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June 27, 2011- Q and A with JordanQ AND A –

NOTE: If you will go to www.thecoolbuzz.com and go to conference call replays, you will see a few different Q and A calls. Most of the questions being asked have been addressed in one form or another on these calls in the past.

Sharon – Rocklin, California (Incoming)

It took me 2 years to get to manager, and now it’s been nearly 2 years since I did. How can I overcome my “belief” that it takes a long time to build a SOC business and help the people I sponsor not “do as I did” up to this point. I now have a very clear and strong WHY for building my business and want to model and teach a different way to build momentum than what I experienced these past 4 years. What do you suggest as keys to “starting over” with the reality of this track record?

A: Great Question! If you have found that it feels like growing your business is like walking through molasses, you will tend to find others that struggle with the exact same thing. This struggle is all about ‘energy’. You tend to attract what you focus on. If your beliefs are ‘this is hard, it takes a long time and it’s really a struggle!’ then you find many others that are exactly the same way. The only way I know to speed things up is to create a QUANTUM LEAP in your thinking. Do a ‘Google Search’ for Price Pritchett book, ‘You2’ It’s short and to the point but it really demonstrates the SHIFT that must happen to get out of your funk. Your answer lies in the realm of leadership, vision, focus and communication.

Mike Sill – Upland, CA (Incoming)

As you know, SOC’s “Opportunity and Fast Start Guide” promotes showing the DVD first (after the 3 questions) and the GAW only as a follow up if the person hasn’t signed up after being asked is he/she a “1, 2 or 3”. Jordon, on the other hand teaches GAW first. (possible exception – he sends at least one card /day with a DVD….are these the people that, in most cases he gives a GAW to, or…..?) What’s the psychology of one VS the other to show first? Could part of it be the shift in thinking of promoting the 2nd part of our mission statement, “to provide a financial vehicle….” first. And the 1st part “to help millions act on their promptings……” now take 2nd place. Do we need then to reverse the to parts of the mission statement, or……..?

A: It really doesn’t matter which you do first. What matters is that you believe in what you do and you do it with sincere excitement and passion. AND that you do it with consistency over a period of time. You must develop a ‘cadence’ (rhythm) of activity . . . It has little to do with what you do and everything to do with HOW YOU DO IT. It’s important that you do both, but which order that you do it makes little difference. I have them send a card first. Tommy and Curtis show the opportunity first. We both have our reasons why one is better than the other but both work.

Lisa Holcombe – Virginia Beach (Incoming)

I’m getting feedback, “Are you sure this is legit?” How do you know they’re not making up these stories to get your interest? I have come up with several responses that I believe in, but what would be your response to questions and the like if you were just starting out and learning about the business yourself? I know what I feel inside, but what is the best way to put it in words that would satisfy them?

A: Simply ‘acknowledge’ their skepticism . . . ‘Maybe you can help me find out if they are making up these stories or if they are for real?? If they are real, then I definitely want to attach myself to this company!!’

You could also say, ‘I totally agree that if they are up to something shady, I don’t want to have a part in it . . . but I think it’s legit. Here’s why . . .’ then give them the history. Send them the SOC Production Video from You tube or give them Kody’s book

Some people are just cynical and are trying to shoot you down. If they are a friend, I would seriously consider distancing yourself from them so they don’t drag you down. I look for friends that lift me up and support me.

The world is made up of people that are mostly cynical. The quest is to stay positive and to find others that think like we do . . . have faith. Their are LOTS of them!

I have also found that the more confident that I get, the less I encounter negativity or skepticism from others. I tend to attract really really positive people. Not all of them do it but most are VERY supportive.

I have also found that when I lead with having them send a card on the system, they are almost ALWAYS very supportive and positive. When I talk about making money up front, they can get skeptical right off the bat.

Curtis Dettman – Simi Valley, Ca (Incoming)

What do you say, at a social or business event, when someone asks “What do you do”?

I say, “I’m in the greeting card business . . . What do YOU do??” I keep my answers very brief and only give them more when they ask. I feed them little bits of info that might peak their curiosity but mostly I focus on getting to know them. If they really get inquisitive, I say, “Why don’t you give me your card and I’ll get you some info on our company and what we do. It’s pretty cool . . . ”

The less you say, the more curious they become and the more they want to know (usually).

