September 24, 2012

This is a question that has been debated in Network Marketing since the beginning of time. There are billion dollar companies whose leader’s lead with the product and there are billions dollar companies whose leaders lead with the opportunity. One is not better than the other. You’ll notice that ‘Beach Money’ is 100% about opportunity yet I ‘lead’ with the product. I choose to believe that if someone LOVES our product they will be more interested in the opportunity. Don’t get me wrong. EACH AND EVERY person that I meet with leaves knowing that there is an income opportunity available with SendOutCards. I just choose to show them our product first. My feelings are that if they like the product, they will use it whether they participate in the business or not. Many (like me) become so obsessed with the product, we want to share it with others and make money doing it. My experience with our product led me to the believe that many others will love it as well. In fact I could envision MILLIONS of people using SendOutCards to support their lives. We have thousands of distributors that signed up because they used SendOutCards, loved it and decided that they would like to refer it to others. At the same time, network marketing is a financial vehicle. As I talk about throughout ‘Beach Money’, financial freedom is a compelling proposition. In network marketing, 80% of successful business builders lead with the financial opportunity. Which are you most comfortable with? Do the one that fits best with your personality. Ultimately we are looking for business builders. How you get there is up to you.

It’s not wrong to lead with the product or lead with the opportunity. I spent 13 years leading with the opportunity because we had a product that was sooooo boring. No one wanted to talk about long distance phone service when there were 600 companies (literally) trying to sell it to you through telemarketing, direct mail, television and radio ads. So we lead with the financial opportunity. On the other hand SendOutCards has a product that is really easy to talk about and share. It opens doors and creates instant rapport. Why not use that to your advantage? That’s my take.

If you talk to Tommy Wyatt (I personally sponsored Tommy) he will give you another story!!! Tommy believes in leading 100% with the opportunity! I like that about him because it works for him and he’s in my downline!! We can both agree to be right and I get to benefit from what he does! We don’t need to agree on it. It works for both of us.

I received an email today saying that “The rug has been pulled out from under me because the opportunity video is being updated”. As an entrepreneur, its your job to be RESOURCEFUL and share your excitement about a product that has the potential to go viral and become a worldwide movement. You don’t need any specific video to do this. Without any of the videos you see today we built SendOutCards to a $35 million company! There are 25 or so tools you can use. You don’t need to be dependent on any one tool.

Let’s break it down.

1. Show the 3 minute video (Couch Video) on
2. Have them send a free card (IMPORTANT: Stay with them all the way until they hit SEND!)
3. Have them go to the website and watch the TAKE IT (3 min) AND TEACH IT (1 min) videos
4. Have them WRITE OUT the 3 options to get started.

CUSTOMER – $9.80/mo (Explain what they get)
PREFERRED CUSTOMER – $31/mo (Explain what they get)
MARKETING DISTRIBUTOR – $395 ($59 RENEWAL) – (Explain what they get)

The first promotion and the first raise comes when you achieve the rank of Sr Distributor (SD). You can personally sponsor 3 MD’s ($395) OR you can gather 2 subscription customers ($9.80) OR 1 preferred customer ($31) in your first 7 days. If you do this you will be awarded a fast track promotion to SD AND receive $50.

CERTIFIED TRAINER – Must be earned. Sign up 3 MD’s in first 30 days and earn this position. You’ll get certified to
train new distributors and make $40. The only way to attain this position is to earn it – potentially worth thousands of dollars in training commissions. Worth working for!

SPECIAL NOTE: Existing distributors that signed up prior to Oct announcements can earn it by sponsoring 3 MD’s by
Oct 7th OR purchase it for $345 (This is only available to distributors that were signed up prior to announcements in Oct). You must still get certified by a Sr Certified Trainer or an Executive Certified Trainer to be eligible
to receive training commissions.


1. Gather 2 Subscription Customers (or 1 preferred customer) in first 7 days –
sponsor 3 MD’s to promote to Sr Distributor).

2. Sponsor 3 Marketing Distributors in your first 30 days –
This promotion can only be earned in your first 30 days. All SendOutCards distributors that pay the $395 are entitled to a training by a certified trainer. The only people that will be eligible to train these people will be the certified trainers. Once you earn an EXECUTIVE position you are eligible to get trained as a certified trainer.

APPS: Just another way to allow someone to experience SendOutCards!! Your videos are all downloadable to your mobile device through REVOLUTION (Free in the APP STORE) On Oct 5th, you’ll be able to update the SendOutCards APP onto your iPhone or iPad (and then Droid shortly thereafter).

If this is all confusing to you just relax. It will all come together. Remember this. We do two things:

1. We gather a few customers.
2. We help a few other people get started doing the same thing.

I feel the same way I did 7 1/2 years ago when I signed up. I really don’t care what that comp plan is.
Comp plans get me all stressed out. I will focus on the fundamentals and the rest will take care of it self.
I have always believed this and I have always come out on top. When you focus on what YOU are going to get
you end up sending out the wrong energy. You must focus on helping others get what they want.

Let’s help each new person set up the account that is right for them. Let’s then help them each either
1). Send cards and gifts 2). Get $50 and an SD promotion 3). Get a Certified Trainer position

I stood in a sea of high rises in NYC last week. As I looked around it dawned on me that any ONE building
has enough potential to set someone free financially through our program. It’s really just about sponsoring the right person.


When I joined Amway in 1985 they were a $3 billion company and EVERYONE said they were saturated. I never signed up a distributor. There was a 19 year old kid named Len Ledbetter that went on to make millions of dollars with that company. Today they do just under $1 billion A MONTH!! We are a $50 million company. We are small and just getting going. No one has ever built a company like ours. We are pioneers in the greeting card business and we have successfully beat the odds by surpassing the $50 million per year mark AND surviving our first 5 years. Thousands of companies don’t make it past their 3rd year . . . most don’t. We have rock solid revenues that have
thrown off almost $100 million in commissions. And the best is yet to come!!


I personally have been involved in a company that had hundreds of competitors (Excel). And we were successful! We had 600 other companies that offered the same product we did. It’s hard work to constantly be comparing yourself to the competition. In fact it wears you down! We really have no competition with SendOutCards. It’s a rare situation. I decided a long time ago that if you have to stock it, swallow it or rub it on your skin, I’m not doing it! In fact anyone in the health, nutrition or skin care industry is going to have to stock tons of product and compete with the hundreds of other companies offering a similar product. There are over 500 supplement and shake companies in MLM and many more advertised through traditional means. I’ve been there and done that. It’s not fun!! I choose to work with something that is UNIQUE, has little to no competition and has an upside like no other company in the marketplace.

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