May 1st 2017


I just now went through my more recent texts from some of our distributors that were looking for help. I’m going to share with you my advice to them:


I have been in SOC for 9 months and have focused a lot of my efforts in building my network. I have met so many people and have struggled with finding a good solution with staying organized with my prospects to take them from our first meeting to closing and beyond.

A: This is normal and I suggest finding the power in the chaos. Get to the point where you have so many people in the pipeline that you only communicate with the ones that communicate with you. They are the ones you want to work with. If you are super-woman you can only “work” with 5 at a time anyway. So keep sponsoring and networking until you have 5 that are calling you to set things up. And look for the ones that are on the calls each week and scheduling time with you. You can also be proactive and schedule things with them as well. If they are ENGAGED then work with them. If they are not, then just send them a card and/or text once in awhile. You can do this by going through your text messages and seeing which ones you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile. The more you manage, the less “free” you will be. Listen to the following 2 conference calls:

Dear Jordan,
I love your ideas about cards, and I love to send out cards, but I have hard time to open my mouth to ask whoever received my card to get involved with this business! Help me!
Thank you

What’s your system with this?


A: Hi Mary . . . well first of all I would NEVER try and ask whoever I sent cards to to “get involved” in the business. If they are local, I would set up a time just to meet them for lunch or coffee. Text them this, “I want to set up a time to get together with you sometime . . . let’s chat!” Suggest a time and a place.
Darla suggests to respond with a text . . . “You will never in a million years guess how I sent you that card and gift!” When they respond text them back . . . “Let’s set up a time . . . I want to show you.”

I never try and get anyone in. My job is just to show them how cool the system is and then tell them how it works. Demo it. Give them the GIFT of sending a card to someone they care about. You have an advantage, because the downfall of many distributors is trying to tell people about it. That does not work. You must show them. Then let them tell you what they think! Everyone thinks its a good idea once they see it.

“LITMUS TEST – If you would promote Sendoutcards even if you weren’t getting paid, you will do well in the business!”
The good news is, you will get paid.

I had a distributor that had the same problem as you. I suggested she set up coffee or tea with one person per day without the intention of talking business . . . just to get together. She did that and by her 5th day she sponsored her first distributor and by her 10th day she sponsored her second. The conversation always comes up. Be prepared but don’t get together with the intention of “selling” anyone.

PHILLIP CUARTAS sent me a message the other day:

I wanted to run something by you and for the record, I may be wrong. I just get the feeling that the younger people, 30’s and under, really want to see the $$ side of SOC. The product/service SOC offers is amazing and I never get any objections regarding that. However, In the walk through you taught me, at the end I briefly discuss the up front money and the fact they can make 20% of the group volume through residuals, but I never touch on what that could represent monthly. The example Steve Schultz gives in the comp plan webinar of $16,000 in your distributor code, and $32,000 in your mgr code, I think would help paint the bigger picture, especially for younger entrepreneurs. What are your thoughts?

A: The problem with that Phillip, is it is illegal. It is being phased out of all parts of our plan. All the network marketing companies have their attorneys rewriting all their programs to eliminate income projections. The ones that do it will probably at some point be under regulatory scrutiny, giant fines and shut downs. Vemma was shut down for that. Young persons revolution. In reality, most people don’t believe the projections anyway. Show them how they can make a few hundred dollars a month by selling some bundles and get a residual check. The residual check now is zero.