Debbie – Webster (Incoming)

Hi Jordan! In the first cards you sent out after joining SOC, what was your message to the people you sent cards to. Were you just reconnecting with those people or was there a promotion message of some sort for SOC. Can you give some examples?

A: I was just ‘reconnecting’ with them. I said:

“I haven’t seen you in a long time! I hope you are well. Sure would like
to get caught up! Why don’t you give me a call sometime . . . I’m spending most of my time in the mountains of Arizona. Talk to you soon!

I uploaded a photo into the card (on dial-up!! We got high speed internet in Jerome, AZ about 5 weeks after I joined.

A few of them called me and we just got CAUGHT UP!

Patty Sherin – New York City (Incoming)

Business coaches And business professionals that I have spoken to suggest I try to differentiate myself from other soc distributors. They always ask what makes me different than other distributors. Business owners then to think in these terms but from listening to you, Tommy Wyatt and Demarr, I’m thinking this is not the case with network marketing and especially SendOutCards. What do you think?

A: Great question Patty! I don’t know that it really matters. Probably 1/10 of 1% of the population has ever heard of SOC and most of those that have heard of us, don’t really know what it is. They are business coaches and that’s what they teach people to do! But I think differentiation really shouldn’t be that much of a concern. I think it is important to become someone of interest that others want to be ‘related’ to. You must become interesting by being interested. Be different by being someone who really cares.

Steve – Moyock (Incoming)

Jordan, I have been asked by a couple of subscribers about signing up for the 59 dollar distributorship without the wholesale package. How do you answer the question?

A: I would ask them why they want to do this . . . if it’s because they want to make money, then I would discourage them from doing it. Most likely they don’t have the money for the whole thing but they are interested. I suggest they sign up for the $9.80 subscription plan to begin to send cards and build up their contact manager. Suggest they save up their money and come in as a full entrepreneur ($398 plus $59) when they are ready to do it all at once. People will do what you do. And without 12 people at the $457 ($398+$59 distributor package)level they won’t have the full volume they need to get promoted.

Starla – Chandler, AZ (Incoming)

What topics are covered at the HEAT IS ON. Would a very new prospect be confused? Is it best to only encourage my distributor team? I bought 18 tickets and some of my team bought some. Will Jordan be available for a photo opp. with some of my team?

A: Yes, I will be available for a photo op in Phoenix (Jun 30th) and Tampa (July 23rd). No, a guest or team member will not feel overwhelmed or confused. We will be painting the whole picture for a potential or new team member. Even veterans will get a lot from this training.

JoAnn Merklinghaus – Rutherford, NJ (Incoming)

Hi Jordan, I was looking to run an opportunity ad in the classifieds…. Is that something you currently do? If so, please let me know how the ad reads.

A: Hey JoAnn – I do not run ads. First of all, they are not duplicatable. Network Marketing grows because anyone can do what you do. As soon as you start spending money, others feel that they need to do the same and most people don’t have the $500 to $2000 PER MONTH to spend on ads. I highly recommend putting that money into sending cards and gifts. The reason we do network marketing is because WE DON’T HAVE TO ADVERTISE. Word of mouth is free!! Not to mention that advertising is an art that takes many years to master (another reason why it’s not duplicatable). Most of the money you spend on advertising will be wasted. In my opinion its a bad place to put your money.

Amanda – Lubbock (Incoming)

My husband & I have been a distributing team for about 3 1/2 weeks and we’ve only signed up 1 distributor. We would like to be able to build our SOC retail business too, but as of yet still have no takers. I would have jumped at the chance to create my own cards at $9.80 a month! I don’t understand how others do not see the potential too. It is hard for us to train our down line if we ourselves are having problems in this retail area. We’ve been sending out cards daily, following up weekly and offering the GAW’s, but the people we want to experience the GAW’s keep giving excuses(our internet only works half the time, no we don’t want to come use your computer or meet somewhere, etc…). We are not pushy people, but we are enthusiastic about the products we represent. Any suggestions to the “wall” we keep running into on the retail side? Thank you for your time and willingness to help all of us get going and stay motivated.

