Feb 9th, 2015 SHOW THE APP!


“Hey Jordan . . . I listened to your conference call and really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I’m still hesitant but just need to talk with you more. I love the return possibilities that sen out cards potential has for me but it is scary because I don’t know if I would be able to make that much success happen. I am reading beach money with my husband right now too and I love your story. I guess that I am just a safe player and scared to take the risk.”

This feeling represents the feelings of 90% of the people we show it to. They are scared. She is being honest. She questions whether she can do it. She questions her ability to succeed. My objective is to answer her concerns and show her in a very simple way how to succeed in the business. I want her to see SendOutCards as a part time opportunity to create some extra income and over time a residual income that will exceed any part time work that she can go out and get . . . and have fun doing it. As I read her text to me, I’m in tune with her feelings of doubt. What can I show her that will ease her concerns and help her to see the potential here. I may compare the SendOutCards opportunity to going back to college or setting up a traditional business. How much does she risk if she spends $10,000 going back to school? Or spending $50,000 starting a traditional business? She’s young and inexperienced in the business world . . . so she doesn’t have this perspective yet. So I need to find third party tools that can help to educate her.

She also is lacking some confidence in her abilities. When we talk I will have her pull out a piece of paper and write down these 3 things:

1. Show the App
2. Show the Video
3. Repeat Daily

I’ll ask her if she can do this? What will her answer be?? “Yes, of course!”
I’ll ask her . . . “If you do that once a day, how many people per month do you think will want to use the service? And, How many people per month do you think will want to be distributors? If you are showing it to 20-30 a month?”

Let’s say she says 5 will want to be customers and 2 will want to be distributors . . . Five customers per month will increase her personal residual income by $40 per month or $480 per year. After 12 months she has almost $500 per month coming in as residual income (that’s $6000 a year!) And SHE just told me how many people she would sign up following this simple plan. So far we have only talked about customer gathering!

She also said that 2 per month would want to be MD’s (showing it to 20-30 ppl per month). Just off the Fast Start Commission she makes $280 her first month and $820 her second month. She becomes Manager her second month so she receives:

$140 for the third MD making her a manager
$480 for 2 new personally sponsored MD’s as a Manager
Approx $200 for the Manager Pool Check

Each month she signs up 2 new distributors and over the course of the year, a few of them go out and begin to build the business. Do you see how significant this is?

So what started as a real concern now becomes a huge opportunity.

When we talk, I will review the SIMPLICITY of what we do in 3 simple steps:

1. Show the App
2. Show the Video
3. Repeat Daily

And again . . . I’ll ask her . . . “can you do this?” And then I’ll ask her . . . “How many of the 20-30 people you are showing it to each month will want to be customers and how many will want to be an MD like you?” She’ll tell me and then I’ll tell her how much she’ll make.

All of a sudden she has gone from . . . “I’m not sure I can do this” to “I think I can do this and make money!”


If you have an iPhone, go to your “App Store” and order the free “SendOutCard Kindness Revolution”
App. It’s very intuitive and you should be able to immediately start sending cards and gifts.

Remember that showing the App to someone is as “Show and Tell”.

“Hey check this out and tell me what you think!”

As you send a card and gift to them from your phone, have them watch you do it.
I recommend taking a selfie with them and putting it on the front of the card.
I also recommend sending them brownies (just a 2 pak). When you get to the screen
requiring an address, hand them the phone and have them put it in. It will save to your
SendOutCards contact manager and the card and gift will show up in your card history.

It really is this simple. Don’t overcomplicate it! Show them how it works!


There are only a few versions of the iPhone, and so keeping an App up to date is manageable.
However there are over 100 different versions of the Smart Phone outside of the iPhone market
and many different operating platforms. Because of this there are literally thousands of possible
combinations of phones and platforms making it nearly impossible to manage an app in this
technology space. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! There is a solution that will have your Android or
Samsung Device act EXACTLY like the app. On your phone, go to
and create a SHORTCUT so that when you go to your home screen you see the SENDOUTCARDS
WIDGET. Log in (you only have to do this once). After that, you have 100% full access to an interface

You can search for the SOC GONE MOBILE FB group and join that for additional tips. If you have
any challenge post them there and someone will come to your rescue.