And, EVERYONE says their situation is different. All people are different. Everyone in Mississippi is different. Everyone in Colorado is different. You do not understand the people on the East Coast. When you’re talking to realtors, you need to change things up because they’re different. You don’t understand, the people in Australia are different! I’ve been hearing it for 30 years. People are people. No someone a good idea, and a good opportunity, and some will see it, but most won’t. You will not really understand what I’m telling you until you get a runner. They will run circles around you. We have hundreds of them and send out cards, but you do not have one in your group yet. Your checks will skyrocket. But you need to forge forward until you find them. One person will set you free. Jana has been receiving thousands of dollars a month for over nine years and she has not worked the business one minute. All because of one leg. Sara and Bobby Basloe are living in Costa Rica off the income from one leg. Mark Herdering is living in Portland of the income from one leg. David Frey has not to the business in six years and he has been living off a six-figure annual income as a result of one leg. I can name 10 more right now.
So Manny, the guy you’ve met that’s a dancer, has seen the presentation, been to multiple meetings, etc. he’s since texted me multiple times, the app expires so he’ll text me and ask “how do I send a card again?” so I’ll resend him the link to download and explain it all over again. This has happened at least 3 times and he’ll never send his 1st card. He’s asking me again for a code to send a free card. It’s to a point where it’s annoying me. Have u ever had to deal with people like that?

A: Once in a while. That’s actually a good sign believe it or not. Usually, when someone like that comes around they usually go for it. He’s thinking about it all the time. People that take their time to make a decision to start, usually do better. No guarantees though. Call his contact up in your contact manager and then click on enable gift account. Create a gift account for him with a six-month timeframe. That way it won’t expire for six months. Maybe give him 20 points and $10 in expense. Once you set up a username and password for him you can login from the app or from the computer. That way if he ever bothers you you can just ask him to login with that username and password. Are usually have them use their first initial last name 2017 for the username, and then password ‘cards’. That’s way if anyone ever text me or calls me I am mediately know their username and password.

How are you doing buddy? Haven’t heard from you in a while! You know, in excel, the first 10 years were all older people. Then, on Excels 10th year in business three young guys, Shawn Herrick, Adrian Eimerl, and Jeremy Rose, joined the company. They were all in their early 20s. Over the next three years, they put 45,000 people into the business and made millions of dollars. The reason I make money in network marketing, is because I lead. I take responsibility. The past does not equal the future. I create my future. Really, only about one in 1000 people do this. This is the reason why most people don’t make it. They quit because they are basing their future on the past. They don’t look at what they are going to create, they look at what others have done and decide their future based on that. I am not preaching to you. Trying to help.


Diana is presenting to a group of Realtors this month as well . . . suggestions?

A: I would use realtor testimonials from the SOC Testimonials FB page. I would also have screenshots of the app and show generally how it works. And then give three or four IDEAS on how someone can use it as a realtor to grow their Real Estate business.

It is important to have a “Call to Action” afterwards. What do you want them to do after the presentation or webinar? Do you have their addresses and names so you can send them cards and gifts? Are they within driving distance of you? Can you set up individual phone or in person meetings with them afterwards?

Most likely you will have to have individual conversations with the ones that are interested. So the goal should be to get those set up either over the phone or in person.

Try and keep your presentation to no more than 20 minutes if possible. With Realtors I always ask for 100% undivided attention beforehand especially if I am in an office environment. They tend to want to walk in an out of the room and take calls, etc. It’s very distracting. Most Realtors have a very short attention span. You can always post something on FB to get ideas and advice!

TOMMY PACHECO – Good Afternoon! I just wanted to let you know I will be doing a one minute commercial in front of a networking
group and I want to make sure and touch on all of the key points. Know we have recommend one minute commercial. Do you know where I could
find it? There will be around 30 people

A: Post in the official SendOutCards group and you will get MANY MANY great responses in a matter of minutes!

TOMMY: Hey Jordan! I’m planning on joining the Chamber of Commerce here in Albuquerque and I was wondering if you have any examples, ideas or pics of how people set up their booths for networking events? Your input is greatly appreciated!

A: When is the exhibit they will be setting up? How much time do you have? Is it costing you anything?

TOMMY: I’m not sure when the event is going to be yet or whether there will be a charge to set up the booth.

A: You want to use your exhibit as an opportunity to meet people. I always discourage people from doing these kinds
of events typically because they take a lot of time and usually cost a lot of money for very poor results. It could be good for meeting people . . . I think you are way better off just attending and walking around and meeting the other exhibitors vs being tied to a booth that limits your opportunity.

