SHORTCUTS TO GROWING A TEAM – Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.

All about LEVERAGE,; the difference between a moped and a private jet. The jet gives you massive leverage. Both are vehicles, but one is a better vehicle for taking a long journey in comfort.

  1. CREATE PREMIUM LIST: Meet and schedule appointments with people that are connected and influential. Look for opportunities to meet people that know people that would do business with us. Ask for an introduction. When I attend a networking event, I can QUICKLY turn a cold contact into a warm contact with a quick intro from the person that organized the meeting.
  2. WEEKLY CAMPAIGNS: Send at least 1 campaign per week (10-200 cards).
  3. ATTEND AND PROMOTE EVENTS: You can accomplish more by having your teammates at a major event, (TER’s, Regionals and National/International events) than spending 6 months on your own trying to train and motivate people.
  4. SORT FOR LEADERSHIP: Finding the right people rather than developing people.
    (When you find the right people, you’ll need to do very little for them) – This was a BIG one for me.
  5. USE AND PROMOTE PRESENTATION TOOLS: Ultimate leverage. 100 Times more effective than trying to explain it yourself. Third Party-Upline, Conference Calls, Videos, DVDs, ASEND Magazine.
  6. USE AND PROMOTE TRAINING TOOLS: It’s the map and the system. The Getting Started Right Booklet is the most valuable tool for getting started that we have


  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE: USE IT, SHARE IT, SPONSOR. The comp plan is about YOU. The focus can’t be on you, it must be on them. Get into the magic of the SOC system. You love it. Use it and share it. If you want to make big money, focus on USING AND SHARING SOC. Each person does a little. Turn your dashboard green and teach others to do the same, that’s it.
  2. BEING WITH THEM (vs sending them a link).
  3. WORK MORE: If you are working 1 hour a week, work 5 hours a week. If you are working 5 hours a week, work 10 hours a week.
  4. BE PRODUCTIVE AND TEACH PRODUCTIVITY: There are things that lead to growth and things that just kill time. Focus on productive activity. We’re talking about EFFICIENCY of activities. Turn off TV. Stop planning and organizing. It’s all been done for you.
  5. BECOME A TEACHER AND A TRAINER – When you teach, you learn QUICKLY. The Monday calls are as much for me as they are for you. It rapidly accelerates your learning curve when you teach it.
  6. FOCUS ON “TOUCHING” AND “MOVING” PEOPLE – Kody (BNI Meeting in Reno -He told stories and 40 people wanted to sign up).
  8. GET AN INTRODUCTION vs calling on someone cold.

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