Shortcut to Success

January 10, 2011

Shortcut to Success:

Everyone wants a shortcut. AND the good news is there are shortcuts. The bad news is they
are not what most people think. A shortcut is not a mass marketing system that will sign up
lots and lots of people for you. A shortcut is not an automatic sponsoring system that will
eliminate the need to talk to people. What most people see as the long road is actually the short road.
A 15 minute conversation is way more valuable than blasting an e-mail out to 150 people that you don’t know. Three 15 minute conversations per day with people in your network helps to create
the valuable relationships that can take your business to the next level.

1. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Keep a list of people to call every day just to ‘Check In’ – Call at
least 3 people a day just to say ‘Hi’ and see how they are doing.

2. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Spend 90% of your time connecting with people on a personal
level face to face or over the phone and 10% of your time connecting
with people using technology.

3. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Limit your time on Facebook to 15 minutes per day (I know that is hard for most of you but it’s a must if you want to build a successful business). My only exception to this rule is
if you want to ‘schedule’ 2 hours a week just to casually ‘chat’ with others that are online
to see if you can advance your relationships. It’s live and real time which is a different experience than
‘posting’. Your goal is to eventually take it offline so that you can have real human contact.

4. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Limit your TV time (or eliminate it all together). Replace it with reading and listening to positive CD’s. You won’t miss anything. You’ll hear the important stuff from your friends. TV kills brain cells and books and CD’s strengthens them.

5. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Seek out to MEET people that do business with people that would do business with us. When they see SOC they get excited because the know so many people that could benefit from
our program. Think about who does business with people that would do business with us?

6. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Send way more cards out that appreciate others and less cards
to market yourself. Go to your mailbox and pick up your mail. What do you keep and what do you throw away? What do you forget and what do you remember?

7. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Have fun with the business. Make your cards, colorful, social, active, vibrant
and FUN. Make your meetings light and easy. Be someone that others want to be around.’

***Talk about the leadership retreat at Donna Johnson’s home ***

A charismatic group is a group that others want to be part of.
Most peoples lives are weighted down in some really heavy stuff. Let our business become something that lightens their load.


Q: I just signed up. I lost my job and I’m out of savings. I need to go fast. What do I have to do to get to $5000 a month quickly?
A: Network Marketing pays you a little money to do a lot of work in the beginning and pays you LOTS of money (More than you are worth) later to do almost nothing. Unless you have hundreds of people that trust you enough to sit down right now, it takes some time to build things up. Network Marketing (in all cases) is a PART TIME BUSINESS designed to be built on a shoestring until you have enough
income to leave the job or traditional business. If a company offers you full time income from the start, its’ usually because of front end loading which is illegal. A big buy-in upfront can create big checks. However, it usually means purchasing product that get’s stockpiled to create big checks which is a regulatory no-no.

To create $5000 per month quickly, be prepared to hit the ground running doing 3-5 Gift Account Walk-Throughs per day at least 5 days a week. You’ll be on track to sign up 1-2 people per week as you gain exposure. You’ll need to be a Senior Manager or Executive to create that range of income typically. Most people making $5000 per month have between 400 and 1000 people in their organization and have about 5 people a day signing up (in their entire group).

Q: How do I get around the objection that someone needs to pay $457?
A: They don’t have to pay the money. We are offering them an opportunity to participate in a business
that has more potential than most franchises costing $100,000 or more with no overhead or employees.
It’s their choice if they want to start a business with us. The exact same skills are required to build ANY business regardless.

Q: How can I get my group to grow faster?
A: This question is the toughest question to answer of all. The speed of the leader does determine the speed of the pack. The greatest leverage comes from promoting the Events including conference calls, Webinars and TreatEmRights.

Here’s an email that I sent to a woman who has been struggling with getting her group to duplicate.

This morning I was talking to my husband and he made a remark that surprised me. He said, “If you work as hard as you do and can’t get duplication, something doesn’t make sense.”

Thanks for your email . . . I wish I could wave a magic wand and help you be successful at Network Marketing. That’s what everyone wants. I can see that you have been working very very hard and it feels like you are beating your head up against a wall. That’s what I did for 14 years. My first 11 years I never sponsored one person and then I bounced between $100 and $3000 month for 3 more years before my checks started to go up. I understand and I don’t have a great answer for you. It’s 90% mindset and 10% effort. Until you find a runner, it’s a struggle. The real key is learning to let go of the struggle so there is space for the runner to find you.

