Rank Advancement for this week!

January 24, 2011Rank Advancement for this week!

Rolodex Award:
Monica Parker

Marlon Shaw
Molly Tillyer
Britta Hammond
Melissa Carey Perkins
Andy Fulghum
Diane Lazarowicz
Robin Elliott
Sally Anier
Natalie Clunan

Senior Managers:
Desiree Golden-Borchelt
Nicole Pearson
Gretel Haeussler
Don Larson
Marketing Motivator


(Register right now on your MAIN MENU. Consider
sending an invitation to your potential distributors to attend).

I like charging guests $25 to attend. That way they have some ‘skin in the game’. They are more likely to show up. You could even tell them that you will refund their money if they show up. It also let’s you
find out how serious they really are. Tell them that you can get tickets discounted at $25 because you are a distributor.

JAN 29TH – Orange County
FEB 12TH – Phoenix
FEB 26TH – Atlanta

REGISTER NOW: http://socmarch2011.eventbrite.com/

Rolodex Award – Do 100 Gift account walk-throughs and then send Megan an e-mail at socmegan@gmail.com and you’ll receive special recognition from me, a cool rolodex pin and a Jim Rohn CD. www.thecoolbuzz.com for details.

Random Acts of Kindness – www.thecoolbuzz.com The stories will bring tears to your eyes. We have some beautiful people that are hurting and need to receive cards from you. PASSWORD: thecoolbuzz

Cruise – SM at Sea – Come on a cruise with myself, Kody and Jodi B and most of SOC’s top leaders!
Get promoted to Senior Manager between Jan 1, 2011 and Apr 15, 2011. If you are already there, you’ll need to sponsor 10 $398 wholesale packages with the $59 distributor option OR build 3 success units to qualify to go with us. Nothing like it! We did this in 2007 and the experience is PRICELESS!

Before we start . . . many of the questions I received appeared that the asker thought I work
for corporate. One question was, ‘When are YOU going to open an East Coast printing facility?’ I want you all to know that I am a distributor just like you. I signed up and paid my money to get started. I built the business one distributor at a time. I had lots and lots of people that told me they were going to do it and then fall off the face of the earth. I get told no. I have had over 100 people sign up with me personally and never do anything. I get discouraged from time to time. My business is a roller coaster just like yours. I have good days and tough days.

Here are two things that can help you get through the tough times:

1. Never quit on a bad day. You will have bad days. The key is to keep going even when things get rough. You won’t want to quit if you keep going because something good is right around the corner (always).

2. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Last Wednesday my phones started ‘exploding’! I was getting calls every 2 minutes from people wanting to ‘get going again’. Interestingly, I also had questions like, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ Well #1, if you are calling me to ‘Get Going’ again, that’s the first thing you are doing wrong . . . until your organization is exploding, starting and stopping is a terrible strategy for success.

Once again, I am not Corporate. I focus on business building and I let Kody and our amazing
leadership staff do what they do best. Our suggestions are invaluable to them. Continue to make them.
If I have a suggestion, I send it to wishlist@sendoutcards.com.
I told Kody in 2005 when I first got started, “Kody, if you don’t change a thing, I’ll build this to 1,000,000 distributors. Now obviously I can’t do it on my own. I can sign up a few who sign up a few, etc. But before we ever had glossy finish, gift cards, gifts, card stamping robots, PP 2.0, etc etc etc, we had a program that allowed someone to send a personalized greeting card in the mail with the click of a button. That, in and of itself, is a miracle.

I received about 40 concerns, complaints and suggestions today. They are all valid, I suppose, however they are not relevant to whether you can build a successful business. Without any of the things suggested, we have built a $60 million company and our team has over 60,000 distributors. Please send your concerns and questions to Corporate and then go out and build your business. We have the best program in the industry . . . threes nothing like it! Keep the main thing the main thing!

1. You can send a card to anyone in the world.
2. You can send a gift to most anyone in the world.
3. When you show others how to do the same thing, you get a check.
4. As people continue to use the service you keep getting paid.

What else is really important?

Regarding the question of an east coast facility . . . the answer is ‘I don’t know’. I do know that prior to being in SOC, I had no idea how long it took a card to arrive once it’s dropped in the mailbox. I do know that prior to SOC I sent about 3 cards a year and now I send 10,000 a year! I guess my attitude is . . . it get’s there when it get’s there. Hit send and a few days later, they get the card! Seriously, isn’t that what’s important. Now that we are all in the business, we have to track EXACTLY when it arrives.

Kody will expand internationally when it makes sense to do so. He will add an east coast facility when it makes sense to do so. There will be additional languages introduced when it makes sense to do so. It’s all coming. Right now, let’s do our part to make it easier for him to do his part.
Let’s build the business.

COMMON QUESTION – Do you use the automated ‘Kody Bateman’ walk-through or do you manually
walk them through sending a card?

