May 12, 2014 – 


I made a simple yet BOLD decision years ago that sent me on a trajectory of personal growth that led me to a lifestyle that is only possible through network marketing. I chose SendOutCards for a few reasons (I got many offers to join other companies. They would pay me and offer me down-lines. I turned them all down including an offer of $1 million. I signed up with SOC and paid my money just like you to be a distributor. Kody offered me no deal and no money. We don’t buy distributors. I joined because it represented the best opportunity for all of these reasons):

1. SendOutCards is a legacy company. Legacy movements are philosophies that can change the world. The cause drives the dream. We have already done the impossible. Many companies have come and gone, yet we are still here innovating and growing. We are written about in many books and have been featured on numerous radio shows. Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI, has talked about us from the stage and suggested that all networkers consider using SendOutCards. Tom Hopkins, world renowned Sales Trainer loves our service and has recommended us on numerous conference calls to thousands. Harvey McKay, Author of “Swim with the Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive” and “Dig Your Well Before its Dry” sings our praises regularly.

2. SendOutCards has a leader that has a vision and can communicate it. There is no one better than Kody Bateman at doing this. If you ever question our destiny, just read Kody Bateman’s book, “Promptings” or listen to the music he has produced. We feed the spirit and the soul through the expression of kind words sent out through the mail. We lift others up in a negative world. We are living in a culture of generosity and love.

3. SendOutCards offers a unique product that is very hard to reproduce by other companies due to limited economies of scale. We have almost no competition. Most nutritional and skin care companies have hundreds of competitors. Our uniqueness defines us. Like Amazon, Netflix and I-Tunes, there is only ONE SendOutCards. We are defining and expanding a market.

4. SendOutCards is blazing a trail and transforming an entire industry. The upside is huge. Every day I meet SOC users that would not be sending cards and gifts if it wasn’t for our convenient system. There are millions of others out there that have never heard of us that would be sending cards and gifts if they knew about us. We get to triple or quadruple the size of this already 7.5 Billion $$ industry. How many millions of people are not sending cards and gifts simply because it’s inconvenient? We make it easy and convenient. We bring card sending back to the people.

5. SendOutCards has a proven compensation plan. More millionaires have come from the uni-level coded hybrid breakaway plan that any other comp plan in network marketing.
No one has ever done what we have done in Greeting Cards and Gifts. As I said, Amazon did it with books, I-Tunes did it with music, Netflix did it with movies and SendOutCards is doing it in greeting cards and gifts. Did you notice that there is only ONE recognizable company in each category? We are IT in greeting cards and gifts!

Look at your life. Where are you today and what do you want to create? Does your dream for your life seem somewhat absurdly impossible. If it does, GREAT! Because the absurdly impossible is all around you. There is proof that the absurdly impossible is possible. Flying is absurdly impossible. Flying is for the birds yet millions do it daily.

Entire cities consisting of millions of people have sprouted up in the driest of deserts.
Nature is absurdly impossible. Water evaporates into the invisible, and all of existence is dependent on a fiery ball of light radiating heat from the sky. Our little dot of a planet supports the diversity and experience of millions of years of living and breathing organisms. It’s ABSURD! We have no right to even consider that creating our dreams and changing the world through kindness is absurd. So let’s just do it. Okay? Get with the person that sent you this message and have them activate an account for you and show you how to send a card and gift on the system. They’ll let you try it out. Thanks for listening!

What I’m going to teach you tonight has the potential to make you a fortune and it’s simple. Although most people that join our profession say they desperately want financial success, most don’t do the simple things necessary to attract the right people. This system is ridiculously easy to implement yet 99% of all networks don’t do it. This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Decide right now to become a professional and put these actions into play immediately. Do this consistently for 2 years and you’ll never have to work again!

Have you ever noticed that a great salesperson can join any sales organization and seemingly overnight they are once again at the top of their game? People who know how to build businesses can do it anywhere because of 3 things:

1. They have the skills.
2. They have the network.
3. They have the right attitude.

Master the skills (this represents about 10% of the equation). You can learn them fairly quickly. We’ll talk about this on another call. Build the network. I’m not talking about your SOC organization here. I’m referring to your personal network. Build a powerful team of people that you would consider allies to you and you’ll never have to work again. You’ll have every resource at your fingertips. When you need something done, you simply make a phone call and consider it done. This is one of the most powerful exercises you can do. Your attitude can make up for lack of skills and even the lack of a network in some cases. Although your life will become much easier once you have established a solid base of friends and associates. This is not something you do once and then forget about it. It’s an ongoing process of growing your personal power team. You can get anything done when you have the right team! Once you have your network, it will go with you for the rest of your life. If you ask me for THE BEST accountant, I can tell you who to talk to. If you ask me for THE BEST financial planner, I have one of those too. If you ask me for THE BEST personal chef, I’ll have him right at my fingertips and so on. Your power team is an extension of yourself. If you don’t have one it’s not too late. You can start now and in one year have a pretty good one built. Within 2 years you are really rockin’. You’ll be prepared for any situation. Your security is in your relationships, always!