A: Hi Amanda. You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t sign up my first distributor in SendOutCards until I was in my 6th week! Also, it took me 10 years before I signed up my first distributor in network marketing. And quite frankly, I don’t understand either why everyone doesn’t sign up!
You may want to go to www.thecoolbuzz.com and listen to the webcast I did entitled: ‘If you are anything like me . . . ‘


I’m not pushy either. In fact if you are pushy you’ll turn people away and you will never have a chance to sponsor them. Be generous, stay in touch, appreciate, listen, compliment and support. Also make sure they know what you do and why you like it . . . have them send a card and show them the video. Let them decide. If it’s not for them, respect that and keep sending them cards . . .

Keith B. – American Fork, UT (Incoming)

I spent 5 years in another company. How do I approach the same people with something different when they all saw me sold on the last company I was with. (i have only done 1 other)

A: I spent 10 years in 11 companies . . . so I CAN RELATE!! I told people . . . ‘listen, if you are not interested that’s okay. I just want you to take a look at something. It may or may not be for you. Just tell me your honest opinion’

If you are ‘trying to get someone into something’ you could have a problem, but if you just want them to take a look and if you sincerely acknowledge their skepticism, you should be okay. You could also call them and say . . . ‘Would it be okay if I mailed you something to look at . . . give me your honest opinion . . . you know I’ve been in lots of things before and I don’t want to make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. Tell me what you think!’

Merry – Phoenix (Incoming)

Jordan, Thank you for this opportunity. How did you first start asking people to take a look. Did you start by following up with the people who received your cards?

A: Once I decided to build it I started calling 5 to 10 people per day that I had business cards for just to get their opinion. I already know that I liked SOC and would continue to use it. I told each person my story (how I heard about SOC and why I like it) and then I told each one that I wanted them to take a look at it by sending a card on the system. I told them that I thought it might be a good thing for them to be able to send out thank you cards and birthday cards. (by the way, I still do the same thing today!)

Vicki Barnidge – Marion Iowa (Incoming)

What is the best advice you can give for helping new distributor’s begin to grow their SendOutCards organization? What are some ways to create the duplication in my organization that will help my distributors grow?


1. SendOut at least one PERSONAL card every single day
2. SendOut at least one DVD with a card every day to someone that you know or someone that you met that could benefit from SOC
3. Walk at least one person per day through the system by having THEM send a card on a Gift Account.

Follow the daily 8 (www.thedaily8.com)

Do your daily personal development and promote what we promote to the new members of your team.


Gretel Haeussler – San Juan, Puerto Rico (Incoming)

Hi Jordan In what stage of building your busines (manager, senior manager, exe. etc.) did you signed up the 7 people that constitute 92% of your income? If you have a good prospect should you wait to sign him/her when you are SM or above or do you sign him/her as soon as he/she is ready to join SOC? Thanks

I signed up 225 people and the 7 joined at different stages of my business.
One joined when I was a distributor. One joined when I was a Sr Manager. a couple joined when I was an Executive and a few joined when I was a Senior Executive. In my last company, my first real ‘runner’ didn’t join until after I reached my 3rd promotion (the equivalent to Exec in SendOutCards)j

Gilbert Nichols – Alpharetta, Georgia (Incoming)

Jordan, do you endorse inviting people to set up their SOC business choice on your own computer versus using their own computer? Also, have you found using the IPAD as your tool for presenting the system?

A: I-Pad’s don’t have ‘flash’ so you can’t have someone send a card on it yet. The new ‘Apps’ may have the ability to do it in the future. It doesn’t matter if they use your computer or theirs although it seems that most people are more comfortable on theirs.

Cindy – Arlington, MA (Incoming)

My sister has seen the cards and likes them. She asked how much it costs. How much should I tell her it costs?

A: Have her go to www.sendoutcards.com/YOURID# and click on #3 and watch it. It will explain the entire breakdown in a clear and simple fashion.

