successful people to each other, it can elevate their individual achievements and you will be the one that will get credit for the introduction.

This by far is the #1 strategy that I know for RAPIDLY increasing your social capital in the world. It creates rapid personal growth and connections with others. Make it part of your plan!


Well, given the system we have at our fingertips, I don’t need to say much about this one . . . but, is it any wonder that the most successful people in business are also the greatest givers? We have a system that makes giving EASY! The “Law of Reciprocity” is a powerful thing! You do good for others and they want to do good back! You get back what you send out!

I get to turn $.05 rectangular pieces of cardboard into $1000 each! How? By doing the following:

1. Send a Nice-To-Meet-You Card Note (+2)
2. Place a call (+2)
3. Send a Gift (+4)
4. Remember their Birthday (+4)
5. Set up a Personal Meeting (+3)
6. Refer Business (+5)

Out of 100 business cards, 20 will become distributors when I do all six of these things with all 100.
I also know my numbers and know that when I take all the income I make as a result of those 20 that get started with me and divide it by 100, it comes out to over $1000 FOR EACH BUSINESS CARD RECEIVED!

It PAYS to appreciate!!

LET’S REVIEW . . . THESE THREE PRINCIPLES ARE WORTH A FORTUNE. They can compress time frames, give you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly break-throughs AND increase your value.


You may be saying that you are already doing all three. That may be true. But are you doing them by design? In other words, is it intentional and deliberate? Are you aware of it as you are doing it? Do you teach it to others? By being keenly aware of these three activities in a systematic way, you can plan your week around making sure that all three happen on a daily basis. Those people that PRACTICE THESE THREE POWERFUL PRINCIPLES DAILY go on to build large and successful businesses. You won’t be able to escape it. Happy Networking!

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