The Game of Sendoutcards:

October 18, 2010- The Game of Sendoutcards:


When you look at something as a ‘game’ a few things begin to happen:

GAME DEFINITION: An activity engaged in for amusement or play.

Games are:

1. More fun

2. Easy to measure

Games give you:

1. Control of your destiny.

2. A challenge to ‘win’

(we were taught as children to play games to win)

Games are invented much like SendOutCards was ‘invented’. Let’s look at what a game entails. In other words, if we look at what makes up a good game and then we incorporate those same things into the ‘game’ of SOC, we can have a more fulfilling experience while playing:

1. There is usually some type of ‘interface’ like a game board

or website that has characters, objects, places, etc.

2. There is usually something to ‘do’ or ‘accomplish’ – This is the

‘Object of the Game’ – The first question we ask when sitting down to

play a game is “What’s the object of the game?”

3. There are almost always instructions and rules for play.

4. There is a way to ‘keep score’

5. Most of us play to ‘win’

6. There is sometimes an element of ‘luck’ involved.

7. Winning or losing us usually not a matter of ‘life’ or ‘death’. If we lose it’s a bummer, but life goes on.

8. Some games are more challenging than others and some people tend to do better than others.

9. We can develop our ‘skills’ to get better at games as we play more often.

10. Cheating almost always has negative consequences.

11. Games cause us to focus

12. Competition in games can cause us to be more productive than if we weren’t playing against someone else.

So how can we apply these simple principles to the ‘Game’ of SendOutCards.

1. Our ‘interface’ (gameboard) is the world filled with people and the SendOutCards websites:

a. to manage your business and send cards and gifts.

b. to manage ‘Retail Accounts’

c. to manage ‘showing SOC to others

2. The ‘Object of the Game’ is to achieve the two fold mission of SendOutCards.

a. to act on promptings and help others do the same.

b. to achieve financial freedom and help others do the same

3. The Instructions and Rules for play come in your kit and are on the SendOutCards site under ‘System Training’ and the Policies and Procedures.

4. We keep score using ‘The Daily 8’ ( and our BUSINESS OFFICE

5. How do we know when we are winning? Here are some of the things I use to determine

whether I am winning:

a. My paycheck – My paycheck is a ‘measuring stick’ that determines how well I am doing

at serving other people in this game. In other words if I am acting on promptings and ‘moving’ people in

a positive way, if I am helping others do the same, my check will go up. If not, it won’t grow.

b. The number of people I meet and the quality of the relationships that I have with them: The ‘gameboard players’ are the people in the world. They must want to ‘play’ with me in life. In order for that to happen, I need to:

1). Meet them

2). Get to know them personally

3). Stay in touch with them

4). Add value to their lives

When I do this successfully, I add new people to my personal network which ‘advances’ me in my game! This involves personal phone calls, meetings, sending cards, socializing, giving back by being generous, etc.

c. How good I feel and how happy I am – Each day that I can wake up, feel good and experience happiness is a win for me. I am unable to play the game when I’m not feeling good or if I’m unhappy. So I ‘win’ each day that I experience happiness

d. Progress on my personal development plan – I win when I’m growing personally. I strive to learn something new every day which includes listening to personal development CD’s and reading from personal development books. I can also grow through the people I meet.

There is a direct connection between your personal success in business and life AND 3 things:

1). The size of your network

2). The quality of your relationships

3). Your personal growth



Hey Jordan!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Listen, something weird is going on.� I think I mentioned to you that in addition to having a coaching practice, I also do corporate training.�

That was a primary source income for me when I left the practice of law to start my coaching business at the end of 2005. But that work began to dry up in the fall of 2008.� By 2009 there was nothing going on.�

Well, about a month ago I got offered 3 training gigs.� I thought that was absolutely fantastic.Fast forward to today, I’ve now got 11 training gigs on my calendar total!� And they’re all before the end of the year.

It seems so bizarre to go from 0 to 11 in a matter of a few weeks. My first thought is that it was a sign that the economy is beginning to recover. And that’s great of course, but then I started to wonder if it was something else.� Because of SOC, personal development has become a daily habit for me.� (I’ve actually been meditating quite a bit on the words you mentioned to me in our most recent email communication: congruity, conviction, knowing, and the energy you send out.)

It just occurred to me that maybe the personal development work I’ve been doing isn’t just fueling my SOC business but also my “daytime” gig.

I’d love to know what you think… .




