May 4, 2009- Building Large Networks


Last week I attended a funeral of a close friend from my last company that was a legend in the Network Marketing profession. His name was Chuck Hoover. Chuck was a mentor to thousands and he taught me some valuable lessons about people and network marketing. On the return trip, I was invited to fly on a billionaires Gulfstream 5. His name is Kenny Troutt and he was the founder of my last company. This is a $41 million dollar jet. There were 8 of us on board and I sat directly across from him. On Saturday, Kenny had 3 horses in the Kentucky Derby. This was the first time in 63 years that one guy had 3 horses in the Derby! I was in awe that I had the opportunity considering where I came from. While we were on the jet I asked Kenny the question that many are wondering. I asked, ” what are some of your observations about the current economy and the markets in genera?” I was expecting a really profound ‘billionaire’ type answer. Do you know what he told me? He slanted his hand upward and he said . . . (I leaned in closely hoping to learn a secret). “I’ve noticed that markets tend to go up for awhile and then (he slanted his hand downward) they tend to go down for awhile. “I think it will be leveling off for awhile and then may even go downward”.
Then he stopped. I thought to myself . . . “That’s it?” That’s all he had to say. Here I am in the presence of business greatness and he tells me . . . the market will go up and the market will go down. What did I get from this? There is really nothing all that profound out there and most people (even billionaires) really don’t know. But I did notice that I got inspired being around a group of people that are way more successful in business than I am (ping-pong) . The lifestyle they live is larger than life. Kenny grew up in a rat infested government project in southern Illinois. He was raised by a single mom and had a brother and a sister. The largest apartment they had was 900 square feet and at one point
they had to move into the high school because they needed to come in to remove the rats from their building. In observing Kenny I once again saw a few things about him. For 4 years now he has had horses in the Kentucky Derby and he has never won!

Here’s what I learned from being around Kenny and his entourage:

1. He has always had a positive attitude
2. He doesn’t complain
3. He tells stories (Stories inspire)
4. He doesn’t quit until he wins!
5. He dreams and lives a large unreasonable life
6. Even the billionaires don’t know for sure what’s going to happen.

However, the biggest thing I got from our conversation was that successful
entrepreneurs are able to see opportunity in both up and down markets AND
it’s really inspiring to be around successful people.

I had some personal observations after the BNI Directors Conference in Milwaukee this weekend. Ivan Misner the founder of BNI spoke at the conference and I also had the opportunity to get some personal time with Norm Dominquez the CEO of BNI. In fact this was a really cool week for me. I met with some amazing people that play a huge game in life. I learned some really valuable lessons and I would like to share them with you.

Ivan Misner has built the largest business network in the world. He has 120,000
members in his network and has about 4000 chapters in the US alone. After hearing him speak, I started thinking . . . what if Ivan needed to find another business or project, how would he succeed at it. He probably would rise to the top of his game in weeks and at the very least a few months. How do they do it? How do some people grow so quickly?

1. Ivan has built a LARGE referral network of people that trust him and like him
2. Ivan is likeable and easy to be around
3. Ivan has hundreds of people that he can call and they will listen

Ivan’s situation hasn’t always been this good. He created this for himself. Remember, Robert Kiyosaki says, “Broke people have jobs. The rich build networks!”

Ivan has always looked for ways to help businesses grow. He puts people together. He builds teams and gives people ideas that will help them become better business people. People know that Ivan is 100% committed to their success. Ivan spoke at the conference and at the conference he said:

“Large Referral Networks are not built cold calling”
“Large Referral Networks are not built on the internet”
“Large Referral Networks are not built advertising”

Now he is not saying that these things are bad or wrong. What he is saying
is that there is a fast way and a slow way to creating success in business.
When large teams of people all work together to help each other, things
seem to grow at an exponential rate. The deception is that it takes a long
time to build a large referral network. Its actually the FASTEST way to success
in business. Connected people grow fast! GET CONNECTED!

Think about it . . . if you knew 120,000 people that trusted you and liked you,
how big would your SOC business get and how fast? By the way, Ivan uses
SOC! It would get very big, very fast! The people that have success quickly have spent time developing and nurturing their relationships over time.

Then I had this conversation with Nate Dominguez’s dad, Norm Dominguez.
Norm is the CEO of BNI.
What I found out after talking to him and also talking to a bunch of BNI members and Directors is:

1. There are thousands of chapters that don’t have a SendOutCards person
2. Quite a few chapters have had 1-3 people from SOC as members, but today they don’t have one.

This tells me one thing:


1. Professional Networking Meetings are not about you and what you are going to get.

2. SendOutCards is not about you and what you are going to get.

The reason people join and quit is because they join and when they don’t
GET business or referrals within a few weeks, they quit.

Norm also said to me that in the beginning he received lots of cards of SOC
distributors. Today he gets very few. Why? My guess is because many of us are
sending cards only when there is something to gain by sending a card.


SENDOUTCARDS – “You get back what you send out”
BNI – “Givers Gain”

SendOutCards is not about you. SendOutCards is about the lives you touch
and the lives you can make better through the cards you send. Kody says,
“Let’s celebrate the lives of others, now!”

BNI is not about you. BNI is about what you can do to bring new life and growth
to the businesses that you come in contact with through your association with them. Each week there are opportunities to make new connections in the Networks that you are part of. Meeting new people is important and following up is important . . .but it as not as important as looking for ways that you can make others feel special and important. It’s not as important as putting people together that can really help each other. You can only do this in your network.

Each of you have something really special and important to contribute that only
you can do. By doing your business, you are making the world a better place!


1. Be committed to your cause to make the world a better place
2. Be committed to the success of others (more than your own)
3. Meet new people and make them feel special and important
4. Get committed to becoming friends with those that are already in your network
5. Always serve first

If you are in it solely to ‘get’ business, success will always evade you!
Your number one objective is to help others get business. It will come back
to you so fast that it will make your head spin!


Money is simply a conversation. There are millions of people with money
that are ready to play. When you have a compelling story and you have
something to share that inspires others, people will line up to give you
their money. If its just about what you are going to get, it won’t come your
way because that’s not too inspiring.
You must create and communicate in such a way that others want to
be part of our crusade. It’s really very simple. Create a large, wide, open space
for success to flow into your life. And then have a message that inspires others.
The best way to do this is to have someone send a card and begin to create their own story. Then share with them how sendoutcards is making a difference for you

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