The most important thing, if you do choose to do a booth is to to draw people into your booth and have a conversation. I have so many stories. You don’t stand a chance unless you create CONVERSATION with someone and get to know them in the few minutes you have with them. So you want to have LOTS AND LOTS of colorful cards on display to draw them in. Order at least one “Card Tree” from SendOutCards
gifting. Two would be best. You’ll find them under HOME or OFFICE. You’ll also want to have some type of drawing that people can enter. Anything will work . . . count the jelly beans in a jar – Guess how much change is in the fishbowl, etc. Winner gets the change. Have them fill out a drawing
slip with their email address, phone # and a “guess”. Winner could receive a free SendOutCards Account or a $25 gift card.

Will you get to give a talk?

These take A LOT of time and preparation and I would think twice before you do one. The return is usually very low. But if you connect with the right person at the right time, it will be worth it. It is a chance to meet a lot of people!

TIM COMFORT: Hey Jordan! Thanks for checking in! Honestly I have been preoccupied with work and I need to get back to activity. Feeling a bit unmotivated lately and open to any words of encouragement!

A: That’s normal! I’m going to send you a conference call to listen to. It may provide some help
If you listen to a couple of these this week you won’t run into this problem. I promise. The one
I sent you is called “10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

TIM’S RESPONSE AFTER LISTENING: Great call Jordan – Exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you!
I will push through this.

TAMMY – Jordan….
Hey  I’m sorry to bug… I just left training …
I’m confused about how to do a one on one. I thought I had it figured out. I have the company bp on my laptop (thinking of getting it on my phone very soon) and just going through the slides
But I hear that (most) people aren’t doing this. They do this ….

Which is mostly verbal with an app demo and explaining bundles with paper apps?
Because of my new (slightly less than ideal) brain I NEED structure.

Which is the best way? I want to be duplicatable and I don’t see how talking is. Or am I making this too complicated?

I’m not freaking  out but I am a little lol
I have 6 bps this week and I want to know how to be effective. Ugh.

Can we talk perhaps on Monday for a few minutes on the phone or?…. Thoughts ?
I know you’re super busy
I just want to start on the right foot!
We don’t have to talk but just some guidance as to the best way is all I am seeking

Thank you in advance

A: Tammy! We just finished a presentation in Cottonwood Arizona. Don’t stress. Just do what you’re comfortable with. You can’t screw it up. If you’re comfortable using the presentation that is online, use that. It does make sense to show somebody the app. Even if you send a card to them while they watch you do it. Take a selfie with them.

TAMMY’S RESPONSE: Is it too much to use the bp and show the app?

Aww I will figure it out
After Friday I will be better lol

Just my appointments are with mortgage brokers , entrepreneurs, stay at home mom and realtors
I want to be effective that’s all. Right from the gate. Probably shouldn’t pressure myself

It will be fine
I am fine
No it will be great. Either way. I’m genuine. That’s what matters. And I believe in what Kody started. And I can send a card from my phone. That’s pretty much all I need. :))

A: Exactly – I personally think you will be better off keeping it somewhat casual. I will try and call you in the next 24 hours Show them the app. Take your time. Take a picture, put it on the front of the card, put in a message, and send it to them. Let them watch you. Then show the six minute video. If you are in the office, you can show them the income opportunity video under the company tab. It’s six minutes. Then go over the options.

From Executive, Goldyn Duffy

“What are you broadcasting? Your state of being is what determines the creation of your life. Your thoughts are the electromagnetic charge into the quantum field while your feelings are the magnetic charge. It’s not enough to say or think affirmative thoughts you have to feel the excitement to broadcast the signal and attract whatever it is you are desiring. Most people live in a state of lacking what they want and so that is what they broadcast. Feeling good about what you are desiring and having faith and excitement that it is coming sends out the broadcast and brings it to you. When you couple these feelings with inspired action you become and create all that you have been reaching for.”

Think about how radio stations BROADCAST certain types of music or talk radio content. And they each attract a certain type of person. You can do the same things based on what you “Broadcast” in your cards, messages and social media posts. You have a megaphone and what you send out comes back!!


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