6. Yes . . . there is an element of ‘Luck’ involved. But what is luck? Can you attract it?

I think so. In fact one of my ‘I am’ statements is ‘I am lucky’. Did you guys see what happened

at the convention? Out of thousands of entrants I won 2 out of the first 3 drawings. Linda Clemmons was blown away. Many of you thought it was set up. I was on stage in front of almost 4,000 of you and drew my own name to fly on the private jet to Vegas that night. It wasn’t set up. I REALLY pulled my own name!! Of course I through it back since I was providing the trip. But then guess what happened? Linda Clemmons pulled my name to win the new Mustang Convertible! I through that one back as well. Linda came over to me afterwards and said she wanted to go to Vegas with me. I AM lucky! Why? Because I said so . . . Is it lucky that I found Jim Packard or that David Frey came into my group or that Demarr kept sending me cards? Was it just dumb luck that Todd called me back or that I decided to do SendOutCards when virtually every one of the so-called ‘experts’ said there was no money to be made? Yes, there is luck involved but you can start being ‘lucky’ today.

7. In a game, winning is not a matter of ‘life or death’. But lots of you guys simply ‘freak out’ when things don’t go your way. I get it . . . when I joined SOC, I was going through $20,000 per month in savings. That can create a lot of stress. Money is like water . . . it flows into your life and it flows out of your life. We must take it in stride. Never let crisis turn into ruin. Money is ‘energy’. Money is ‘ideas’. It’s not real. It’s an agreement. It’s available to all of us in abundance. Never let the highs get too high and never let the lows get to low. In the game of SendOutCards, it’s not life or death. I understand that for some of you it’s really really important for you to make this work. I’m just talking about one of the basic fundamental principles to playing this game at your best. Most of the time it won’t serve you to make it so serious that the world will come to an end if you don’t win. In fact, you’ll do much better if it becomes fun and really not that i

mportant for you to win. I really think that because I didn’t plan on being ‘big’ in SOC, it went much faster. In Jim Packard’s words (now this is profound wisdom folks . . . ‘Have fun!’)

8. Stretch yourself to the level necessary for maximum fulfillment. Games are fulfilling when you are challenged. Games are also more fun when you are competing and making progress. Think about it. A game is really not that great if it’s too stressful or if you are not making progress. In fact think about games you’ve played where you were so far behind it just wasn’t fun. Now think about games you’ve played where you had some tough competition, you lost the game but the challenge was made it really fun! We must be challenged and we must grow and compete to enjoy the process. In the game of SOC if you are sending out cards and acting on promptings, you’ll never really lose.

9. We already talked about the importance of personal growth. We win as we grow. Measure your success not just based on your check but also based on your personal growth. Your check will rise to meet the level of your impact on the world. Your impact on the world will expand as you grow personally.

10. Cheating in our game involves doing things that hurt other people or that cheats the company in some way. You’ll never win in the long run by cheating. Cutting corners or breaking policies to get a promotion will hurt you in the long run.

11 and 12. Why is it that many times in periods of challenge we get extremely focused? When we have a clear and definitive ‘purpose’ we can get extremely focused. Imagine the mom that has to save her child from harm. There is no fear and there is extreme focus. Sometimes a will to win can help to create that focus. For some people, the stresses of winning or challenge can cause ‘shut-down’. You may know what I’m talking about. Or . . . you might find those stresses motivating in some way. They may cause you to get focused and ‘driven’. You must find your own balance. Competitive stress can motivate you or cause you to shut down. I can go to downtown Chicago . . . look around in awe at the sheer size of the city and get completely overwhelmed. OR, I can look at the thousands and thousands of people and get extremely focused on how I will impact so many lives as SendOutCards moves through the networks across the skyscrapers of the city.

SendOutCards is simply ideas that have been put together in a way to positively serve humanity. As you ‘view’ SendOutCards as a game, you gain power over it as something fun and playful vs something serious and difficult.


There are specific instructions to playing the game. The instructions are given to you in your kit and on your website . . . ie; How to send a card, How to send campaign, How to send out a DVD or a Gift, How to show someone the video, How to show someone how to send a card, etc. Send a Card a Day and a Gift a Week. Do at least 1 Gift Acct Walk-Through per day, etc. There are videos that give you the instructions under ‘System Training’

RULES TO THE GAME (a guide for conduct or action): There are also some rules to follow: ie; Don’t use ‘income projections’ to recruit, Be respectful of others recruiting efforts, Do the right thing, etc. You’ll find these in the policies and procedures. There are also rules to life . . . when you follow them you’ll attract great people. When you don’t, you’ll drive people away. ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie and ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz are great books for learning these fundamental rules. There are also ‘Rules’ to playing the ‘Network Marketing’ Game. There are many books that help to lay out these rules for you.

How you measure a win is up to you. I gave you my

criteria. You may define your ultimate win in the following way . . .

WIN: Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom for you someone else EVEN BIGGER WIN: New people in your organization achieving financial freedom each month AND . . . THE MOTHERLOAD: As a result of what you have started, people in other organizations are achieving financial freedom

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