A: I do both. I probably use Kody about 50% of the time. If you can send a card, you can show someone
else how to send a card. Don’t let the technology get in the way of getting the job done. What ever you need to do, have them send a card on the system. www.sendoutcards.com/YOUR ID#
Have them click on SEND A CARD (#2) and Kody will do it for you.
OR you can open their contact in your contact manager, click on ENABLE GIFT ACCOUNT and give them a USER ID and PASSWORD along with an allotment of points and postage. Have them log in and coach them through sending a card.

Linda Kirby – Gold Coast Australia (Incoming)

What has been the most common “hot button”for people to join SOC?

A: I would say, to earn an extra income (not to get rich) and to make it easy to spread appreciation and gratitude through sending cards – Most people think about doing it but they don’t because they are too busy.

Michael Hall, Manager – Memphis (Incoming)

Jordan-When exchanging business cards at networking functions,(like BNI), have you had much success getting people to visit your SOC website and/or watch the video & actually send a gift card on their own? Or, do you just follow up all the time and do GAW’s either in person or over the phone?

A: I don’t try and get people to go to my website . . . I want them on the phone with me so I can walk them through it and answer their questions. You have no control when they are on their own. I have found that only about 1 in 100 will log on and actually send a card. Stack the cards in your favor. Set up a time to be with them when they go through everything.

Deb Schense – North Liberty, IA (Incoming)

Everybody says the “fortune is in the follow-up”. Let’s say you have a prospect whom you haven’t heard back from after a GAW. What do you say when you call them back? Anything on follow-up would be helpful. Thanks.

A: I first find out if they have gone back in and sent another card or two. Even though I can look and see, I want to ask them. They usually have some questions. I never call and say ‘So are you ready to do it?’ I may call them with some follow up info that they might find helpful or a link to a conference call that I ask them to listen to. I will always follow up with a couple of fun cards and maybe some brownies or a $5 starbucks card. Your job is to ‘Advance’ their interest until the timing is right for them to get going. If they are completely ‘cold’, I put them in my ‘POTENTIALS’ group and send them a fun card with photos every 1-3 months. When a new DVD comes out I always send it to them. If there is a Treat’EmRight in their area, I invite them. I’m always looking for a reason to call them to move them to the next step if they are positive about things.

Suzanne Manziek – Pensacola (Incoming)

Hi Jordan- My name is Suzanne Manziek and I am an SOC distributor just getting started. I attended the convention in September (what an awesome experience) and really did not start working the business until after the convention. I have since approached several personal contacts one of which is a stockbroker. He loves the concept but said it would have to be approved by the compliance department. I spoke to corporate and they sent me an explanation of the security of our website for SOC which I forwarded to compliance and received no response. My contact has called me several times expressing his interest but he needs compliance Dept. approval. I wondered if you had personally signed up any stockbrokers and if so how you handled the issue of compliance for financial firms such as this one. I am really hoping that you have. This account that I am trying to get is a person here in Pensacola, Florida that is very well connected and I really feel like he would be a great help in
growing my business with SOC. Do you or have any suggestions? or words of wisdom you can share. Since this happened I met with a Met life agent and came up against the same problem.Hoping you can help!

A: Most banks, insurance companies and stock brokerage organizations won’t allow their agents or brokers to use a system like ours. Some ignore their policies, but most don’t. There is no way around it. Some organizations have very strict policies about hosting their client base on another companies computer system. There is no way around it. I just move on when I come up against this.

Kristi Kowach – Layton, UT (Incoming)

People don’t watch the DVD when they say they will. I let them know that’s all I have and need it back. How can I get them to watch it faster?

A: I suggest sending out at least 1 DVD per day. If you send out 300 a year, only about 50 will get watched and of the 50, maybe 10 will be interested. Of the 10, 5 will probably sign up after sending a card. The better your relationship with the person you are asking to watch the DVD, the more likely they will watch it when asked. Look them in the eye or be very direct on the phone and say . . . “it’s 15 minutes, when can you watch it? Do I have your word?”
And some still won’t watch it. Just let it go. Most people that are HUNGRY will watch it before you even ask. You are looking for the HUNGRY ones. Think about it, if they won’t watch a 15 minute video do you really think they are going to do anything?

phil – los angeles (Incoming)

What are your ratios for prospecting contacts that convert to distributors and with the tools available now…in your opinion if you were starting today would you do any thing different?

A: Mine will be different than yours. Also, depending on where and who you prospect, you’ll get varying results. Only about 1 out of 200 internet leads will become distributors IF you talk to each one personally. Yet I can sign up one in 4 people that I meet at a networking function. My ratios are 1:4 that I show SOC to. I wouldn’t do anything differently if I started over today.

Steve Nitschneider – Highlands Ranch (Incoming)

I would like to know how to attract traffic to my web site?

