January 21, 2013

The $50 Refundable Deposit-

This program exists to satisfy the regulators. It does not include training by a certified trainer and it does not include any points. Most importantly, I would never sign someone up at this level because I want them to get the full benefit of the program. We are asking someone to start a business that has unlimited potential and a residual benefit that can far exceed any traditional business. This is a business that has no boundaries and can be worked from virtually anywhere. I tell people to save their $50. Sign up as a customer and use SendOutCards until they have the $395. If $395 is a challenge, they NEED us more than they even know!


Demarr signed me up without ever going over a compensation plan. I signed up my first 100+ distributors without ever sharing a compensation plan. After the comp plan training in Anaheim (Demarr did a great job), I had a handful of newer representatives come up to me afterwards and tell me how confused they were. In fact, two of them felt like they needed to figure it all out before they could really get things going. To give Demarr the benefit of the doubt, this training was an SCT (Senior Certified Trainer) Training and was designed for seasoned business builders. All distributors (including the newer ones) were invited to attend. It’s important to know the BENEFITS of the comp plan however, if you attempt to learn the comp plan in order to teach it, I believe you will seriously paralyze the growth of your group. Each new person you teach the comp plan to will attempt to tell their closest friends and family members about it. A confused mind is a paralyzed mind. Keep this in mind as I go over all of this.

I recommend using the tools provided by corporate (The Opportunity Video, The Compensation Plan Description and The Compensation Plan Chart – you’ll find these under DOWNLOADS on your MAIN MENU) to explain these things. When someone asks me about the comp plan, I give them THE BASICS and then I send them the “Compensation Plan Chart” and “Compensation Plan Details” which I pull from my DOWNLOADS. Usually this is more than enough to satisfy them if they need the details.

NOTE: I do not pass along the details unless they INSIST. I show the Opportunity Video and that satisfies most people.

Here are the things about the Compensation Plan that are IMPORTANT TO KNOW:

When a new Marketing Distributor gets one $31 subscription customer signed up or 2 $9.80 subscription customers signed up, they get promoted to Senior Distributor (SD). When they do it within their first 7 days, they get an additional $50.

When that new Marketing Distributor gets 3 others to do the same AND they get their “Q”, they get promoted to MANAGER.

When they do this within their first 30 days they get a Certified Trainer position and they are eligible to be trained as a Certified Trainer.

Getting the “Q” means turning your dashboard GREEN. When you have $31 in PCV (Personal Customer Volume), the circle on the upper left of your dashboard turns green. This means you are qualified for levels 0 and 1 (Zero level is YOU and first level are the DISTRIBUTORS you sign up personally). In other words, to get paid on levels zero and one, you’ll need at least $31 in Personal Customer Volume, which can be yours (monthly auto order).

To turn the big circle on the left of your dashboard green, you’ll need 2 subscription customers. A $31 subscription customer counts as 2. Once this big circle is green, you are now qualified to get paid on levels 2-7. Levels are like “families” or generations. Your first level are your kids. Your second level are your grandkids. Your third level are your great-grandkids, etc. By turning the big circle on the left green, you are qualified through 7 generations (think family tree).

To turn the big circle on the right of your dashboard green, you’ll need $93 in total Personal Customer Volume (PCV). This includes your customer volume and the customer volume of those you have signed up. So if you are short, you can go in and buy more points or purchase products from the photo store.

*Expense account (postage and shipping) does not count towards your volume (it’s not commissionable).

Once you have the one small circle on the upper left turned green and the two big circles turned green, you have your “Q”. With focus, you should be able to do this in 1 hour. The small circle on the upper right is to get YOUR FREE POINTS (100) each month. When you have $93 in Customer Subscription Volume (CSV), your

points are FREE! This means that your customers (not including you) are paying at least $93 per month in subscriptions.

You receive $100 for each new PERSONALLY SPONSORED distributor when they get their customers.


You’ll receive an additional $40 for each new Marketing Distributor that enters your Senior Distributor Code, when they get started by getting their customers. This is potentially paid to unlimited levels.


The company pays a certified trainer $40 for each new Marketing Distributor that joins SendOutCards. The Certified Trainers (CT’s) that do this training are entitled to this $40. You are not limited to just those in your organization or to those you personally sponsor. As a certified trainer, you are certified to train any new Marketing Distributor regardless of where they are in the business. Typically, you will be training those in your organization. However, you may get referrals from other MD’s that are not certified as CTs. This fosters an environment of cooperation and teamwork.


You’ll receive an additional $140 for each new Marketing Distributor that enters your Manager Code when they get started by getting their customers. This is potentially paid to unlimited levels.

You’ll also receive an additional 5% (on top of the percentages in the distributor group of 2-5%). This 5% is potentially paid to unlimited levels.