Ronda – Littleton (Incoming)

“I just dont have the money right now”…I ask them if they have a credit card, borrow money and the answer is still the same. I can’t do it right now.

A: That’s what most people say to me too. Over time if I stay in touch and continue to send them nice cards, eventually they come up with the money if they want to do it. Some do and some never do. We get paid to FIND the right people to be doing this now. Timing is everything. Please read, ‘Stay the Course’ by Adam Packard

Brian Kaplan – Sumner (Incoming)

Brian Here at Sumner, WA…thanks Jordan!!! How soon are the retail sites going to be working…and will the compensation be the same….as in the past for retail sales…Just made Senior Manager in 10 months…

A: The retail site is up and running. Go to www.socretail.com/YOURID#. Please watch the SOCTV SHOW in the Archives from May 23rd. It breaks down the new programs. The compensation plan is exactly the same. The only difference is the tiered breakdown based on the volume you create on your ZERO level (these are your customers and your own personal volume combined). This creates a ‘driver’ in your organization that will give your distributors an ‘incentive’ to go get more customers to receive the higher tiered commissions of 30%.


If you had it to do over again, would you invest in social media paid coaching to aid you in teambuilding? I have been approached by a BNI member to hire her business to set up my social media.

A: I would not but that has to be a personal choice. I don’t think you really need a coach to use FB in a way that will benefit you. You want to use FB to reconnect with people from your past. Create a nice profile. FB will automatically make suggestions of who you may know. As you find each other simply rekindle your relationship. Don’t ever talk about your business specifically on FB. Simply use it as a way to get reacquainted. Take business conversations offline.

Cindy – Honolulu (Incoming)
Is it true that points expire after one year? Did this policy change?

A: Yes, due to government regulations and tax liabilities SendOutCards is required to ‘expire’ points after one year. If you accumulate points, make sure and use them up during the Holidays. If you are a business builder, you should be using at least 100 points a month ($31) or more to send out at least one personal card a day and one DVD in a card per day. Don’t let your points gather dust . . . they do no good sitting in your account!

Bruce Fairclough – Newington, CT (Incoming)

Jordan… when someone watches the demo, sends a card, and they see it and “get it” and then they go home to think about it, etc. Sometimes, they decide against it. Are there any SPECIFIC steps you take to prevent other people from influencing them and stealing their dream? Is there anything we can specifically do to prevent them from losing that enthusiasm when they really see when they are with us?

A: This happens in all businesses. Keep them mentally in the process as best you can. You can mail them something, invite them to listen in on a call, give them a book to take home and read, etc. And even with this, some will get knocked out of the game. Re-listen to Jim Rohn’s CD on Building a Network Marketing Business. If someone loses interest that fast, they probably wouldn’t have made it even a week in our business.

Dee Spraker – Montclair VA (Incoming)

Jordan, I met with a someone on Friday, they said they would sign up over the weekend. I have not seen anything yet where they have signed up. How long do you wait beore you do your follow-ups and what kinds of things do you say? Thanks Dee Spraker

A: Dee, I will never have someone go in and sign themselves up. I will either do it for them or do it with them. If they run into a snag while doing it on their own, they won’t do it. Stay with them through the whole process. Follow ups include emails, cards, phone calls, visits, etc. There is a fine line between effective follow up and ‘stalking’. Throw out a line, tug on it and then let some out. ‘dance’ with them. Just stay in touch and when they give you signals that they are ready, get them on the computer and sign them up. Some will do it right away and others will take years.

Mark White – Lees Summit (Incoming)

My prospect wants to make money with SOC and said, “most people don’t make any money.”

A: I say, “That’s true . . . and most don’t do anything. Did you know that most people don’t ever sell a house in Real Estate and they never make money! It’s not a lottery where you sign up and then all of a sudden make money. You have to build it like a business. It’s the most fair business in the world. You get paid for the organization that you build and the volume you create.”


There were many many more questions asked and virtually ALL of them have been answered on previous Q and A calls. You can go back to the ‘Archived Conference Calls’ and review my answers to those and many more questions that have been asked by you in the past. Thanks for listening!

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