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August 6, 2012- SOC for Professionals

I have always felt that business professionals are our “low hanging fruit”. The more successful someone is,the faster they seem to see the opportunity SendOutCards. Although they won’t ever show it on the surface, in any group of professionals, a very high percent are;
a). Looking for way so get more business.
b). Looking for ways to keep customers from leaving.
c). Dissatisfied with their situation
d). Looking for a back-up plan or escape route because they have “golden handcuffs”.
e). Overworked and underpaid.

I get asked, “how do I ‘show’ the business to this very successful business person”? I show them EXACTLY the same way I show anyone else.

  1. I tell them why I love SendOutCards and how I got involved (2 min).
  2. I have the watch the 3 min ‘Couch’ Video
  3. I have them send a card on the system.
    They get to test drive it. I stay on the phone with them. Usually I have them click ‘NO” when asked if they want to have Kody walk them through. Then I tell them step by step how to do it as if I were sending a card. Keep it simple. Tell them what the system will do but you don’t have to get real fancy here. Have them send a card to someone they care about and have them write a heartfelt message to that person.
  4. Afterwards I go over the 2 customer options (CUSTOMER AND PREFERRED CUSTOMER)
  5. I ask them if they want to take a look at the income opportunity side of the business.

If they say ‘Yes’ then I take them to the ID# and I have them watch one of the 4 five min videos (it doesn’t matter which one).

At this point let them begin asking questions or sign them up if they are ready to go.

Last weekend I was at the America West Airlines Reunion. It’s been 30 years since the airline was formed. In 1983 in a newly deregulated environment, Ed Beauvais started America West with some borrowed money, 3 leased planes and an idea to offer full service at a low fare. We launched the “MORE CARE LESS FARE” campaign. Our cost structure was low to be able to undercut the prices of the majors. The major airlines did not want us to compete with them. The fare wars were on. This was in the day when you could still smoke on the planes! We did on-board ticketing. We were fully cross-utilized (meaning all the customer service employees worked Ramp, Flight Attendant, Gates and Reservations). We doubled in size every year going from 200 employees to 15,000. Most of the jobs still exist today. The employees LOVED their jobs and it was fun to work at America West! In fact every customer service employee got paid $12,600 a year! Our management made $22,000 a year. Ed Beauvais the founder spoke and he talked about how proud he was that our team of personnel built a billion dollar airline in one of the toughest environments in aviation history. Most of the employees were in their 20’s and had never worked for an airline!

What was the key? We were out to prove something to the world. We were the underdogs and we knew we could win with a better idea. Our founder spoke that vision into our workforce. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship the 10 years I worked for America West.

While I was there I met a pilot. As most of you know, I’m working to get my helicopter license. I was actually out flying today. I have been struggling with talking to the tower while flying. (Think walking and chewing gum at the same time, only much more dangerous!) So I asked the pilot, “What’s the secret?” He said, “you just need to relax and talk to them”. “Tell them what you want to do and they will tell you what they need you to do”.
So, today I did just that, I relaxed. I told them what I wanted to do and then they told me what they wanted me to do. Then I just repeated back to them what they had just told me. I found it to be much easier after talking to this pilot.

This is EXACTLY what you need to do when you share Sendoutcards with someone. RELAX. Tell them what you want them to do. Then have them do it and you give them feedback. Be clear and take your time. Keep it short and simple.

If you want your business to grow:

  1. Stop listening to the naysayers. (It’s like listening to the news. It will get you down and depressed and it serves no purpose other than distracting you from getting your dreams).
  2. Stay in daily action!!
  3. 3 Put yourself in situations where you will meet new people each week.
  4. Add to your to-do list (written down!) and send gratitude cards daily.
    Do you have a written list that is within reach at all times? If not, start doing that today!!)
  5. Block 1 hour a day to call people and invite them to take a look.
  6. Show the business the way we just described above.

Signing someone up is just one step in the process. It’s not the “goal”. You start training someone the moment you introduce them to SOC, long before they are even signed up. I’m not a helicopter pilot but I’m being trained as one. Getting my license is just a step in the process. The journey started with my dream and the ACTION to go on a discovery flight. I’m not done once I have my license. That’s just when the fun begins! Don’t make it a big deal. It’s an ongoing dialog that may end in a large vibrant growing organization or simply a friendship.

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