Here are the things about the Compensation Plan that are NICE TO KNOW:

The compensation plan rewards both width and depth. In other words, you are encouraged to find motivated people in your organization and help them to get started, regardless of what level they are on. You’ll be rewarded with increased residuals and bonuses as you grow your business.

You have 20 different ways you can get paid in the SendOutCards Compensation Plan.

-Customer Acquisition Bonus ($100)
-Leadership Bonuses – $40 to $235 (SD, M, SM, E, SE, EAGLE). These are 6 different groups that grow independently of each other!
-Unilevel Residual Commissions 2%-5% (7 levels)
-Residuals 5% – 25% (SD, M, SM, E, SE, EAGLE) %’s. These are 6 different groups that grow independently of each other!
-CT Training Fees ($40 per MD).
-SCT Training Fees ($80 per CT).
-ECT Training Fees ($100 per CT).
-ECT Training Over-rides ($20 for each SCT that gets certified).

You also get commissions off recertification fees when a Certified Trainer gets re-certified.

When you become a Senior Manager, you can then get certified as a Senior Certified Trainer (SCT). The SCT Schools are held the day before each Treat ‘Em Right Seminar. Anyone can attend however you must be a Senior Manager to officially be paid as a Senior Certified Trainer. SCT’s get paid $80 to certify Certified Trainers.

Once you become an Executive, you can then get certified as an Executive Certified Trainer (ECT). The ECT Schools are held during convention. Anyone can attend however you must be an Executive to officially be paid as an Executive Certified Trainer. ECT’s get paid $100 to train Certified Trainers.


One of my original mentors had no financial interest in me. I thought I had “figured out” the compensation plan. I had never made a penny in any program I had ever been in. I told him that I wanted to “hold” my best people until I got promoted. He laughed out loud and said, “Jordan, what I’m going to tell you next will determine what you do in this business. You’ve been in 11 different companies and you’ve never made a penny! So listen very carefully to what I’m going to say. Only do what you want your downline to do after you get promoted! If you had 1,000 people in your group and everyone said they had figured out the comp plan and they decided to hold their best people until after getting promoted, what would happen??”

I said, “Well I suppose everything would come to a dead stop”. He said, “Yes! And you would have a dead, lifeless, group.”

He then asked, “What would happen if you had 1,000 people in your business and they all decided to put their best people in first?”

I said, “It would explode??”

He said, “Exactly and so what you want to do is; only do what is worth duplicating! In other words, do what you want your downline to do. Put your best people in first and teach everyone to do the same. This is the formula for an exploding group!”

So, that’s what I did. I started showing the business 3 times a week and signing people up when THEY were ready to sign up. I didn’t try and outsmart the compensation plan.

As a result of consistently bringing in new people, my business grew and I became #11 out of 2.5 million distributors. By the way, I did the same thing in SendOutCards although, I upped the numbers. I started showing my business 3-5 times a day and signing up people each week. Within a matter of months I was #1 in the company. There were already over 2,000 people signed up in the company.

Here’s the bottom line: all of this detail is nice to know and you can see how confusing it could be to a new person. The good news is; you don’t need to know it and you don’t need to be able to explain it.

There are 3 things that will determine how big your business gets and how fast:

  • How much you show SendOutCards. The linchpin is the Gift Account Walk-Through. If you want people to be excited about the business, have them send a card on the system. Have THEM do it and you sit with them while they send it.
  • Whether they believe it’s true. (Use the videos and the daily call to show them that it’s legit).
  • Whether they believe THEY can do it. (Keep it simple. Follow the 3 steps).

Become an expert SORTER. In other words, if you are chasing people or trying to convince them to do it, you are burning daylight. Your job is to find the ones that light up when you have them send a card. If they are not excited, move on and send them a card. Just be sure and stay in touch because many of them will become your distributors later as long as you are still engaged! Pat Hinz used to repeat a phrase that his father used to use. “Only kiss the girls that lean towards you!” I know, I know, but you get the point! If they are being unresponsive or despondent, move on! Find the ones that LIGHT UP!!

Here’s a tip from virtually everyone that has ever achieved greatness in our profession:

  • Get obsessed with your cause. How important is this to you? I’m not talking about building a SendOutCards business, I’m talking about having your dreams. Are you ready to really make them come true?
  • Stop planning to do it and start doing it! The only way you’ll learn to do it is by DOING IT! The way to overcome your fears is to face them. Make your dreams more important than your fears. What is the cost of not doing it?

Honestly, we have done a terrible job of sharing SendOutCards with the world. I’m grateful for where we are but we haven’t even scratched the surface. We’ve come a long way, but I’m almost embarrassed by where we are as compared to where we could be. I’m looking for those of you that want to help me take SOC to a whole new level. We’re perfectly positioned for worldwide growth and expansion. Let’s do this!

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