July 25th, 2016


Hi Kody B . . . Donna Blohm here from Fresno. I have a fun little story for you! k
About 2 months ago I headed down to LA to pick up a car for myself. And while I was in the car with the technology expert and he was showing me my car I took a little picture of him . . . didn’t tell him why. A few minutes later we went inside and I was talking to the salesman. I asked him if he knew about SendOutCards. He said , “No, tell me about it!”. I showed him a picture of his technology expert Paul and I said, “I’m going to send him a card with his picture on it and some brownies and he’ll probably get it Monday or Tuesday.” I demo’d the app and showed him how I would do it. Then I took his picture and told him I would send him a card and a box of brownies as well. So he got some brownies and caramels the following week. So I got him on the phone and he said the day that they arrived he took them into the sales meeting and the General Manager said, “I want all the customers to receive a card and a gift like this . . . “ So the exciting thing for me is it was easy and it happened like it was supposed to. The first 2 weeks, the invoice was $1600 and June’s invoice was $3550.

Here are a couple of things I want to call to your attention.

1). Donna didn’t do anything difficult. She just demo’d the app.

2). The dealerships revenues and referrals will increase as a result of this action

3). Donna receives 20% off of all the cards and gifts purchased by the dealership. So in less than 2 months, Donna receives almost $1000 in commissions from ONE CUSTOMER.

4). As you build a team, you will have many others in your organization that will sign up customers like this and you will get a percentage of the sales even if you didn’t do the work yourself!


After our events in Fresno on Saturday Marie and Brent Ferreira took me out for Sushi. Afterwards we went over to a cigar spot and sat outside next to a noisy bar. A young guy in his 20’s was standing out there to escape the noise for a few minutes. We started talking to him (he initiated the conversation) We talked for
about 10 minutes. We asked him questions about his career (he was training to be a DJ) and where he was from. We talked about places he had traveled to and what his long term plans were. At some point he asked, “What do you guys do?”. I said, GRAB YOUR PHONE. I then told him to load the app on it and he did it in seconds after I told him what it was called. I had him click on it and immediately he said . . . “omg, this is so cool! I could use this!” He had to go back to work so I told him to send a card to his mom with a photo of him and a 2 pak of brownies. Yesterday morning I got the email that he had sent the card with his address phone and email in it. His contact was already in my contact manager so this morning I went in and sent him a card and a 4 pack of brownies. I made a note on my calendar to text him on Friday to set up a time to chat.


As a business owner the company has made it easier than ever for you to show someone the business.
We are part of a sales and distribution business. One simple act can help you move towards both. We, as a team need to think about getting the App on everyone’s phone that we come in contact with. Demo it or have them watch the short Demo after they load it. Let’s review the process for showing the business. Remember we want it to be so simple that an 8 year old can do it (Remember the 8 year old test? If an 8 year old can’t do it and an 8 year old can’t teach it then don’t do it).

So how do we show the business after we set up a time to meet with someone?

1. Tell them how and why you got started in the business (2 min)
2. Have them load the App on THEIR phone and have them send a card to someone they care about.
3. Show them the short INCOME OPPORTUNITY video (Under UPGRADE MY ACCOUNT) in the App – click the 3 dots on the bottom right.
4. Go over the OPTIONS. GREEN – Subscription PURPLE – $195 Personal Bundle ORANGE $395 Marketing Bundle BLUE $795 Business Bundle BLACK $50 Distributor Option
5. Ask . . . Are you are 1, 2, 3 or 4?


Have them load the app on their phone (Grab Your Phone) – Walk them through sending a card with a picture to someone they care about. (They click SEND A FREE CARD and enter in your ID#) Now the App is on their phone and they are your customer. When they buy more points, you get 20% commission on those points! And if they upgrade to distributor or buy a package, you get credit for that as well! Also, their contact will be in your contact manager so you can send them a card and a gift AND you will get an email with their info to remind you. If you only have 5 minutes, you can accomplish all of this and THEN set up a time to show them the video and walk through the options.

Since the simple tool was launched that allows a distributor to load the app on someone else’s phone and get credit for it we have seen our daily #’s almost double. This is a sign of what’s to come. And not all that many people are using it yet! We need EVERYONE to use the tool and give others the experience of sending a card on the system.

Imagine if you were to load the app on 2 phones per day. That should take you no more than 10-15 minutes. Approximately 10 per week. Some of them will want to upgrade once they have sent their 2nd card. When they do, you will immediately get the commission check or $70 if they purchased the Personal Bundle, $140 if they purchased the Marketing Bundle and $280 if they purchase the Business Bundle. You do the math! How many Apps are you going to download per week? And if you have been promoted to Manager, Sr Manager, Executive, etc as long as you are qualified, you will receive additional CAB Bonuses on top of the commissions. Don’t forget, you are also getting 20% each month on all of the purchases made by these customers. Donna’s customer in the second month produced $600 in income to her!

Now imagine if you had a team of 10 loading the App on 2 phones per day. How about a team of 100 loading the app per day (that’s 200 downloads per day!). This is a formula for big growth in your business.

The big money can happen as your team begins to do this. This is where the leverage comes into play. Imagine if 20 people upgrade to a package from the app in a given week!


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