August 10th, 2015



A bag of carrots . . . what’s in it?

A bag of peas . . . what’s in it?

A bag of cashews . . . what’s it?

It’s a simple conversation . . . easy to have and easy to understand. Therefore it’s easy to communicate.

Now let’s talk about what’s in a frozen dinner, or a bag of cheetos, or a powerbar. What’s in it??
It’s a lengthy conversation. If you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably a chemical and doesn’t really belong
in your body! It’s complicated!!

My story . . .

1. Demarr sent me cards and dvd’s
2. He then called me and emailed me.
3. He set up a username and password and walked me through sending a card to my mother
4. I had already watched the dvd which explained the opportunity
5. He signed me up and then came to Arizona to help me introduce it to some networking groups.

Pretty simple! I was a top performer in network marketing and he got my interest! So what if I did exactly the same thing to get the interest of others?

1. SendOutCards EVERY DAY
2. SendOutCards with DVD’s EVERY DAY
3. Walk someone through sending a card EVERY DAY

That was the plan that built a $100,000 a month income for me and also produced quite a large # of
people that have earned $100,000 to a few million dollars in SendOutCards.

When I go on Facebook and I start contemplating all of the options for building a business today, it’s easy to get caught up in the complexities of what we do. It’s really not complex but we make it so.
How you do it and what tools you use don’t matter as much as following some basic guidelines:

1. Show the product
2. Show the opportunity
3. Sign them up and teach them to do the same thing

However you do this is just fine! But keep in mind, if there is a complex learning curve in learning how to do these three things, it will impede the growth of your business.

I received a question the other day about what I thought about “SOC PROSPECTOR”? First of all, I”m not exactly sure what it does. Second of all, I know that I built a $100,000/mo income without it. Third of all, it has a significant learning curve that most people don’t have the patience for.

There is brilliance in simplicity. When you show someone how simple it is, they say to themselves . . . “I can do that!!”
If the people you are showing it to are saying, “That sounds really great, but I could never do it!” Then you need to drop the things that are causing them to get confused.

Once someone is fully engaged, they will learn all the in’s and outs of the comp plan and card sending system. The mobile pocket presentation does a great job of showing the simplicity of the money without getting too overwhelming.

Actually (many of you will remember this . . . ) I didn’t EVER talk about or train on the comp plan until I had over 40,000 distributors in my downline! I found in the past that virtually everyone I talked to about it said . . . “Wow! That looks really great, but I could never explain it!” So they would go home and try and explain it to a spouse and they would get completely confused and frozen in their tracks! A confused person freezes up and doesn’t take action. So I avoided the comp plan conversation all together and built a VERY large downline on excitement for our product alone! Well, now that we have the Mobile Pocket Presentation, we have a simple and fun way to explain the money that can be easily replicated.


1. I have something I have to show you that is really cool and has some big potential (You can text this)
2. I think it’s going to be really big
3. All that I know is that when you send out positives you get positives back! (We call this the law of reciprocity)
4. We’re transforming an industry by taking an offline product, bringing it online and making it accessible to everyone!
(Just like Netflix, Amazon and ITunes!)
5. It has the potential to create a residual income
6. You can work it from anywhere!
7. You can start a business for under $1000 that you can build from anywhere

Let me show it to you:

1. Have them send a card to someone they care about on a “Trial” Account
2. Have them watch the 8 minute Opportunity Video

Follow up with cards, gifts, emails, phone calls etc

Leverage the Conference Calls on
(example – $395 is an issue “What’s your Business Worth?” July 14th, 2014)


If you already KNOW how but it’s not happening, go to and listen
to this 12 minute recording daily for 30 days. It will help to SHIFT your focus to thoughts that will
be exponentially more productive than the negative self-chatter we focus most of our thoughts on!

If I were sitting across from you and you were required to answer the following questions
without really thinking too much about them could you do it?? It needs to be this automatic!!
You must know this simple system so well that you can do it in your sleep! If you find yourself hesitating
or not knowing what direction to go then figure out where the gaps are and fill them in!

1. Why are your doing this business? What are some of your dreams? If you had financial freedom,
what would you be doing with your time?

2. Where are you CURRENTLY meeting people to add to your contact manager EVERY DAY!

3. How do you contact people to set appointments and what do you say?

4. What are the exact steps you follow to show the business to someone

5. How do you follow up and what do you say?

6. What do you do to get a new distributor started?

This is all you need to know. Really not much more. Most careers require mountains of knowledge and
experience to be able to start getting paid. For example, what does it take to be a doctor? What does it take to become
an attorney? What does it take to become an airline pilot? 6-10 years of schooling or training and hundreds of thousands
of dollars in investment to get paid $50,000-$100,000 a year. You need to master the six things on this list.
And although there are many different ways to do each step, you only need to learn one way.

I received a question the other day from one of our distributors asking if he should purchase a “Coaching” program for $5,000 from
a guy in another network marketing program. I wanted to conk him on the head!! Someone will pay $5,000 to someone in another program
to learn what is already available FOR FREE in our current training. And actually it will in most cases the additional training and coaching will
just COMPLICATE what is already so simple! I really think we look for ways to make what is already so simple and make it more complicated to make ourselves look smarter or more important. That’s the only rationale I can come up with for adding so much complexity to what we do.

So rather than looking for things to add to make the business go faster, look for ways to SIMPLIFY to make the business go faster!!

1. Send Cards and Gifts
2. Show others how to Send Cards and Gifts
3. Show others how to make money Sending Cards and Gifts


1. Teach the Law of Reciprocity!
2. Master Relationship Marketing!
3. Be Generous every day!


1. Conference Calls
2. Weekly Meetings
3. Boot Camps
4. Road Tours
5. Convention

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