Feb 8th, 2016


Before we begin let me say that your new distributor will learn everything they need to learn. But in the beginning, the objectives are simple. When you sign up a new distributor you want them to focus on things that will bring them great results immediately. You want them to get positive feedback on the cards they send AND you want them to get some appointments on their calendar so that the two of you can show the business together to a handful of people right away.

We want to minimize overwhelm and give them just enough to get them going but not so much that they get brain freeze. Your new distributor may have already spent hours on the computer researching everything and may already be in overload . . . so then our job becomes to help them strip away that which is unimportant and focus on what is.

There are only really two things that must happen right away:

1). Start the habit of sending out at least one personal heartfelt card a day and one gift a week.

2). Use their FB Friend List and the contacts in their phone to set up some appointments for the two of you to show the business together.

It is so easy for someone to look for reasons not to connect with people to show them the business. But the business we are in is the business of sharing an idea that will make their life better. It’s easy to come up excuses not to do the uncomfortable part. There is so much busy work that can be created to keep us from setting up times to share the business with others. BUT the real excitement will come when someone starts to believe this is going to work for them! The only way that can happen is if they start to advance their new business and get some great results.

So let’s first talk about the two things we expect someone to do when getting started:

1). Start the habit of sending out at least one personal card a day and one gift a week – My belief is that if someone wants to
really LAUNCH the business right, they will need to send more than one a day. I sent 3 this morning and I make it a habit to send 3-10 every single day. This is one of the habits of a successful Sendoutcards Distributor. I say thank you in a card when someone does something nice for me. I say “nice to meet you!” in a card with a gift when I meet someone new. I look for ways to celebrate the lives of others with pictures and gifts. When I launched my business I sent out 81 cards in my first 2 days on dial-up! You want to create a wave of positivity in your community. You do that by sending out positivity every single day. You can do this on your computer or on your app. Take lots of pictures throughout your day on your phone and then cards from those pictures. If I am at a loss, sometimes I will scroll through my news feed on FB and look for pictures that I think my friends find inspiring based on what they have posted. I then message them and ask them to send me their address so I can mail them something. They usually respond within 2 minutes. I send them a card with a the picture, compliment and sometimes a gift. This is a habit that you want to create immediately. But this is not building the business. This is using the product the way it was designed to be used. It’s the first part of the equation.

2). Use their FB Friend List and the contacts in their phone to set up some appointments for the two of you to show the business together – This is where the rubber hits the road. This is what is going to get your new distributor their first checks. AND that is your #1 GOAL in helping them launch a SendOutCards business. Let’s create some IMMEDIATE GROWTH IN THE BUSINESS! You must be the catalyst for this growth. Yes, you will always have those people that come into your business and figure it out on their own, but most won’t. You’ll need to hold their hand for the first part of their journey. My suggestion is to sit with them over the phone or in person for during their first 24 hours and have them send 20 texts in 20 minutes. They can cut and paste. They send the texts to those on their FB Friend List and to the contacts in their phone. The main objective is to get 3-10 appointments on their calendar within their first week of doing the business. And you can be the catalyst for making this happen.

Tell them up front that when they get started you are only going to have them do two things. 1). Start sending cards 2). Set up some appointments using a simple texting script that you provide. Let them know that they don’t need to pick up the phone and call anyone (in fact you prefer that they don’t!) Let them know that they don’t need to figure out what to say to their friends or how to respond to people. That’s it in the beginning. So when I get someone started, these are the two things I focus on.

Everything I’ve talked about so far happens up front. There is no need to prepare for anything. Most people can send a card after a few minutes of being shown how it works. There are tutorials for everything and the learning curve is very short. Anyone can send out 2 texts right now without having to learn anything if we provide the texts! So there you go. Nothing to prepare for, nothing to set up, nothing to learn. A new person has everything they need to get going right now . . . within their first 24 hours.


Within a short period of time, your new distributor will be showing the business, signing up new customers and distributors and helping their new distributors to get launched so let’s talk about what they will need to do to be completely prepared to do this. First we will be going over the SendOutCards Products, then we will discuss the process for setting up appointments and showing the business. Finally we will go over signing someone up and setting everything up. We will be going over a lot of info here quickly but understand that this is what someone will learn over the course of their first month in the business.

1. The SendOutCards Products ID# CLICK GREEN JOIN BUTTON

PC = 1pt
GC = 3pts
3-Panel = 4pts
Gifts 7pts-700pts
$39/mo = 100pts/mo (.39/pt)

Personal Bundle: $195 100 Bonus Points, 4 Signatures, Custom Branding, Basic Memory
Marketing Bundle: $395 200 Bonus Points, Handwriting and 4 Signatures, Custom Branding and the MRM Training Portal, Upgraded memory vault
Business Bundle: $795 400 Bonus Points, Handwriting and 4 Signatures, Custom Branding, MRM Training Portal for 3 people, Multi-User Accounts, Unlimited Memory Vault

Each of these come with a small annual renewal


Add $50 to any bundle and become a distributor to make money. Includes all your back office support.

Once you or someone on your team has someone in the schedule to show the business to, you’ll be doing the APA (APA stands for Ask – Present – Ask) It’s really very simple:

B. DEMO THE APP USING YOUR SMART PHONE (I recommend doing a selfie with them OR taking a picture of their business card)
Send them a card and have them watch you do it. VOICE OR TYPE IN a message to them. Send them a card on the spot as they watch you do it.
C. GO OVER THE OPTIONS WITH THEM id # Click the green JOIN button and review the subscription and bundles.
E. ASK THE 4 PART NOW QUESTION – Are you a 1,2,3 or 4.
1 = Customer
2 = Referral Partner
3 = Part Time
4 = Full Time

This is how we show the business. There are tools to help you do it over the phone. You will learn all of this over your next few weeks in the business. In the beginning, your sponsor will do it for you unless you are a player and want to hit the ground running on your own. The fast learners just get going. It’s up to you. There will be many tools and resources to help you in your new business.

3. Signing someone up and helping them get set up – Signing someone up is no more difficult than ordering a book on Amazon. Go to ID# and click JOIN. You can take their info and sign them up or have them do it. I recommend being with them over the phone or in person so that they select the options they are really looking for. You can save a lot of headache cleaning up a mess if you are with them in the process of signing up.

ONE HOUR ORIENTATION: Sometime in their first 2 weeks I set up a 1 hour orientation to complete the following:
(This does not happen in their first day or two! Remember there are only 2 things they need to be doing right away)

a. Join Official SendOutCards FB Group
b. Join Gone Mobile FB Group
c. Subscribe to the Official SendOutCards Blog
d. Schedule a Promptings Academy or Bootcamp
e. Watch the Simple Success Training in the Resource Center
f. Complete and mail in Handwriting Font Form
g. Create one or two personal brands
h. Review weekly company leadership call and Jordan’s weekly training call (Where to find info and archives)
i. Do a basic review of the website and how to use it

Remember this is a business that has huge potential to create extra income and even lifestyle freedom. There are some things to learn, but they are not out of reach for even the busiest person. My belief is that if you have to master something, why not master something that will pay you over and over again for years into the future. SendOutCards is a special opportunity that has virtually no competition and is easy to show. We also enjoy the highest customer retention in the profession which helps to feed your residuals. Have fun with your new business!



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