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Keep it Super Simple – The KISS Method

How many times have you started a new business and found it to be utterly complex and frustrating. I have come across at least four biz opps that were so complicated I didn’t even know how to get started.

With Send Out Cards, it is super simple. I mean, you can’t get much simpler by sending a heartfelt card everyday.

One of the most common objections people give me for why they can’t join a network marketing company is the costs of the investment. Personally, I can’t quite grasp that.

Perhaps it is because I know how much it costs to build a traditional business – and, let me tell you it is MUCH more costly to build a traditional business than it is to join a network marketing biz opp. Let’s not even mention if you want to build a franchise business.

The Cost of Other Business Plans

When I was growing up in Wild Wonderful West Virginia, my parents had a jewelry business. Talk about the expenses of that business. They bought their inventory at wholesale prices but that was a lot as well. Not to mention rent, employee checks, theft from shoplifters and the list goes on. They were robbed one evening so they had to get a security system, too.

They were 100% responsible for everything – choosing which products they would sell, finding suppliers, handling the finances. Everything. It was a ton of work and they simply were not equipped to handle it with three kids and getting up there in age.

businessplanSo when I look at a biz opp like Send Out Cards and I hear people say that it is too costly, I just don’t understand. Send Out Cards offers you a viable biz opp where you get all of the training and support that you will need to succeed.

You don’t have to worry about deciding on a product – they’ve already taken care of all of that for you. It’s all from your computer, all you have to do is view it there, choose a card and person you want to send it to and the company prints it, puts it in an envelope and puts a stamp on it and takes it to the post office. Super simple! As for the other costs of making your biz opp profitable (promoting, supplies, internet, etc) you are talking about maybe $10-$75 a month – depending on the strategies that you use.

I know from experience how it can be living paycheck to paycheck. Try being a single parent of two while being in the Marine Corps. But I made it a priority to find the money to make this happen. Selling things we didn’t need on eBay. Having garage sales. Cutting back on our spending. Whatever it took to make sure we had the money we needed to keep going.

In fact, next time we are going to be talking about some ways that you can make $100. $100 would help you out, right? With $100 you could not only join the program, but you could take a friend or two out to lunch and explain the program to them (remember that this is the path to the big times).

Make it a Happy Day!

Bess Marie


P.S. Don’t look back a year from now and regret that you didn’t get started today?


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