Once you have logged in and you have the shortcut on your Android or Samsung Phone, you’ll
be good to go!


I like showing the 7 minute INCOME OPPORTUNITY VIDEO because it’s short enough that
I can stay with them to answer questions until after its done. Here’s the link to the video:

Or you can have them go to and click on the big JOIN NOW button.
The video will be about 1/2 way down.


Ask the question . . . “On a scale of 1-10, where do you see yourself?”

Here’s how I ask the question . . . “On a scale of 1-10, one meaning you want me to go away and never see me again
and ten meaning you have your credit card in your hand, where do you see yourself?”

Get an answer . . . if they have questions, answer their questions. Send them another card after you’ve done the presentation.


Follow up with cards and gifts!
Follow up with good news!
Follow up with invitations!

I like copying links of conference calls from and sending them with a short message like:

Julio, here’s a 25 minute call on “10 Brilliant Ideas” that I really think
you’ll like. Listen to it on your phone and hit me up with a message once you’ve done that!

It typically takes me 8-15 follow ups (texts, short calls to answer questions, cards, emails, etc) before
I sponsor them. Most people quit after the first presentation so they never get the benefit of adding new
people to their front line. Use the tools to leverage your time. You do not need to spend hours with people to
sponsor them.

I recently received this message in my inbox on FB.

“I have a distributor who’s doing the brownie thing to people like DeMarr and Bart suggest… Out of 15 people, only 4 agreed to let her demonstrate… And of those 4, none have called her back as the script suggests.. Stroke of bad luck? Is it the area she lives in? Looking for suggestions.”

Here’s my answer to her:

“Great question Steve . . . First off, don’t kick yourself for only getting 4 presentations . . . that’s FOUR and that’s four that you she wouldn’t have gotten if she hadn’t asked! That being said, this is a function of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. It’s not 100% a mechanical process. It’s a RELATIONSHIP issue. That individual needs to work on their SKILL WITH PEOPLE. It’s not just about going through the motions . . . in fact it’s more about CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE than it is about doing the mechanics of showing the system. We are dealing with people and people do business (and show interest) with people they know, like and trust. When those three things aren’t in place then it’s like shooting in the dark. Have him/her order the book SKILL WITH PEOPLE by Les Giblin (very short book) and actively apply what they learn in that book. Someone who is good at connecting can get 9 out of 10 to walk through it.”


In an ideal world, I would text someone and set up an in person meeting with them. Ask for 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Do the things we talked about above . . . do this once a day. I find it somewhat funny that some people think this is a lot to ask. Like it’s hard work. If this were your job and you only did one 30 minute presentation per day, you would be fired!! TREAT IT LIKE YOUR BUSINESS BECAUSE IT IS!


In Pittsburgh last Thursday we did a 30 minute texting strategy with 25 people. We split up into teams of 5 and then each team competed to see who could set up the most appointments in the 30 minute time frame. They weren’t allowed to make any phone calls. In fact if someone called them after receiving a text, they were asked to hit “ignore”! We set 85 appointments during the 30 minute time slot! And another 30 appointments or so filtered in over the next 24 hours from the original texts that were sent out! Afterwards, one of the MD’s said, “I just set up more appointments in 30 minutes than I have in my entire 5 years in SendOutCards! And then a woman just behind him said, “I just set up more appointments than I have in the past 2 years!! Your new distributors are afraid of making calls. This is a strategy that anyone can do and it’s almost like cheating! It works so well and instantly overcomes the fear of calling people.
TEXT 1: I want to set a time to show you something that is really cool and I think has big potential.
(If they ask what is it? . . . )

TEXT 2: It’s a new technology I need to show you on your computer or phone. When can I catch u uninterrupted for 30 min?

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