The Fastest Route to Fame and Fortune

February 27, 2012

The Fastest Route to Fame and Fortune-
Understand that there are many different ways to build a network marketing business. I have my philosophy about what I believe to be the quickest route. There are people that may disagree with me, and that’s okay. I’m going to share with you what I believe to work the most efficiently. I am not just speaking from a place of signing people up quickly, but from a place of long term engagement. In other words, what are the simple actions that will ultimately lead to growth and overall retention?

I hope you realize that if your team grows to 100,000, users my team doubles. I have a personal stake in your success. I want you to grow your business big! When you grow, I grow.

Although my path may seem counter-intuitive to those seeking business builders, I want you to know that I am 100% about building the business. I have heard many people say that they don’t believe in building through BNI (Business Network International) because it fosters “glorified customers” (people who just use SendOutCards but don’t build it). I see it differently. BNI offers an opportunity to MEET PEOPLE and learn to network. Great customers lead to great reps. In fact, there aren’t too many of you on this call that would be upset if your residual check was $22,000 per month. The portion of my $100,000 RESIDUAL check coming as a result of my “glorified customers” is about $22,000 a month. Some of the customers became distributors and lead me to many many people that are not in BNI and over time that team has grown to many thousands of distributors.

BNI is not the answer but it provides one path to getting people started.

The road to $100,000 per month has not changed. I believe in an approach that will make it easy for people to see SendOutCards and make it easy for distributors to get people involved with SendOutCards. Again, there are lots of way to skin a cat.

“We get customers and we teach others how to get customers”. If this is true, (which it is – AND, by the way, this is what we have always done!) then we need to look at what is the easiest and quickest way to get a keep customers and get and keep distributors.

Keep in mind that sometimes the long path is the short path. What may appear to be the long road may actually be the short road. There is a courting process that must happen in relationship building and if that courting process is neglected or avoided, the result is less than desirable. What happens when you pull the bread out of the oven too soon?

So, what’s the quickest route? The quickest route involves nurturing the relationship (staying in touch with people) and treating them as if they are already involved even long before they actually are signed up. Take your time with people and let them make a decision on their timeline, not yours. The follow up and staying in touch process is MORE IMPORTANT than the sign up process. As you are communicating with the people in your network, you are training them (long before they actually sign up!!). The long route is the short route. The reason so few make it big in our business is because so few really get what I’m talking about here.

What’s the easiest path to opening someone up to the idea of SendOutCards in a way that will engage someone as a customer or a distributor FOR THE LONG HAUL. There are quicker ways of getting distributors, however I’m talking about creating duplication and retention, as well as getting distributors.

Here are some general philosophies you must follow if you want to get customers, get customers gathers, create retention, create duplication and engage as many people as possible:

1. You must embrace the “give to give” philosophy – The key to getting customers and customer gatherers is to release your need to GET customers and distributors.

2. Get Customers -Customers are the easiest way to happily involve someone with our company and philosophy. Someone that loves using SendOutCards is way more likely to want to be a distributor. If they don’t make money right away, they will at least continue to use us.

3. Teach others how to get customers- Not so you can get paid your $40, but so that they can get off to a good start. Even in the training program, if you want to make big money in training, focus not on the money. Focus on getting people started and giving them what they need to be successful.

4. Keep it simple – REALLY SIMPLE! I can send cards. I can show others how to send cards. If they like it enough to use it, they may like it enough to tell others about it. Big growth happens in this simple process. REAL SOLID GROWTH HAPPENS HERE. Shortcuts may produce reps but I have found they don’t produce solid, long-term growth and retention.

Again, I want to really emphasize something here. I am 100% ALL ABOUT BUILDING THE BUSINESS AND FINDING BUSINESS BUILDERS!! I don’t want to hear anyone say that I’m only about focusing on customers. I am also about finding the path to long term retention and referrals. Someone who get’s lots of customers (which are ridiculously easy to get now that the $99, $199 and $398 entry fee has been eliminated) and who introduces the opportunity to those customers AND teaches the same thing will create an exploding organization of customer gatherers.

What do we do? “We get customers and we find others to do the same!” So let’s do that. Let’s GET CUSTOMERS AND FIND OTHERS TO DO THE SAME!

The Formula for sponsoring one per week-

Here’s the secret to getting customers and reps:

Meet 2 people per day (Find ways to do this that are consistent with your personality).

Send 1-5 cards per day (Give to Give!! Don’t shortcut this) – Tell story about rep going through a hard time divorce – down and out “Are you sending out your cards?” Send cards especially if you are having a bad day! That’s what SendOutCards is for!

Walk one person per day through the 3 min video and HAVE THEM SEND A CARD.
Don’t shortcut this! To get customers and find customers gatherers, you MUST have them send a card on the system. This is the part that many are missing. If you don’t do it your team doesn’t do it and the whole system breaks down. In the past we didn’t have the “automated” Gift Account. We had to manually walk someone through sending a card. It takes a little more time, but it engages the distributor and the potential distributor in an invaluable dialog. You can still do it the old way. PULL UP THE CONTACT. CLICK VIEW CONTACT. CLICK ENABLE GIFT ACCOUNT then assign them some points, expense and a username and password. They can then log in to their temporary gift account with the username and password you created. You can then coach them through sending a card. This is how we did it for years and in it’s simplicity, it worked!

Follow up with third party tools, cards, emails and calls (You are training them before they are signed up).

Be persistent, but not annoying.

Sign up as customers those that are not ready to be distributors. Sign up lots and lots of customers – Show each one the opportunity video. Send each the new DVD. Stay in touch with each so that when the time is right, they feel comfortable coming to you. GIVE TO GIVE!!

GET BACK TO THE MEANING OF SOC! Stop trying to “get” people. Focus on giving the GIFT of SendOutCards.

The Magic Formula: GIVE IT AWAY! Let them TRY it for FREE and move them step by step through the process.

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