This is a VERY easy business when you have the right team . . . and there is no secret to finding the right people other than going through what you are experiencing until you do. Most people don’t have what it takes to keep going long enough. After my first year in my 12th company working every day, I was making $180 a month (go back through ‘Beach Money’. My income comes from 7 out of 201 legs meaning that 194 people are doing little to nothing. You are in one of the 7 legs. Interestingly, you have one of the strongest uplines in the company, but all of them do it differently. There is no FORMULA that works until you FIND the right person (people). They will run circles around you when you find them.

You are DOING all the right things . . . BNI is good. Being on the calls is great. Going to TreatEmRights is essential . . . they are all important. You must have faith that there are people out there better than you and that they are looking for you just as you are looking for them. As soon as you stop believing this, you will stop working.

I recommend re-reading ‘Beach Money’ because it’s all in there. AND you may want to go to and order the MASTERMIND SERIES on CD. It’s all $100,000 per month earners (and we all have the SAME story). None of us DID the business well . . . we all worked on building stronger relationships and attracting great people until the RIGHT PEOPLE came into our groups. Donna Johnson has sponsored 200 people and 99% of her income comes from 3 legs. Randy and Orrin are the same.

I wish I had the magic wand but I don’t. You are DOING the right things. Whether you make it or not, will depend on your FOCUS not on what you are doing. We all do it a little differently, but our FOCUS allows us to minimize the frustration until good things happen.

Being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see . . .

When Kody started SendOutCards, he had FAITH that the right people would eventually find their way to SendOutCards. Without those people (us) SendOutCards would have never grown into what it is today. He couldn’t have done it without us. He couldn’t have done it alone. This is important. Realize that you won’t build your business alone. You must FIND the right people, PEOPLE! :) They are out there. Do you have faith that this is a true statement? Do you believe that you will find them and attract them to want to join you? You must find the right people before your team will grow quickly. Kody invested $500,000 AND borrowed money from friends. It took a few years before he had his investment back and he still invests most of what he makes back into the company. That’s faith. He knew the right people would show up and some of us have!

I wish there was some kind of real shortcut to success. The problem is, when the money comes too
easily, it tends to go away just as fast. If you are not prepared for it when it starts to show up, guess what? It goes away. I made $8 million in my last company and wasn’t prepared. The result was I invested $4 million in profits and lost all of it. Professional athletes that haven’t prepared themselves to make a lot of money usually end their careers broke. Lottery winners regardless of how much they make usually end up broke. The time it takes to grow you business is the time most of us need to learn what we will do with the money when it starts to roll in. It’s a lot easier to make it than it is to keep it. Fortunately there really is no shortcut other than to work on adjusting our focus and alignment to things that attract the right people on a consistent basis.

Here are a few things to focus on to accelerate your growth:

1. Sorting
2. Dreaming
3. Communicating a vision through stories
4. Working consistently
5. Finishing
6. Being Generous and respecting people
7. Sending Out to Give
8. Meeting new people all the time
9. Recognizing that we don’t want everyone. Just the right ones to be working with us now.
10. Growing in all areas (personally and professionally)
11. Promoting
12. Patience
13. Resourcefulness
14. Faith
15. Working the Numbers
16. Deserving
17. Loving
18. Hanging out with positive and supportive people
19. Leading
20. Allowing (Letting go)
21. Building

Here are some things to avoid:

1. Gossip
2. Complaining and complainers
3. Whining and Whiners
4. Blaming
5. Getting sucked in
6. Distractions
7. Time killers (biggest ones TV and Facebook)
8. Excuses
9. Procrastination

From: Wendi Kelemen-Braden

Colleen Kilpatrick and I have created a group on Facebook based on the book “365 Thank Yous” by John Kralik. After hearing Johns story and reading his book we were inspired to commit to a year of sending out daily gratitude notes as well.

Can you imagine what could happen over the course of a year? How many lives would be impacted? Can you imagine how your own life would be blessed by living in gratitude?

Everyone we have mentioned it to has been equally enthused. So we created our group “The Gratitude Project” for people to connect together on this journey.

Whether you want to just observe the process of others in the group, or occasionally send out your own notes of gratitude, or want to commit to a 365 day journey, we welcome anyone who wants to join the group.

If you can’t find the group, contact Wendi Braden or Colleen Kilpatrick on FB.

Thanks you! Hope to see you both really soon!

Wendi Kelemen-Braden, Senior Manager

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