The 30 days of Gratitude Challenge

June 12, 2012

Author of, “The Four Year Career” AND “Mach II with you Hair on Fire”.
He is also a network marketing company owner. He says:

“The 30 days of Gratitude Challenge is possibly the best business idea in the past decade”

3 minute video:

Jeff Packard combined 3 great concepts:

1. A 30 day challenge
2. Gratitude
3. SendOutCards

TAKE THE CHALLENGE (As a preferred customer).

For $1 a day someone can send out a card a day expressing gratitude to those that they are grateful for. This is a program for the masses. Everyone needs to take the challenge.

To those that I ask to take the challenge, I am offering their $30 back if they try it for 30 days and don’t see dramatic results. That is one gratitude card a day for 30 days.

If someone wants to make money, they can TEACH THE CHALLENGE. Become an MD for $295, start by getting 3 others to TAKE THE CHALLENGE and your dashboard is green. You are also invited to Kody Bateman’s “Q” call because you have earner your “Q” and you’ll be receiving 100 free points each month!!

Much of success in Network Marketing involves creating a story. By taking the
30 day Gratitude Challenge, each new person is creating a list of personal stories that will inspire others to do the same. In fact, we will be launching a program in the near future, (thanks to an idea from Curtis Lewsey) that will allow people to post videos of their inspiring stories to win i-pads and possible trips based on which stories get “liked” the most. This will encourage entrants to pass their stories along to others so that they get more “likes”. We’re going viral! Stay tuned!

Richard Brooke also said, “You are sitting on a goldmine with SendOutCards!”.

He sat down with 3 of our SM’s at the Skybar at Mandarin Oriental. He was asked, “What does it take to Blow it Up”?

He told them:

“If you’ll sponsor 100-150 people in the next 2 years (50-75 per year) and then let time take its course you’ll have a huge SOC income. Because we’re in Vegas, I’ll bet you $1000 that you won’t do it. If you do it, I’ll pay you $1000. If you don’t do it, you pay me $1000!!”

Here are the reasons why Richard believes that SendOutCards is the next
Billion $$$ Giant:

  1. SendOutCards was founded on a vision of love.
  2. SendOutCards has a visionary and committed leader whose actions match his story.
  3. SendOutCards is a company over the hump, in the clear with nothing but upside. Most companies don’t survive their first 5 years.
  4. SendOutCards has a product that makes everyone feel their deepest positive emotions just thinking about it.
  5. SendOutCards has a comp plan that has proven to produce run rates of a billion dollars a year or more.
  6. SendOutCards has the finest field leadership that any company owner could ever hope for.
  7. The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge – “The Best Viral Idea in Decades”.

Johnny Cash wrote a thousand songs yet 3-5 made him an icon.
The same holds true with most every business. In our business, 1-5 legs will make you an icon in our profession.

Here are some stats and company announcements:

  1. In the Network Marketing Profession, retention rates are typically 10% every 5 years (autoship). Our retention rate is 60% (subscription) after 5 years.
  2. We’ve paid out $70 million in commissions to our distributors.
  3. 25% more distributors are receiving commissions this year over last year.
  4. We send approximately 1.5 cards per second.
  5. Due to a four year process with the post office, in the very near future we will be able to track every single card from our facility to the recipient.
  6. We are exploring the possibility of customizable stamps and themed envelopes.
  7. Customer Service wait times are down to less than 3 minutes.


Handwriting Font Full Package (Handwriting and 4 signatures) is now just $25!!

  1. Print form from downloads (you need a color printer).
  2. Purchase Font from “Purchase Products” on the left side of your MAIN MENU.
  3. Complete form and mail flat to the address on the form.

Signatures $5 each!!
(Follow same process as above!)

PROJECTS IN QUE (Soon to come)

  1. International Expansion
  2. Premium Paper Cards (Invitations/Announcments)
  3. Multiple gifts with one card
  4. Mobile Device Apps (ability to send gift cards and gifts right from your phone, droid or i-pad! And ability to load photos from Facebook or Instagram!!)
  5. Tighter integration with Social Networks
  6. Third Party contact assimilation


  1. 1. Hard customizable i-pad cases!! ($29.99)
  2. Soft customizable i-pad cases (leather)
  3. Premium i-phone case (rubber with interchangeable photo blades!)
  4. Customizable mousepads!
  5. Customizable address labels!


New Product Announcement that will:

  1. 1Have business owners begging to sign up
  2. Produce hundreds of customers overnight
  3. Assist you in upgrading business owners to distributors
  4. Dramatically increase residuals

Pre-written campaigns for Professionals
Super High Quality
No Marketing – All Gratitude
Mortgage/Chiropractor/Realtors/Insurance Agents/Dentists/Accountants/Attorneys/Carpet Cleaners and more
Generic – 12-card follow up campaigns for SOC Distributors

Retail Recruiting Campaigns
Upgrade Retail to Distributor Campaigns

a. Separate Website
b. All Functionality
c. $0.49 a point
d. If you are ‘Q’ Qualified you will receive a full 30% commission
e. Volume paid


1. On the Eagle’s Panel hosted by SM, Jackie Ulmer, she asked, “Which tools are the most important to you (the Eagles) for building the business?”
Almost unanimously the Eagles said “The Gift Account Walk-Through – The ability for someone to send a card for free.”


1. Have each person watch the 3 minute video.
2. Have each person send a card.
3. Show each person the 30 day Gratitude Challenge and ask them each to TAKE IT.
4. Ask them if they may be interested in helping you TEACH IT.

“I teach the 30 day gratitude challenge.”


  1. Have them watch the 3 min video.
  2. Have each person send a card.
  3. Show each person how the 30 day Gratitude Challenge works and ask them to take it.
  4. Ask them if they may be interested in helping you and TEACHING IT!

In closing:

“A man from Philadelphia told me that all his life he had tried to lose weight: resistance. In other words, he was against the weight. And he simply could not lose it. Then, his little girl’s kidneys quit working. As his family conducted an extensive search, looking everywhere for a perfect kidney match, they found one, the little girl’s father, this overweight man. However, the doctor told him that the he would not remove the father’s kidney to transplant into his daughter until the man lost weight. In six months he lost 101 pounds. His stance shifted; his thinking changed from one of resistance, against losing weight, to one of non-resistance, for his health, and even more so, for his daughter’s health. Again, whatever you are for makes you strong; whatever you are against makes you weak.”

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