Dec 12th, 2016



As you our laying out your plans for the new year, consider this – Sometimes a simple plan that you do is way more effective than a complicated one that you don’t. I learned many years ago that when I had a short list of things to accomplish, I was much more likely to get them done than if the list was long. I also learned that there are big things that make a little difference and there are little things that make a big difference. Sometimes the little things become the big things!

Let’s dig a little deeper. You know you want to get healthier and feel better. There are many directions you could go with this. You could start a daily one hour work-out routine. You could hire a trainer or a fitness coach. You could throw away everything bad for you in your kitchen and restock only with healthy stuff. You could subscribe to a health blog that you saw. You could start lifting weights, doing yoga and running. So many options! So you lay out an elaborate plan for yourself . . . and predictably, 3 weeks later, you are back to your old ways! I have a suggestions. Think of just ONE THING that you could do that would make a profound difference in your next 12 months. Just one. Not a plan . . . just a thing you could do.
For example, what would happen if you focused on just NO REFINED SUGAR. What would be the impact on your life? You would lose weight and start feeling immeasurably better. You probably would start exercising not because you have it on your list but because you just want to.

Or maybe your ONE THING is to apply the 5 second rule that _____________ taught at Recruiting Mastery when waking up in the morning. That one thing will change everything about your life! Instead of rolling over, hit the alarm and start your day! Every day. You will feel so much better . . . your days will go better. You will be more productive. You’ll be happier. You’ll be more fulfilled. Not even so much because your day is longer and you’ll get more done but because you actually did what you said you were going to do . . . every day! Your life works better when you do what you say you are going to do!

You know that reading good personal development is the most promising hope for a success in business. And you do it when you can squeeze it in. Let’s say you decide that this is the ONE THING you are going to commit to in the New Year. No matter what, you will read 30 minutes a day or 3 pages from a good personal development book. Read something that you don’t already know so that you are not just nodding your heading in agreement but you are actually stretching. Try and create a routine and do it at the same time every day. Also decide how you plan to consume it . . . books on tape, kindle, physical book? Make it your new habit!

This next one is probably the toughest yet the most profound thing you can do that will have an unimaginable positive impact on your life. It’s so simple yet so difficult because it is fiercely addicting. And it causes hopeless decay in your life and in your brain. It sucks your energy and causes anxiety and stress. It’s distracting and all-consuming. And the more you consume the more you need. When you do this to yourself, you sleep restlessly so your days are less productive and it ravenously steals away your time, hour after hour, day after day and month after month. It’s so simple yet profoundly freeing . . . turn off the news. And as difficult as it is, when you see it pop up on your social media, scroll through it. 90% of it is fake anyway. There is no redeeming value in watching CNN or Fox. Nothing good comes from it. I’m speaking from experience because this past year, I got sucked in. I started listening in my car to Sirrius CNN and Fox during the election coverage . . . I devoured it each time I was driving somewhere. I found myself transform into a negative thinking, paranoid person. I worked less. I had anxiety in my heart and found myself waking up stressed out. Some of you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. I’ve heard people say . . . “I can’t wait til the election is over with so I can get back to my life!” Well guess what?! The election is over with and many of you are not back to your life! Because now it’s TRUMP CABINET MEMBERS, REPEAL AND REPLACE, THIS BOMB GOING OFF HERE AND THIS BOMB GOING OFF THERE AND WILL THERE BE A WALL . . . ETC, ETC, ETC! For some of you, just me talking about it makes you want to consume more . . . like a drug! How is this helping you live your dream?! It’s not. You need to turn it off and start focusing on YOUR LIFE. Do things that will make a difference in the world. Stop consuming this propaganda! I made a conscious decision to TURN IT OFF! And I noticed within about 3 days, I started feeling 1000% better. My stress subsided. I became infinitely more productive and I was happier. This one little decision . . . this ONE THING can change your life.

