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This is one of my favorite topics to train on and also is one of the most high powered strategies for building a successful network marketing income. Its invisible to most people who have never been involved in this type of business yet is the key to unlocking significant growth in the business. It’s the ultimate “leverage” tool.

Although we will be discussing mechanics here, remember that the most important aspect of all of this is your ability to connect with the people both inside and outside of your organization. None of this is effective if you don’t have a good relationship with the people you are working with.

Even the best recruiters on the planet typically won’t have much of a long term residual income if they haven’t unlocked their ability to tap-root in their organization. Tap-rooting secures your income and makes it long lasting. True organizational residual income comes from having a “deep” business that adds new distributors and customers each month.

A networking marketing business rides on effective leadership and leaders usually emerge from down in depth. Most of the time, you won’t personally bring in your top leaders. They tend to emerge on your 3rd, 4th or 5th levels and they are almost always brought in by someone else in your organization.

So the discussion we are about to have is about how to tap into the hidden networks of the people in your organization that can lead you to our next layer of leadership.

Leave nothing to chance. In other words, don’t wait around for someone to do something under you. You are a catalyst for the future growth of your business, and the sooner you can get into the networks of those in your organization on any level, the sooner you will have a rockin’ and fast growing business.

We talk a lot about sponsoring and you must sponsor and go wide before you can go deep. However, unless you are counting on luck to build your business, you must learn to “chase the legs” in your business. You’ll rapidly gain experience in your business building and as you build out your network, the fibers and connections between people will become stronger and more active.

I’m going to share a story of my first real experience tap-rooting in network marketing and how it grew my first monster leg (12,000 distributors and 40,000 customers). Then I will give you some of the mechanics behind it so you can apply it to your business.

I had never built a successful network marketing organization in my 11 years in the profession. In fact I had not signed up one single distributor. In 1992, I joined my 12th company and learned how to do a very simple 30 minute presentation. I started giving that presentation 3 times per week over lunch at Coffee Plantation on Mill Ave in Tempe Arizona and I started signing up an average of 1 person per month. On my 19th month I signed my 16th distributor, a lady that was an analyst at the airline that I worked for at the time. Her husband was an airline pilot. She had a close friend that lived in Albuquerque NM whose husband was also an airline pilot. We talked on the phone on a 3-way call and she got excited about the business. She said she would invite some people into her home to see the business if we took a trip out to see her in Albuquerque. We took the trip and she had a living room full of people. Jackie was on my first level and Judy was on my second level. Well over the course of the next few weeks, Judy signed up about 9 distributors. One was an entrepreneur named Skip and his wife Connie. The other was an entrepreneur named Steve. Both were highly motivated and highly connected. Skip set up some meetings in his office and Steve set some up at his home. We went back to Albuquerque about once per month to work with all the new people that were joining Judy’s team. Between Judy, Steve and Skip, the business really began to take off and spread into many other towns and communities across the country. We were doing 3-way calls, conference calls and meetings as much as we could with all the new people joining the team. Mostly just building relationships, answering questions and pointing people in the right direction. This team grew to 12,000 distributors and 40,000 customers all over the US and Canada.

While this was going on we had another situation developing in Tempe, AZ. After about 18 months of one on ones and two on ones at Coffee plantation, we had enough people to fill a table at the care and thought it might be a good idea to move to a restaurant with a private room. Down the street was a steakhouse called “Monte’s”. We reserved a room there once a week and negotiated a $10 lunch (chicken or steak). The first 30 minutes we would order and network and during the second 30 minutes we would do a 20 minute presentation and eat. We then set appointments to follow up with the guests. The room would hold 30 people and within about 4 months, we had maxed out this room. We had mostly bank and airline employees that wanted to break out of the corporate 9-5 and have their own home based businesses. Once we couldn’t fit into the private room at Monte’s Steakhouse, we moved down the street to the Spaghetti Company and started doing lunches and even a dinner meeting once a week. By this time the organization was approaching 300 people and we would have 20-50 people at every meeting including about 15-30 guests. Again the team started to grow into other communities and states and so we began to do 3 way calls, conference calls and meetings to meet the new team members, answer questions and train new people, etc. This team grew to thousands of distributors and customers all across the US and eventually the world.