Keep in mind, what’s the first thing someone does when they start a business? They print their business cards and they get a URL. Why do they print business cards? Because they want to give them to you! If you ask anyone that has a business for their business card, they give you 4!! A business card typically costs around a nickel. So how can we take these worthless pieces of cardboard that end up on your desk in a stack, in a shoebox or in a kitchen drawer and turn them into something of real value? The answer is foundational but so few practice it. In fact, if you look at those with huge bank accounts, it’s rare to find one that doesn’t do these things. If you are looking for a closely guarded secret, I’m about to give it to you.

First, you need to figure out the average value of a lifetime customer for you. In our business, we are going to figure out the average lifetime value of a distributor. I’m going to use VERY conservative numbers. If you sponsor 100 people over the course of your career, on the low end your residual check would be around $10,000 a month. Many make as high as $100,000 a month or more after sponsoring 100, but we’ll use $10,000. So if you sponsor 100 and are making $10,000/mo for 10 years (again, it may come in for many years after that but we’ll just say 10 years for calculation purposes). $10,000 X 120 months (10 years) = $1.2 million. And you sponsored 100 people So $1.2 Million divided by 100 = $12,000 per new personally sponsored distributor. Each time you sponsor a distributor, it’s like you just made $12,000 spread out over time. The average lifetime value of a distributor is $12,000 to you. That’s our starting point.

If you have 100 business cards that are worth a nickel each, you have $5 worth of business cards. If you do nothing, you may (by default) sponsor 1 of the 100 and make $12,000 over time which means that each card is really worth $120. You’re off to a good start! Now is where things get really interesting!

What if you could sponsor 30 of the 100 people representing each business card? That’s $360,000 for every 100 business cards that you collect! Now, you are only limited by how many people you meet that hand you a business card! This will all begin to make sense in a moment.

1. Place a call to each person just to say, “Hi, it was nice to meet you and I look forward to staying in touch. Please let me know if I can ever do anything for you . . . ”
(CALL 100 AND SPONSOR 3! You made $36,000!)

2. Send a card to each person. In the card say, “It was really nice to meet you and I hope our paths cross again soon. Let’s stay in touch! It would be fun to collaborate sometime in the future on some business ideas”. Put your picture in the card! (THIS IS IMPORTANT!!)
(SEND A CARD TO 100 AND SPONSOR 5! You made $60,000! )

3. Send a gift to each person. Brownies are a good choice. If they are health conscious choose something less decadent but meaningful like a book!
(SEND A GIFT TO 100 AND SPONSOR 10! You made $120,000!)

4. Remember their birthday! Send a birthday card!
(SEND A BIRTHDAY CARD TO 100 AND SPONSOR 15! You made $180,000!)

5. Personal Meeting – Like coffee or a lunch just to get to know them. Spend 80% of the time learning about them and their business. Ask them how you can help them grow their business.

6. Refer business – Look for people that could do business with them or help them reach some of their business or personal goals.
(REFER BUSINESS TO 100 AND SPONSOR 30! You made $360,000!)

How do I know this works? Because I know LOTS of people that do it and have made millions! Including me! Remember, you are not limited to just 100 business cards. Over time you could do this with 1000 business cards and make $3.6 million. I have 4000 contacts in my contact manager and have made $10 million with SendOutCards doing these 6 things.

I’m not perfect and a lot slips through the cracks. You’ll need to pick and choose who you send to. But, if you do these 6 things every day with most of the people that you meet, you’ll set yourself up for an avalanche of business. I keep notes in the notes section of my contact manager and I put people into groups. I’ll send campaigns, if necessary, to make sure everyone gets a card.

Check this out. If you’ll do this for 100 people and sponsor 30 over time, you’ll make about $360,000 paid out over the lifetime of those distributors. $360,000 divided by 100 = $3600 per business card! Every time you get a business card from someone it is like they just handed you $3600!! Don’t treat this lightly! Take that business card and nurture it by doing the six things we just talked about. Pretty cool!

Of course every chance I get I look for opportunities to set up appointments to show each person what I do but it’s so much easier to meet with people when you do these six things regularly because of the LAW OF RECIPROCITY. People want to associate and collaborate with people that truly care about them and aren’t just after their money. So consider working these six things into your daily activities and expect good things to happen!

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