August 9, 2010


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Acknowledgements this week:
Jay Williams 100 reps
Debbie Brolley 600 reps

Senior Manager:
Larry Betzler
Jill Evans
Callie Shields
Bruddah Roy & Faithy�
Mame Noonan
Jay Wallus and Maggie

Rolodex Award:
Kathryn Asaro Mayers
Sarah Bailey


“Anyway, in San Antonio, I got engaged to my girlfriend of 8 years and of course, SOC played a major role in the proposal.� Before I left I created a 3 panel card.� Someone told me about a program called Shape Collage which will put your photos into a collage of certain shapes, letters, etc.� � So, I took lots of photos from our time together and had shape collage spell out, “Will You Marry Me”.� I had the card sent to the restaurant and when the waiter brought out the dessert menu, inside the menu was my card.� Garyn was so surprised and we’re both excited.� I had the manager take some photos of the proposal as it was happening and the next day we sent out a 30 card campaign to our friends and family to make the announcement.� Oh yeah, and get this.� The restaurant was small and someone on the other end of the restaurant saw the proposal and picked up our entire tab.� How nice is that?� It’s like what we always talk about with SOC.� Giving with no expectation of anything back.� I got his business card and am definitely going to send him a picture plus card with a box of brownies.”

Jason Magdar

From Kathryn Asaro:

“I recently appeared on Liquid Lunch where I told my Love Story and My Love for the Cards…My husband asked me to marry him thru a free gift account…I actually did a GAW right on the air unrehearsed it was fabulous…”


Each time I begin to forget why and how I began to build my business, I am taken back to all the teams that begin to grow quickly and the teams that stay together over the long haul. It always comes down to ‘The teams that play together stay together’. Let’s look at ‘attraction’ and what it means to attract people. Our lives are fairly ‘heavy’. Most people are pretty stressed out. Rush hour traffic, bills, health concerns, crime, the economy, boys and girls going off to war, oil spilling into the gulf, company layoffs, a friend or family member with cancer, declining home values, stock market declines and the list goes on and on. It’s pretty depressing. Most people count the days til the weekend so they can forget their troubles for 48 hours. Then it’s back to the grind . . . so we can do it all over again. No wonder drugs and alcohol seem to be so popular. So many people are trying to kill the pain!

If you create another stressful job while building your business for yourself or others, then people are less likely to be attracted to your opportunity. People are attracted to fun people. It’s a relief of the stress of life. And the benefits are exponential once you create a group of people that are all ‘playing’ together. Have you ever gone to a party with a bunch of really great people, looked around and said to yourself . . . ‘I love my friends!’ You can’t get enough of them. You want to come back over and over again. That’s how you need to design your business. You want everyone talking about how cool it is to be part of the XYZ Team!

We are going to quickly go over 20 ways to build ‘Fun’ into your business so people want to come back and bring their friends . . .

1. Have a Pizza Party or Sushi Night once per month – Invite the members of your team and have them bring guests. Make sure the guests know to ‘leave their checkbooks at home’ There will be a short opportunity overview.

2. Go bowling with your key leaders – Again, guests are invited.

3. Rent a motivational movie like ‘Rudy’, ‘Stand and Deliver’, ‘Lean on Me’, ‘Hoosiers’, or ‘Pay it Forward’ and give popcorn to your team

4. Play the ‘Cash Flow’ game by Robert Kiyosaki. This is a great ‘lead in’ to a business for those that have jobs. Organize games for your team or guests. You can then provide a vehicle to get out of the Rat Race!

5. After an ‘Opportunity Meeting’ go to a late night restaurant with the team. Bring the guests. The ‘Meeting after the Meeting’ is the most valuable time for sponsoring people. It’s fun, memorable and the important questions get answered there.

6. Build an ‘image’ around your team that you are the ‘Fun’ group. I just recently saw a video from a young group in another company that made each person that got promoted ‘jump out of an airplane’!! They then went out dancing at night. Their video was so exciting and made you want to be part of the ‘cool’ team that all got promoted and then went skydiving!

7. At events, go out to dinner with your group afterwards and invite one of the top earners to join you or at the very least ‘pop in’. This creates memorable experiences that your team members will talk about for years.

8. Post photos of you and your team having fun on facebook. People will be attracted to a fun group of people. They will say . . . ‘I want what they have!’ One of the reasons someone chooses to join a team is that they see a way to add positive momentum to their life. Like attracts like. Teams the play together stay together

9. Take a trip together. This weekend, Demarr Zimmerman and Dave Smith charted a motorcoach from Salt Lake City to Denver and back and took a team to the TreatEmRight. What a great way to exchange ideas, have fun and really get to know your peeps. I have done this no less than 10 times over the years and my best memories come from these kinds of trips! And if your team isn’t big enough to rent a motorcoach, just pile into a car. Listen to ‘Promptings’ or ‘Beach Money’ on the drive. Nick Wassell is a SM in SOC. He was one of our drivers on a past trip! Jerry Knight sponsored him!

10. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD ONE! – Take LOTS of photos at these fun things you are doing and make cool cards and send them out to those that didn’t make it or people that have looked at the business and haven’t signed up yet.

TIP: The new PP 2.0 is so fun to use and although I can still build a card in seconds I found that once I get going I want to get somewhat ‘creative’ so I end up spending 20 minutes on one card. I decided to put together some generic PP 2.0 ‘Campaign’ Cards with pictures from events and things that I have attended. There is an ‘Element’ that is a blank sheet of paper. I put that on the right side of the card and I left it blank. Then when I talk to someone that I want to send a card to, I can QUICKLY send them THAT campaign card (but there is no message in it). After I send it and it’s in que to go out, I then reopen the card and type a personal message. That way I don’t have to build the card from scratch each time! :)

11. When a big personal development seminar is coming to town, organize a group to go and you can all grow together in the process. You can also help each other by creating credibility through introductions in the process. When you meet someone introduce them to the other members of your team that are there. When they meet someone have them introduce their new contacts to you. it’s a blast!

12. Have an ‘Eight Hour Vacation’ day on a Saturday just for your team. Hang out by the pool, serve lunch in the clubhouse and do a short 1 hour training. Guests are always welcome! I have seen people want to join as a result of just hanging out with a great group before they even knew what we did. Again . . . photos and PicturePlus 2.0 cards will be flying through the mail!

Don’t just ‘do the business’ . . . ‘build memorable experiences’!! Always ask yourself . . . how can I take something ‘stuffy and impersonal’ and make it ‘fun and personal’?

13. Go play ‘Paintball’ together. Have everyone pay their own way. These stories will last a lifetime . . . 3 years from now you will have reps at events sitting around the dinner table saying . . . ‘remember when . . . “‘

14. If it’s just you and you are just getting started, set a goal to take 20 of your friends to coffee just to ‘get caught up’. Take them one or two at a time. Do it in the next 30 days. If you don’t drink coffee, then get ice cream or a shot of wheatgrass! Don’t ‘dump’ the business on them. Let them draw it out of you. Spend 90% of the time talking about them and what they are up to! (This is how I built my business . . . this one idea will cause a breakthrough for some of you. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do with you ‘network’)

15. Jim Packard has ‘Coffee and Cards’ once a week. He shows and discusses great card ideas and socializes with the team. Of course, guests are welcome. He does these at Cafes in his area.

16. ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Tommy Wyatt was telling this story the other night in Denver. He was at dinner in Amsterdam with a Team about 7 years ago. The phone rang and it was me. I was outside in a boat on the canals with 50 of my teammates. I said, “Step Outside” . . . It was pouring down rain. He was so surprised to see us! His team was in disbelief! He brought his entire team out and they got on the boat with us and we spend the next 2 hours cruising through the canals of Amsterdam in the rain. Some of those people are on his team today. We created memories that will last a lifetime!!

17. Send invitations to these fun events using SendOutCards!

18. CRAZY IDEA FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE . . . Rent a big house together and all work from the same home! I know of 3 teams that have done this for over a year. The homes usually have 5 or 6 bedrooms and everyone pays rent. They have computers and their cell phones. They work daily and invite guests to the home for ‘home parties’ where they show their opportunity. I actually have some friends in another company that have 12 people working out of a home together in San Diego. It’s interesting fun and very dramatic! NOT FOR EVERYONE!

18. Have a ‘Book Club’ and meet once per month to review great Network Marketing Books. This is a fun and great way to learn and build a team that works and plays together.

WORD OF CAUTION: Remember that the business is built through adding members to your team. If you are always doing the same things with the same people, your team will not grow. Always design your fun activities around meeting new people and EXPANDING your team. Promote the ‘FUN’ things you do to people outside of your group and begin to attract other fun people!

19. Break a record! Do a ‘Birthday Candle Lighting’ Party and set the record for the most birthday candles set off at the same time. Have your team and guests there. Plan it and send invites out. Video Tape it and post it on youtube! BE THE FIRST!

20. There is not too much more fun than being at the convention. And each person from your team that is there just magnifies the experience. Imagine a Rock Concert, Broadway Show, Party and Motivational Training all wrapped into one.

Once again, the thing that holds a group together are the relationships that are built within the team. Have fun together. Build memories together and let others know about how much fun you are having. If it’s ‘heavy and hard’ people will move away from it. If it’s ‘fun and easy’ people will be attracted to it! Build experiences that will last a lifetime. It’s okay to be creative but realize that it’s important to keep it simple so that anyone that sees it knows that they can do it too. If you walk into a room and see a bunch of depressed low energy ‘business builders’ do you want to be part of that team? When I was in Denver this weekend at the TreatEmRight Seminar, I saw hundreds of excited happy and motivated distributors. The guests had to be impressed and the result was most all of them signed up! Denver is on fire! Denver was one of our largest TreatEmRight Seminars this year because the team there is positive, uplifting, motivating and they are all working together. They are exhibiting great signs of leadership. Congratulations to the entire Denver Leadership Team including Michelle, Vonda, Teerza, Miguel, Ricky and Kenton and all the others that make up this amazing team of leaders.

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