So let’s break down the mechanics of “tap-rooting” and take a look at what to do to be a catalyst for growth in your business.

1. Meet and get to know the people at ALL levels in your organization. Building relationships is top priority. In the beginning, when your group is small it’s easy to know who these people are because the people you have brought in will let you know. As your group gets a little bigger, you will have people join that you don’t know. Ask your personally sponsored distributors to introduce you to the new distributors in your organization.
Talk with them on the phone, learn about them, have lunch with them. Send them a cards and a gifts. Invite them to events and conference calls. Treat them as if they are personally enrolled by you. The key here is to develop a relationship with them so you can all work together to help grow your team and theirs.

2. Identify the ones that are 1). The newest1). Most motivated. 2). Most well-connected 3). Deepest. 4). Highest Code.
You won’t be able to personally work with everyone, so you may have to become selective as to who you work with.
Newer people are typically the most motivated and excited. They also have not contacted many of the people in their networks yet
so the potential to create some faster growth is there. Those with large networks usually can see a bigger opportunity for themselves.
I like trying to find people that are deeper in the group because their growth effects more people.

3. Create reasons for others to step into new growth. In other words, you be the catalyst for new growth in your business. When you find someone that is ready to go down on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th level (or anywhere in depth) offer to do 3 way calls with them or suggest you both do a meeting together. Another powerful
activity is to plan to attend an event with those in your group. Get to know them. Drive together. Strategize together. Look for opportunities to meet people in the downlines of those on your team. Schedule a training that you agree to run and have each person come with a couple of guests.

Tap-rooting involves driving depth in your business by meeting, building a relationship and then assisting in the growth of the people down in your group. Work together with the people between you and them. And like always, don’t ever get stuck working with just one person. Always be asking yourself, “Who’s next?”
So I am always looking for the next distributor further down in depth that I can befriend and assist on their initial journey.

I may find someone excited, motivated and well connected on my third level. We may go to lunch and get to know each other. I will then offer to do a meeting or two with them at a cafe or in their office. I will ask them to have 5 guests there. If they already have a team, I will suggest them bring their team (again, I want to get know those people!) I will also encourage them to have their team members bring guests.

So what are my goals for that meeting? 1). Meet them and get to know them. 2). Assist in showing the business to each new person in attendance 3). Answer questions 4). Look for the next person I can “drive depth” with.

How deep would I consider going in a group? I do this until a very strong leaders shows up that will do exactly what I am doing. And when I can get 2-4 leaders in one leg doing exactly what I am describing here the group becomes like a freight train bringing in distributors and customers.

NOTE: Just because you offer to help, doesn’t mean someone will take you up on it. I have offered my help to many many distributors that never followed through. I’m looking for the ones that say “yes” and then actually invite people.


I sponsored Gary Allen (Keller Williams Realtor in Vegas)
Gary Sponsored Julie Gluth
Julie sponsored Ann Severs and Brenda Joyner
(both are on my 3rd level . . . sponsoring and highly motivated. Both
went to convention and have promoted. These are two people that
I would want to Tap-root with . . . asking myself the question, “Who’s Next?”

Here are activities that you can use to tap-root

1. Offer to do three way calls or schedule three way calls and have them fill the slots
2. Drive together to the next out of town event
3. Have a pizza party and have your downline invite their team with guests
4. Schedule a special webinar with your team
5. Put together a team meeting immediately following a local city-wide event
6. Ask your personally sponsored distributors to introduce you to the new
members of your team on a three way call
7. Book a meeting from a meeting.

Tap-rooting is a key component to growing a dynamic team. You must learn to be a catalyst for new waves of
growth in your business. Learn to network your network. And as more and more people in your group
begin to tap-root through their organizations, your business will explode like you can’t even believe.

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