A: I’m not your guy. I don’t teach driving traffic to a website. There are experts out there that can teach you how to do this, but I don’t advocate a website to build the business. Many people don’t agree with me, but most of them aren’t making money in network marketing either. I get one person on the phone and ask them to log in to a gift account. I then show them how to send a card and watch the video. If they like it and want to sign up, I teach them to do exactly the same thing.

Ron – Bloomfield (Incoming)

How would you recommend a person start if they have no spare cash and want to reach a monthly income of $4,000-and want to accomplish that within 18 months or less?

A: Network Marketing is designed to be a PART TIME business for 1-3 years. Those that go full time from the beginning usually end up disappointed and discouraged. Working 1- 3 hours a day, you can ‘build up’ an income that can eventually match and then exceed your ‘job’ or traditional business income. If a company offers you a full time network marketing income from the beginning, it’s usually ‘front end loaded’ which is illegal. I recommend having a job or another source of income until your SOC income is 2 times what you make at your job AND you have 6 months in savings. Otherwise with taxes, insurance and just life’s little emergencies, you may always find yourself behind the eight ball. Once you get your business going, it’s possible to make WAY more than you are worth for doing little to nothing.

That being said, to earn $4000 per month in 18 months, it would take meeting 1-3 new people per day and doing 1 new gift account walk-through per day. You’ll need to sign up 1 person per week minimum, get to Executive as quickly as possible and always look for ‘no cost’ ways to meet new people (it doesn’t cost anything to meet someone new).

Julie Bowman – Ardmore, Pa. (Incoming)

How can you encourage a company to buy the distributor package to earn a percentage of their expenses? They do not like the thought of being a distributor.

A: Just encourage them to do it. Tell them that you acknowledge that they are probably not going to build a business, but the best choice for them is the $398 wholesale package with the $59 distributor option because it’s a great way to get their money back and get a little income to pay for their cards. If they don’t want to, then sign them up as a customer.

Mandy – Centennial (Incoming)

How do I handle the questions about ‘how much have u made?’ when I haven’t made much and I dont want to sound like i’m hiding that fact?

A: Well it’s illegal to tell people how much you are making prior to them being a distributor so whether you have made money or not has no bearing on whether you tell them. We are not to tell people how much we are making. They can comb over the comp plan online and based on what THEY are willing to do, will determine how much they make. When I was new and not making any money, I used to say, ‘I’m making exactly what I deserve to make based on what I have done’. You can take a look at the comp plan chart and determine how big an organization you are going to build and calculate what you would be making based on that.

Max – miami (Incoming)

What can I tell prospects who already quit amway or other networking companies?

A: Just show them SOC and let them decide if they want to have another go at it. I was in Amway twice
and never made money. And I’m here today to talk about it. If not, then move on. Don’t try and convince them. Send them a card.

Deb McFarland – Lima (Incoming)

I know from Demarr’s CD, SOC is 90% visual..What type of card would you send to a prospect that you can not meet with personally? Include a personal photo, lots of elements to really showcase SOC ability? And always the opportunity CD? Thank you:)

A: Photo cards are good. The more PERSONAL you make it the better. Speak to them on a personal level. The more it feels like a ‘sales pitch’ the less likely they will treat it seriously. BUT, I have never seen a card that sponsors someone. You must have personal contact with them to show it to them.

Tara Rising – Colorado Springs (Incoming)

What do you say after they’ve watched the video and sent a card? What’s the best way to show this to people in the medical field (doctors and nurses) that I play poker with?

A: I usually say, ‘What do you think?’ and go from there. The best way to show the doctors and nurses that you play poker with is just like you would show anyone else. Set up a time to show them and have them send a card to someone they love and then watch the video.

David Desrosiers – Tampa (Incoming)

To get the GAW appointment..what do you say? How do you get them to commit to a half hour vs. a “few minutes”. Thanks! Good seeing you in Ft. Lauderdale:)

A: I say, “I want to show you something really cool that I think you’ll like. When can I catch you in front of your computer for 30 minutes that I can show it to you”. If your relationship with them is strong, they will say, yes. Most people focus on ‘What should I say’ vs their relationship building skills. The key is in your rapport with them and not in what you specifically say.

Anonymous – Australia (1) What do we do when we get told to “ask our upline executive”? To our knowledge there is none. What can we do for that kind of advice?

A: It’s time to take 100% responsibility for your business. Your upline will never build your business for you. It’s up to you. You have EVERYTHING you need to build the business at your fingertips for $457. EVERYTHING. If it’s not on the website or if customer service can’t give it to you, it’s not relevant to building the business. Focus on what you have and not on what you don’t have. If there is no team in your area, good for you! That means YOU get to be the one that builds the team! Most successful business builders don’t have someone to lean on. You create the infrastructure that you feel you are lacking.

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