June 11, 2007

TONIGHT – ‘THE MONEY CALL’ – (once per month):

A. Be sure you have $31 per month in Volume – If you don’t, you are not qualified for residuals
or downline coaching bonuses. This can be your own volume or the volume of your Customers. Anyone with a business (SOC or otherwise, should be sending at least 2 cards per day ($31/mo). If you are not, you are probably not really in business! If you were to send out 1 DVD per day and one unexpected card per day, you’ll use up your points.

B. Be sure you have at least 2 CUSTOMERS – If you don’t, you are not qualified residuals or downline coaching bonuses. A customer is:
1). A $99 Retail Customer on Autoship
2). A $298 Wholesale Customer on Autoship
3). A $25 prepaid card with an account that has been ‘logged in to’ (this counts as 1 customer for 1 year)

C. You will ALWAYS get your $100 Bonus for Coaching a new distributor or Wholesale customer. You do not need to be qualified, but you must train them on how to use the system.

As I was driving home tonight, I looked up at many different franchises along the road. I thought to myself, if I owned a franchise and I wanted to get rich, what would I do? I could try and get my franchise to sell more Burgers and Shakes. OR, I could open more franchises!

Which would be more lucrative? The key to growing your SendOutCards business is to get more “franchises”. The equivalent of a franchise is a distributor that purchases the Entrepreneur Package and wants to build a business (duplicate). For example, let’s say my franchise does 1 million dollars in revenue per year and by doing some advertising, I could get it to do 1.1 million dollars per year. My profit margin is 10% which means I have just increased my profits from $100,000 to $110,000. This is a $10,000 increase, minus my advertising expenses. By opening another franchise, I just increased my profits by $100,000! This is oversimplified, but imagine what happens when you focus your attention on growing a team rather than getting customers. Getting customers is an automatic process, because some people will just want to be customers, but typically, customers don’t duplicate and the BIG money is in duplication!

I hear about people trying to get their customers to send more cards -This in my opinion is a waste of your time. Instead focus on getting more business builders! Business Builders duplicate and card senders typically don’t. In other words, don’t try and get more milk out of the Milk-Cow. Get more Milk-Cows!


1. Get a second job –
a. Time away from your family and friends
b. Start over every month!
c. Low pay

2. Win the Lottery –
a. Better off taking out an insurance policy on a rich
uncle and wait until they get struck by lightening twice.
3. Traditional Business –
a. $25,000 min Start Up
b. 3-5 years to break even
c. Expensive ‘job’ – No time freedom
d. 95% failure rate
e. Employees, Equipment, Inventory, Utilities, Lease,
Franchise Fee, etc
(My business coach owns a ‘Chic-Filet’ Franchise that is doing 3.5 million per year in Revenue. It cost him over 1,000,000 to set it up and it took him a few years to break even. He has to hire and train teenagers constantly with high turnover and has over 50 employees. This sounds good on the surface, but he told me this afternoon, that for him to increase his income, he has to hire 50 more employees, pay to open another store, deal with the headaches, etc. – His plan is to build it up and sell it so he can have free time! The more he grows, the more it ‘owns’ him! He told me this afternoon – “I am somewhat envious of what you have done in the past 2 years. You have in 2 years what I have been working for all my life and still don’t have!”)

4. Network Marketing (by far the best option!)-
a. No Capital Investment
b. Low Start-up Fee which is easily recoverable within the 1st month
c. Work from Home
d. No employees
e. Unlimited Potential
f. No Inventory or Collections
g. Host Company Provides all the support
h. Affiliates Nationwide – Protection from Natural Disasters
i. Ability to leverage time producing residuals


When I share SOC with someone, I start by telling them my 2 – 3 minute story. Everyone has a story. You have a story. Stories inspire. It makes a difference when you tell a story about how you heard about this and why you are doing it.
1. Tell how you heard about it
2. Tell why you are doing it.

Here’s my story:

“I got a card in the mail from a friend in Texas. It was a couple and They put a picture of their dog in the card and did it in their handwriting. The next day I got a card from a guy that I didn’t know named Demarr. There was a DVD in the card and I didn’t watch it. The next day I got ANOTHER card in the mail from the same guy and I watched the 2nd DVD he sent me. I used to pay $5 for a DVD from my last company, so when I got 2 I figured I probably should watch one. As soon as I watched, I called him and he had me send a card to my mother in Chicago. I immediately knew that I needed to have this system. I wished I had seen it years ago. I signed up and told a few people about it. Almost everyone I talked to got excited and wanted to know more, and I wasn’t even doing it yet.”

What’s your story? How did you sign up and what do you like about it? People relate to stories and stories inspire action.

Tommy Wyatt called me today and we were talking. He told me that a few months ago, he was wondering what I was up to and how things were going? He had been questioning his business direction and beginning to look to see what was out there in the marketplace. He shared his story with me. He said, he goes to the bookstore every month and buys a copy of Networking Times. The day he was thinking about me, he bought his monthly copy and saw me in it and called. He knew there was a reason why he saw me in the magazine that day. There is a little more to it, but I’ll let him tell you when you meet him.

Tell your “Story” to people. In many cases, it will inspire them to take action!


Sometimes people say, “Jordan, you work so hard at SendOutCards” And actually, I work very little at SendOutCards. From their perspective, I spend 95% of my day doing SendOutCards. From my perspective I spend 5% of my day doing SendOutCards. This is an important distinction that will QUICKLY take you to your goals regardless of whether you want $3,000 per month or $30,000 per month.

I don’t do SendOutCards. I have fun, make friends, build relationships, brainstorm ideas, share resources, give referrals, socialize, throw parties, attend parties, travel, etc. SendOutCards is just a vehicle for people to get what they want. My friends, family and network go with me everywhere, all the time, forever. In other words, I “Do” my life. I don’t “Do” SendOutCards.

People that “Do” SendOutCards get tired, because its work. Instead of trying to put your network into SendOutCards, try putting SendOutCards into your Network. Make your relationships your highest priority – but not to ‘get them in!’ In other words, if you are building relationships to build your Business, you’ll get tired, because you are ‘Giving to Get’ Vs Giving to Give. Build relationships because you want to make connections with people and add value to their lives. And you also know that by making friends, it adds richness to your life as well. Carry this throughout your whole life and you’ll be successful at whatever you do!


For those of you that are just having trouble signing People up. Simply start giving away FREE GIFT ACCOUNTS. My suggestion is to really TRY NOT TO SIGN SOMEONE UP. Your job is to simply GIVE AWAY FREE ACCOUNTS. Tell people that you are not allowed to sign anyone up
Until they have used a FREE ACCOUNT for at least 1 week. You job is to just GIVE IT TO THEM FOR FREE AND SHOW THEM HOW TO USE IT. Try giving away 2 – 3 free accounts per day.
Again, DON’T SIGN THEM UP! Just give away the accounts. I am not going to tell you your results. Just do this for 90 days And then report back to me.

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