Feb 29th, 2016


My good friends Donna Johnson and her husband Thomas own a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. I had never been there and they had invited me to spend a couple of weeks in the islands on the sailboat. There were 5 couples. Our “Captain” and his wife cooked exotic tropical meals for us each day on the boat. We snorkeled in crystal clear water and went island hopping each day. The waters were calm and the sun shined daily. The sand is white and each island is covered in thick green foliage.

One perfect evening we had just completed dinner out on the deck and we were sitting around laughing and listening to island music enjoying the night air over a glass of wine. Actually I think I was drinking a Red Stripe beer. In casual conversation, I asked our captain how long he had been sailing? He told me that he and his wife had been sailing in the Virgin Islands for 28 years. At one point, we got into a conversation about their training. I asked them where they had learned to sail and if they were still in touch with their instructor. I believe they had been trained in Portland Maine and hadn’t communicated with their trainer in 26 years. Yet they still continue to sail . . . with no help from the person that trained them!

Then as I was looking out on the horizon as the sun was setting and turning the seascape a deep orange, I noticed hundreds of sailboats within eyesight. And it dawned on my that I was viewing just a small visual slice of the sea. There were thousands of sailboats in the British Virgin Islands and millions around the world. And as each sailboat set to sea, not even a fraction of them had an instructor present. Yet they all could sail the seas and experience the joys of sailing.

Later that evening as we were settling in I began to review the lessons of the day. I thought about how many sailors get trained to sail and then never even take their first trip.
Some sail for a month and find out it really isn’t what they want to do. Some sail for a year and then run out of money. A few run into a reef and damage their sailboats never to sail again. Some sail for 5 years and then get side-tracked with other hobbies and activities. A handful of sailors decide they love it so much that they want to share the gift of sailing with others so they become instructors. And about one in a thousand sailors will sail every day for 30 years like our captain and his wife.

Millions of sailors take to the sea yet few have ongoing communication with their instructors. I see myself as an instructor of sailors. I teach people to sail and then I set them out to sail and enjoy the freedom of the sea and the wind. I don’t need to check in with them other than a periodic call to give a friendly hello. I don’t need to tether them to my boat. I don’t need to bug them if they haven’t been out for awhile. My goal is to have people sailing all over the world and the only way I can do that is to continue to train new sailors month in and month out. I get rewarded as I sit in my boat and sail the seas of the world noticing the thousands of other sailors that I have trained to do what I do and experience the joys of the freedom of the wind and the open sea.

All the time and attention we place on to trying to manage and control our distributors after they are trained is wasted energy. We need to communicate with our team members to keep them plugged in and up to date. This can be done through our electronic social media groups and email distribution. Of course including our team members in functions and events is an important aspect to the business. But recognize that you are not responsible for those on your team. They are independent entrepreneurs just like you. You are not their boss and you are no more responsible for the growth of their business as Kody is responsible for the growth of yours. We all create a healthy environment to work in through the training programs we offer, but it is ultimately the choice of our distributor to step into the tools and resources available. In fact if I feel a need to keep someone tethered to my boat, they will never be able to experience true freedom. I see myself as a catalyst for growth. So I do create opportunities for all of us to grow together. For example I set up small group meetings in cafes and put together groups of distributors and encourage them to invite guests. I attend and promote events. I invite my team members to participate and bring guests for THEIR benefit. BUT I am not responsible for them. I am responsible for my business and you are responsible for your business. AND TOGETHER WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EACH OTHERS’ BUSINESSES. We work together to create a healthy environment for growth. Just like keeping the seas clean and free of litter. Our job is to insure that the seas remain beautiful.

In a nutshell, I am encouraging you to let go of your need to control the members of your team. Untether them from your boat! Even if you do attempt to control what your distributors do and don’t do, you will more often fail than not. . Much like a sail boat instructor, your job is to prepare your new distributor for what to expect and the basics of how to build and that’s it. And after you get them started, you will spend your time doing the same thing for someone else. And so on and so forth. Help each new person to get into the social media groups, the weekly conference calls and the resource center. Show them how to find info on the upcoming events. Make sure they know how to use the SendOutCards system and how to show the business. Tell them where to find the call replays on Help them do their first few presentations and THEN SET THEM OUT TO SEA. Once in awhile it’s fun to sail together so get your sailing team together once a week or once a month to introduce new prospective sailors to the joys of sailing.

The only way to build a big team is to continue to get new people started in your business at all levels. So look for members of your team that are excited and introducing the business to new people and offer to do meetings with them. But don’t get attached to any one group. If you find yourself working with the same group over and over again especially if no one is bringing new people to the table, then it’s time to find some new people! This is good for you AND for them. Stop throwing wood on a fire that isn’t burning!

Let’s talk about the level of activity necessary to grow a BIG team. I’m not talking about a small part time income here. That can be accomplished showing the business a few times a month. You have probably heard that if you treat it like a hoppy, you’ll get hobby results. But to grow a big team and a big income, here’s what I know:

Most people with very large organizations have worked the business for a few years and have shown the business 1000-3000 times. This is why they are good at it. They do it over and over and over again for individuals and groups. Here’s how my numbers break down. I have been in the business for 10 years +. I have shown the business approximately an average of six times a week for 10 years. That’s 300 times a year for 10 years. 3000 presentations in 10 years. So the result of this is 370 personally sponsored distributors and over a million $$ a month in revenue. If over a period of 10 years, you showed the business 3000 times, you will most likely have in the range of 200-300 personally sponsored distributors. You most likely will have 3 legs that have 10,000 + distributors in them. You most likely will have another 6-10 legs with 1000-3000 distributors in them. AND you will be a top earner not just in our company, but in our profession. You will have a residual income that will pay you many years into the future. And unlike many other business, you don’t need to wait to make money. On your journey to stardom, you will enjoy a level of freedom and income that few experience in their lifetimes.

This is the ONLY WAY TO BUILD A BIG BUSINESS. Everything else I have seen in our profession is fleeting. Some of the marketing rhetoric is designed to get you to buy expensive programs. Stay focused on what works and keep moving forward. We all have the same opportunity and we are all playing in the same sandbox.

I believe that if someone showed the business six times a week AND sent a card and a card and a gift to each of those people followed by promoting the events, they would within a few short years have a BOOMING business. The formula is really quite simple.


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