Maybe your one thing this year is . . . put one SendOutCards App on someone’s phone every day. That’s your commitment to yourself and your future. And if for some reason you miss a day, you make it up by doing 2 the next day. You share the app and walk someone through sending a card. Do you think your life will change dramatically if you just did this? In ways you can’t even imagine. Your life will explode with opportunity and growth!
One little decision that will make a huge impact on your year.

Let’s say you know you are just not putting in the time. You aren’t working enough. You know that if you focused 100% of your energy on just working your business more often than that would make all the difference. So your one thing could become . . . work the business consistently 2 hours a day for the next 90 days . . . no matter what. EVEN when you don’t feel like it. This one thing will transform everything about your life. Again, you’ll see so many new opportunities for growth line up in your life your head will be spinning! When I ask someone who is frustrated with the business how many productive hours they worked in the past week the answer I get is usually two. If they tell me ten, I ask them how many times they have shown the business in the past week. And the answer I get is usually 1 or 2 which means they didn’t really put in 10 productive hours! Your business will not grow unless you do the work!

Here’s an idea that could help some of you. For some of you, you don’t even realize it but your environment is working against you. Maybe you are a mom and you have young kids . . . and your environment is chaotic and not so conducive to being productive. Some people can easily work on the run and environment doesn’t really effect their productivity. I relish in the fact that I can work from anywhere! That’s why I love our business so much! Others need to have a comfortable space that is theirs for working. If you need to create your personal space for being productive, take a day or two and do that. You may need to set up a separate bedroom or corner to be your “office” and to put you into business mode. Design it in a way that puts you in the right frame of mind. You may like to work from cushions on the floor or may need a more traditional desk setup. Be careful of getting caught in the trap of using this reason to not work. In other words, don’t wait for things to be perfect before you can go to work. And for heaven’s sake, don’t stop working because all of a sudden you feel like you need a space!

My goal board is ridiculously simple . . . I write down 3 things that I want to accomplish in the next 90 days. Just 3.
And these are simple things that I know will make a massive difference in my life and in my business. I know its tempting to write down more than three but just start with the 3 things that you think will make the biggest impact in the next 90 days. By the way, I have the 3 things on a board displayed in my closet! Why? Because I know 100% for sure that I will view them first thing in the morning. They change about every 90 days. It’s a GREAT PLACE to display your goals. And my goals are short and to the point.

1. Yoga or weights today (Do something!)

2. Demo the App today

3. Dream build with someone in the helicopter each week.

Now obviously my daily list of things to do is quite long and many of the activities are outside of the scope of these three things, BUT each day I FOCUS on these three things because it is the first thing that I see at the start of my day!

Your life will transform as you focus on the three things that are important to you for the next 90 days.

Here are some areas to draw from:

A. Health
B. Business
C. Spiritual
D. Personal Relationships

I’ll give you a bunch of TRANSFORMATIVE ideas now. This technique is so simple
yet so profound. Any one of these things will set your life on a new trajectory that
will bring increased productivity, happiness and emotional and physical health

1. Be fully present with each of my kids for 30 min a day
2. Stretch every day
3. No white food (Sugar, Bread, Pasta)
4. Send Out 3 encouraging cards a day
5. Send Out 3 gratitude cards a day
6. No smoking
7. Meet 3 new people per day (every day!)
8. Turn off the TV
9. Check emails once a week
10. Read 30 minutes a day
11. Unclutter (10 minutes a day)
12. Take one 3 day vacation per month with the most important
person in my life.
13. Fill my calendar
14. Appreciate everyone that has made a positive difference in my life
15. Learn something every day
16. Learn the presentation
17. Fall in love with planting money trees.
18. Do the impossible
Don’t try and do all of this. Pick 3 for the next 90 days. Just 3. FOCUS on the three and then pick 3 more.

So what is the ONE THING? The one thing is to do this one thing. Do this simple exercise. If it’s true you
get what you focus on, then I suggest focusing on a few very simple and easy to remember things that
can make a profound difference for you and those around you!

Your life will be better. You’ll be happier, less stressed and way more efficient. And if you are so inclined, post your three things for the next 90 days on Facebook!

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