June 25, 2013 – The Power of Connecting


There is no question that SendOutCards is, by far, the best tool for building relationships and connecting on a personal level available in the marketplace today. There is nothing that beats going to the mailbox and getting the gift of a personalized card that expresses appreciation or gratitude. We’ve all experienced the feeling of a kind word expressed in a card. Most of us have cards we have saved that are especially important to us.

The permeation of technology into our lives makes SendOutCards even more valuable. Everything is being digitized so a card has more impact than ever before. Anyone that has ever received a gift with a photo or a card, and a personal message knows the power of what we have at our fingertips.

Tonight’s call is about “The Power of Connecting”. I want to start with a story.

Story of Joel Bez (Listen to recording).


Every time you add a dot, it exponentially increases the number of positive connections. Every time you add a positive connection with another human being in your network it exponentially increases the number of possible opportunities. Miracles happen. This explains a lot. It explains why people with large networks seem to get all the breaks. It explains why people with large networks seem to have all the luck. It explains why people with large networks get more done in less time. It explains why people with large networks make more money!

1. Freely offer sincere compliments.

2. Focus on quality over quantity. Large numbers of quality relationships is even better.

3. Seek out opportunities to praise and appreciate (make it a conscious thing).

4. Give to give – Seek nothing in return.

5. Be a “Connector”. You become more valuable when you help others get value in their relationships with each other. INTRODUCE PEOPLE, then get out of the way.

6. Stay in touch over a lifetime! Each time you break off positive communication and then re-connect, the relationship becomes stronger (Law of familiarity). TELL POST OFFICE STORY. “We’re like old friends..”, “it’s been 10 years but it seems like yesterday that . . . “, etc.

7. Put it in writing, in a card. This anchors the relationship and MAGNIFIES it!

You are making deposits in your social bank account with others when:

1). Others know you were thinking about them in a positive way.
2). You help to make others feel great about themselves.
3). You seek ways to make others look good in the eyes of their peers.
4). You seek out ways to help others be more valuable to those they serve.


1. GROUP COMPLIMENT AND EDIFICATION (Example of handyman in BNI Chapter). People will talk to each other!!

2. PARTY/SPORTING EVENT CARDS, GIFTS WITH PHOTOS – Take lots of pictures at a party or sporting event and send everyone from the event a card with all the pictures (learn to use your campaigns for this). OR use SOC playing cards in the Photostore to send decks of cards to those that attended the party or event. They will appreciate and remember this!

3. SEND AT LEAST ONE PERSONAL CARD DAILY – Send a sincere gratitude card each day. There is little that is more powerful than the 30 day gratitude challenge.
a. Explain what you are grateful for.
b. Explain why your thankful (what does it mean to you).


“Neil, you were by far the most influential teacher I had growing up. You didn’t just teach me, you made me think. The thing I appreciate most about you is that you were willing to challenge authority and you were a non-conformist. I believe that my career choice was partly because you caused me to challenge the norm and choose my own path. Thanks for being the best 6th grade teacher a guy ever dream of. ”
(I have stayed in touch with my 6th grade teacher for 44 years. He is my SendOutCards customer. I was with him yesterday in Chicago for my sister’s 50th birthday party. This was an actual card I sent him).

4. SEND TRAINING TIPS AND IDEAS – When you are inspired by an idea, tip or strategy, create a campaign card and send it to your team or customers (you should have a group created with your distributors and customers.)

EXAMPLES: “The Bicycle”, “Hovering”, “Acorns”

You can find MANY examples in the conference call summaries that I send out.

5. SEND ACCOLADES FROM FACEBOOK – If someone gets a promotion or award, has a new baby or any life changing event, grab a picture and write a nice message and send it in a card!

EXAMPLE: Whitney Bateman successfully produced the most successful convention in our history. I sent her a card with photos congratulating her. When Max Fleisher received his Gratitude Award I sent a picture of Kody handing him the award along with a message congratulating him and letting him know how proud I am of him.

6. CREATE A “POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTOR” GROUP – Groups are a powerful relationship building tool. I have a group of all the people that I have ever introduced the business to that didn’t get involved. Then whenever there is a new tool that comes out (i.e.; ASEND Magazine, the new DVD, etc.), I send it with a card to those in the group. I have a long term perspective and I don’t send it hoping that everyone will call me back when they get it. Most don’t. In fact some will let it sit for weeks or months. I just got a call from a guy I sent a birthday card to 2 weeks ago that I haven’t heard from in 3 years. I met him on an airplane. He gets 2 or 3 cards from me each year because he is in my POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTOR group. He said, “I’m interested in talking about becoming a distributor.

These are the things that differentiate the dabblers from the pros. Often times the dabblers complain that it’s not going fast enough or they don’t know who to talk to about the business. The pros create opportunities to connect with others. Networks run deep. People will build you up and talk about you in a positive light amongst their peers when you look for ways to elevate them.

I never seek recognition but I have found that when I send compliments and gifts to others they tend to tell others about it. When you do it they will show off the cards you send and spread positivity about you. They will tell everyone what a nice guy/girl you are. They will know that you are still in the business. They will consider you a friend.

SendOutCards is bigger than any one of us. There is a flurry of activity at corporate right now and our staff and programmers are developing and working on things that will be launched in the coming months that will blow your mind. There will be people that have lost faith that I believe will regret it. I also know that those of you that stay focused on our mission will be richly rewarded.

There will be an upgraded contact manager and card editor (it’s in the works). The phone app will be integrated with it and will take us fully into the future (100% device friendly on ALL devices). You’ll see “SendSation” come to fruition over the coming months. We are a small company that has gone through a monumental evolution. I was on a call with Kody and your Eagles earlier today. I got to hear about the strategic rollout plans for the SendOutCards of the future. We will continue to focus on getting better and being innovative. Our programmers are young, innovative and world-class. Remember, there is no other company like SendOutCards in the world. Our goals include becoming so unique and so special that all the right people want to be part of our crusade. We already have the culture. Never forget that the money is the result, not the goal. The money will be significant when you focus on the right things.

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